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Hey peeps, you can call me Vicky. Still work in a lab and still happily married emotion_bigheart I've taken a long hiatus but I'm back for now. Hmu if you're an old friend. I've probably forgotten your name by now though, sorry!

P.S. I don't accept random friend requests.

Pics of my sweet furry son Sunny

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clearpilled Report | 09/17/2023 12:53 pm
omg tysm for buying my item i love u forever and ever
Regis Lucis Report | 08/17/2023 7:21 am
Regis Lucis
you are watching the sequel about their kids?
Regis Lucis Report | 08/17/2023 7:13 am
Regis Lucis
your new items are osuuuum!! thnx!
Regis Lucis Report | 08/17/2023 7:12 am
Regis Lucis
ikr! got really lucky
Regis Lucis Report | 08/15/2023 2:56 pm
Regis Lucis
lol yeah got lucky someone quitting left me a bunch of trash and there was an expensive item hiding in it xp
Regis Lucis Report | 08/15/2023 7:06 am
Regis Lucis
lol I still got a bit from that one time I sold an item for 1m
Regis Lucis Report | 08/15/2023 6:09 am
Regis Lucis
ty! I am still looking to improve it but I am content for now lol
Regis Lucis Report | 07/23/2023 5:06 pm
Regis Lucis
still not 100% but if all things go well this week, I should be in NY by middle of August
Regis Lucis Report | 07/22/2023 7:50 am
Regis Lucis
pretty much the same as always, I might visit soon smile
Regis Lucis Report | 07/21/2023 2:36 pm
Regis Lucis
Hiya Vicky! watchu been up too?

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