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ChezaGrace Report | 09/24/2023 1:06 pm
D'aww, thank you! Really means a lot coming from you! emotion_bigheart
I've been keeping busy trying to make an avi for each color and having a blast haha

And I believe your right! Really can't wait for your halo whee
Subbed- 4/08
Accepted- 4/25
Mocks received and accepted- 5/23
ChezaGrace Report | 09/24/2023 12:27 pm
You're absolutely killing it with the crown emotion_kirakira
Putting me to shame with my own recolor LOL
Popcorn Chimken Report | 06/02/2023 6:34 am
Popcorn Chimken
I don’t take no for an answer, and I’m glad I didn’t cause your profile is amazing!!
Mythtician Report | 05/30/2023 10:10 am
wahmbulance Nice profile! wahmbulance
psychedelic cowgirl Report | 04/20/2023 6:29 pm
psychedelic cowgirl
Davidicus Bellefonte,

I saw your username in the marketplace today and wanted to thank you again for gifting me Ocean of Noise last year.
I will never forget your generosity!
Cow is like my signature item and I would be lost without it. Thank you so much! heart
I hope you're having a good night (or day, whatever time zone you're in lol)

Much love,
Skitzio_Rainbow San Report | 04/18/2023 5:19 pm
Skitzio_Rainbow San
Ah ha ha . yeah there are some items that just never come up . I've probably waited for this one for several months . Which is'nt all that long .

Yes it finishes off my Cosplay av of Esmae nicely



Thanks heart
Skitzio_Rainbow San Report | 04/18/2023 5:14 pm
Skitzio_Rainbow San
Thanks for that item . Descent of the Twilight Star . I had been after that for a little while , for my Esmae from Ascention Academy VR Chat RP ( cosplay )

This ere avatar heart


Regds & Peace
Azial Report | 02/28/2023 4:58 pm
The devil you know
Azial Report | 02/28/2023 12:08 am
Yeah, that'll be different for sure

Azial Report | 02/27/2023 12:41 pm
Sounds like a place where the cold often hurts your face

Why would you live somewhere where the cold often hurts your face


      Hello! I'm Bells.
      I've created/recolored some items through tickets (with help from our amazing community member's assistance, you all know who you are!), and genuinely have a huge love for Gaia and it's history, not only for Gaia, but also for myself. I've been here half of my life now! eek

      Some of you might remember me from Daily Cash Shop Update postings, and maybe even some of you still use my resource thread for those old "Collector's Passes" Gaia has sold.
      This is my original account, I joined on August 7th, 2004.
      I moved from California to Wyoming in 2020 during the middle of the Pandemic. I do love it here, but lately I think it might be time for a change!

If you want to get to know me better, strike up a conversation with me!

This is my quest thread, I post from time-to-time, but as of 2023; I think I've accomplished most of my dreams with help from many friends over the years!
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