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Hey, I'm Em smile I'm from Australia and I've been on Gaia since 2008.

I'm a writer and I've had a couple of short stories published in small zines. I used to always say I mostly write fantasy but I don't really know anymore lol

I read a lot of Young Adult fiction - Alice Oseman, Maggie Stiefvater, John Green. I love movies and TV too but I doubt anything will ever eclipse my love of books. And music is super important to me - everything from the Jonas Brothers to My Chemical Romance to Broadway musicals.

Hope you're having a lovely day

formerly "consumed_by_love" and "taeliwren_hale"


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mizoryluvsme Report | 11/15/2021 4:45 pm
Thanks for the purchase heart
Alsaeida Ao Report | 11/12/2021 7:28 pm
♛┈⛧┈┈•༶ same here ༶•┈┈⛧┈♛
Alsaeida Ao Report | 11/12/2021 8:30 am
Thx for buying my item
mizoryluvsme Report | 11/10/2021 4:24 pm
Thanks for the purchase heart
L0CKB0X Report | 10/24/2021 10:54 pm
thank you for the tip! (:
L0CKB0X Report | 10/24/2021 3:29 am
thanks, and ditto!!! xD
L0CKB0X Report | 10/24/2021 2:49 am
gr8 seeing you in word games, cre8ive_ovadose...
*romps around your profile*
...and it's especially enjoyable playing your book titles game! (:
well, I'll see you around...
Zzyli Report | 10/14/2021 5:00 pm
I saw all your Australian place names in the geography word game, and I was wondering if you were a fellow Aussie. It turns out your profile says yes!

I know there's a few of us out here using Gaia but it's always nice meeting one, hello!
veatrixs Report | 04/14/2021 9:29 pm
I'm happy you found what you were looking for! I hope to see your sapphire dark blue avi in the future. 3nodding
veatrixs Report | 04/14/2021 1:59 pm
Thanks for supporting my shop! 3nodding


cages or wings,
which do you prefer?
ask the birds
fear or love?
baby, don't say the answer
actions speak louder than words

Selling half my inventory! Lots of unlisted items at reasonable prices!
Link to my store!

Come play The A-Z Book Game and the Show Tunes Game with me!


Hey everyone. Just selling off some of my old items every now and again these days. Thank you for using my shop smile -Em


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