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Hey peeps, you can call me Vicky. Still work in a lab and still happily married emotion_bigheart I've taken a long hiatus but I'm back for now. Hmu if you're an old friend. I've probably forgotten your name by now though, sorry!

P.S. I don't accept random friend requests.

Pics of my sweet furry son Sunny

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Regis Lucis Report | 12/06/2023 4:57 pm
Regis Lucis
ooo lets play sometime then, what contest should I enter? :O
Regis Lucis Report | 12/06/2023 4:49 pm
Regis Lucis
ooo do the matches take like 3 hours? xD
Regis Lucis Report | 12/06/2023 4:47 pm
Regis Lucis
okeish tired from work need vacations sad
Regis Lucis Report | 12/06/2023 2:18 pm
Regis Lucis
Is that a christmas Vicky cosplay I see?!
Chinami Mizuki Report | 11/24/2023 9:28 am
Chinami Mizuki
Waa that is an excellent color combination on your avatar biggrin
bibi-chan21 Report | 11/20/2023 2:31 pm
emotion_awesome nah nah

but seriously
am sad we got no regality for paws!
once ray gets his scheme adopted id like to make a few things for us as well emotion_dowant
bibi-chan21 Report | 11/20/2023 2:25 pm
ty ty!
always trying to see what pokemon I can make lol
man all you need is my regality sheep to complete your look, no? cool
bibi-chan21 Report | 11/20/2023 12:56 pm
dang love your regality outfit!!
Chinami Mizuki Report | 11/04/2023 7:36 am
Chinami Mizuki
Oh no no, you are on a whole different level of adorable. It’s just too cute. Makes me want to hug it emotion_hug heart
Chinami Mizuki Report | 11/04/2023 7:30 am
Chinami Mizuki
Your new avi is just too adorable emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart

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