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About Me

Hey, my name is Cheat_Skill.
I live in Washintong in the USA.
I'm a deep voiced, tall, lanky, guy.
For some reason this scares people sometimes.
But I'm very laid back and open to talk about just about anything really.

I've been on Gaia for a while and some change,
but I also work. Bleh... not so fun.
I collect dragon items on here. It's my goal to get them all.
-inster Pokemon theme song here-

Also any gifts given to me will be equipped on my avi.
That's my little matra I've made for myself.

If you don't find me on here, I can be found easily on Skype
talking to my friends.

Yea, I think that's everything...




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I have decided to let the CB describe me and my personality... Enjoy biggrin


Pwny Slaystation - "Needs more ponies."

Mushufish - "on of my favorites, <3

"Love isn't brains children, it's blood. Blood screaming for you to work its will," "

PrincessxTeddy - "To grow in our ability to love ourselves we need to receive love as well."

Warm Teets - "Genuinely interesting. Provides hours of conversation. Helps friends in need. Handsome, eccentric, too nice for your own good."

maudits - "hoo dis"

EliteDanneh - "Some random a** CBer I clicked on the thread of whilst attempting and failing to wake up."

FUFFTPURR - "2cool4me gaia_kittenstar "

Zhombi - "Don't let society describe you.
You, describe yourself, to society."

PrincessxTeddy - "The purpose of life is a life of purpose."

MusicalPoet - First Impression: Your avi is hella awesome! Not sure if it's just for Halloween but I like it emotion_dowant

Pudgy Pervert - "Pump ya breaks, betch."

ladybullets - "well i think you're pretty cool emotion_awesome
your avi is awesome
& your username is cool (:"

JesskaEspy - "Oh, I know you. You're that guy that does the posting thing. I've seen you about.
In my mind, I've filed you as one of the decent "cool" CB'ers. Idk, you seem really cool."

KonNee-san - "polish a turd, its still a turd!"

PrincessxTeddy - "You haz a hawt voice. I heard it on vocaroo."

KonNee-san - "oh
i would like to make it known that i read the title, posted, then read what was in the thread.
i dont know you, i just happen to like that quote from a Jeff Dunham thing"

Malevolent Sinner - "Well we just met, buuuuttt....
You are kind, funny, a great conversationalist, outgoing, entertaining, and just a great person in general.
Now come here and let me give you that kiss
emotion_bigheart emotion_awesome emotion_bigheart "

l Ruki l - "Bloody great avatar!
those wings tho
4laugh "

PrincessxTeddy - "I'm your Teddybro!"

PrincessxTeddy - "~You are insecure about leaving your bathroom
door open~"

PrincessxTeddy - "listen to his deep voice"
Click Here

KonNee-san -
"this guy called Cheat_Skill
came by once to chill
but whence he departed
i realized he farted
when i followed the trace
with heartbreaking embrace
the stank caused my pillow to rot"

PrincessxTeddy -
"Your complimets are the best!
Cheat_Skill@All: aww, you're pretty
Cheat_Skill@All: Jesus your voice is nice TEDDYBRO
Cheat_Skill@All: You is hawt!"

FrozenFate08 - "Based on what I've read, you're a nice person. All I can say is if you love yourself, everyone will learn to love you.Just be yourself."

Polkiwi - "Who r u?????????????"

The Masquerading Zombie - "._.
I've never seen you before."

RobinHudd - "I think you are a great person so far and i'd like to get to know you more ^.^"

SpacexInvader - "Be as happy as a virgin dating a porn star."

hobo cookies - "u like small children"

Your Super Crazy Ex - "And tacos"

the bystander effect - "u touch urself at night"

Sifen Yamishi - "You come off as one of the biggest jerks in CB and I often wonder why the piss anyone enjoys being in a thread w/ you."

Sex is Exercise - "Your ex gave you that taco and it probably has rat poison in it. You gone die son."

Avra-Ava - "Just noticed you in this forums and wondered if you are actually a certified CB'er or just another person who posts a lot."

PrincessxTeddy -
"You must be an awesome person
for someone to anon you them wings."

Dubious Artist - "you worship me as your goddess"

omuren - "Well you have awful taste in tv shows."

RexyBRO - "I think you're freaky and I like you a lot. <3

GoldenEnlightenment - "Well, if you were my ex, then i'd say you're a backstabbing, lying, cheating, stupid, good-for-nothing, arrogant, stubborn, lowlife a** hat. But you're not. So I guess I'd say you have a cool halloween avi and don't know much about yourself because you let complete strangers write your "about me".

Also you eat babies..."

Doctor Frost PhD - "A well-trained, top-grade Rattata trainer"

Tahns - "you must be an alcoholic"

Sehlat - "bRO"

-TAKoC - "Gay 4 me"

Gennomon - "Me and you along with Zoboomafoo."

Ted D Ber - "Cherry Chapstick"

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Art of me from a wide variety of amazing artists through-out gaia As well as signs from you beautiful gaians


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Doc Arkham Report | 02/05/2018 6:13 am
Doc Arkham
Thank you heart
Hime-Jenisan Report | 05/30/2017 7:00 pm
Doc Arkham Report | 05/07/2017 5:42 am
Doc Arkham
I think your doll has become the most popular plat dolls. That's got to be a great feeling or overwhelming I'm not sure... ninja
Benevolent_Sinner Report | 05/06/2017 3:58 pm
Well, you know me..I'd have black/ red, horror stuff lmao
Benevolent_Sinner Report | 05/06/2017 3:32 pm
ah..sounds hard lol
Benevolent_Sinner Report | 05/06/2017 3:04 pm
Lol I how do you even design/ make one? is there a special thing for it..orrr?
`Hydro Report | 05/06/2017 2:49 pm
It is! heart And I'm glad my doll is in your dragon keep.
Benevolent_Sinner Report | 05/06/2017 2:48 pm
How do you even design items? xd but congrats!
Benevolent_Sinner Report | 05/06/2017 2:25 pm
Good, bad, boring..the I saw someone's status say your item got made or something? What Item? lol.
I'm glad you seem to be doing well. whee
Benevolent_Sinner Report | 05/06/2017 2:05 pm
Long time no how are you?


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