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Hello, human. I am Castiel, a.. pitiful excuse for an angel. I rebelled against Heaven, as it was full of corruption, and joined forces with Dean Winchester and his brother Sam. I lost many brothers along the way, trying to purify and save Heaven. And I lost myself. I finally gained power, against everyone's advice, and it proved too much. I was drunk with power and I lost Dean's trust. I almost lost Dean forever, and I made a horrible mistake.

I went into a mentally ill state, trying to avoid all of the things I had done, and ended up in Purgatory with Dean. And when Dean found a way out, I stayed behind, until I was forced back to earth to do Naomi's bidding. I have re-gained my own will, but I was foolish enough to trust Metatron, the scribe, and have lost my own Grace and stole another's... I'm dying, I fear. I have made peace with that.. I only want to spend the rest of my days with.. with Dean.

Donated to me:
Super Unnatural - Ven Vander
Super Unnatural - castielfreak
Super Unnatural - Kenshin Himura ^_^x
The Case of Pietro - G-Corpman
Angelic Mood Bubble - ThePhoenixUnchained
Unreadable Books - ThePhoenixUnchained
Cowboy Stubble - ThePhoenixUnchained
Bounty Hunter's Cowboy Hat - ThePhoenixUnchained
Blessed Stellarite - ThePhoenixUnchained
Kitten Star Pin - ?Anon: Pheo
20,000g - ThePhoenixUnchained
I Have One Mood Bubble - cherry god mother
Toilet Paper - Tuba Toothpaste
5,000g - Tuba Toothpaste
Fall of the Morning Star - Lady_Ebony_Red
Vampire Hunter Hat - Chocolat M ii s u
20,000g - Live4StarWars
5,000g - TwewME
15,000g - Nahtan-Syab
74,000g - o1xdream
Spain World Cup Jersey - anon?
Bloody Eye Bandage - anon?
Pistolera - castielfreak
Spirited 2k8 Scarf - Rhaspberry
Spirited 2k8 Festive Bow - Rhaspberry
Cheepz - spiderserna
Deluxe Cat Ears - Hippie Castiel
Cat Band - Hippie Castiel
Love Drunk - Hippie Castiel
Mint Chocolate Queen of Cups - KiraLeeAn (Quitting)
Ania's Wedding Gown - KiraLeeAn
Panty Mood Bubble - KiraLeeAn
AFK Scarf - KiraLeeAn
Baby Grande - KiraLeeAn
Alruna's Rose - KiraLeeAn
Devil Imp Plushie - KiraLeeAn
Angel Imp Plushie - KiraLeeAn
Kelp o' th' Loch - KiraLeeAn
Sagamate - KiraLeeAn
Prince Antoine - KiraLeeAn
Archangel's Blade - XxKeeperOf TheThirdgatexX
Apple Pie Slice - Death Dealer Kayako
Ruby High Elf Tunic - Death Dealer Kayako
Sword King - Death Dealer Kayako
Classic Cheeseburger - 1littlewolfy
Poet Macabre - Ants In Your Underpants
Retro Raygun - Ants In Your Underpants
Bloody Cowboy Hat - Death Dealer Kayako
Fausto's Bottle - Sprie
ZONY MP3 Player - oo_Prelude_oo
Carmine Red Buckle Boots - Ants In Your Underpants
Carmine Red Buckle Boots - NoreStar
Murky - Lady_Ebony_Red aka Aisia_Lovely
Purky - Lady_Ebony_Red aka Aisia_Lovely

Patient Crane Empress - Generosity Killed The Cat
Whimsical Marionette Restrung - Generosity Killed The Cat
Dumpling the Bear - Generosity Killed The Cat
171,120,000g - (total) Generosity Killed The Cat

Contest prizes won (Totals):
53,000g - Generosity Killed The Cat/Dreamer C h i k a
1,000g - ThePhoenixUnchained
15,000g & Bunny Tail - Galactigasm
Space Companion - FA Gift Giving
Big Book of Legends - FA Gift Giving
95,000g - FA Gift Giving
Highwire Veronica - Darth Mudkip

Older Holiday gifts, and gifts I've sent can be found in my Journal.


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Elventin Report | 08/11/2023 7:55 pm

heart thank you for buying from my store heart

if got junk drop it here
Colonel_Moran Report | 07/18/2023 6:59 am
Aw thank you kindly. <3
AvatarRoku05 Report | 11/20/2022 11:21 am
Hope your birthday on July 17th was a great one and that you had lots of fun and good memories!
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Beaujolais Vino Report | 11/14/2022 9:07 am
sympathy, friend.
into the starry dawn Report | 06/02/2022 7:37 am
you're welcome heart glad you and your parents are doing okay.
into the starry dawn Report | 05/29/2022 2:54 pm
I'm so sorry sad hope you and your parents feel better. heart
into the starry dawn Report | 05/23/2022 8:28 am
Hope you feel better soon heart
into the starry dawn Report | 03/25/2022 7:46 pm
rofl you didn't have to send more gifts LOL THANK YOU SO MUCH!
into the starry dawn Report | 03/24/2022 7:26 pm
heart heart THANK YOU SO MUCH!! heart heart
My birthday went well but nothing really happened.
I'm so in shock about the trade, really means a lot to me.

into the starry dawn Report | 01/02/2022 3:50 pm
Thank you also for the gifts crying heart
The holidays were alright, not really any plans just good food lol.
How was everything for you?


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