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Hello, Im Pack A Bowl/PAB
and Kewt Bewty is my old main.
I love my family, friends, coworkers,
and in general myself.

I am a mom to my first son,
my lil Angel, Michael.

Im an Oracle Arcane Wizard.
Used to be a total pothead, 420, cheefing up the chimney.

I dont like a lot of people, feelings, things, shts and sht.

I probably wont talk a lot and I dont wanna. A lot has happened to shut me up too the point of disappointment. I fought my ex, fought my mom, fought my friends who wont back off, fought people in thoughts that literally came to me in person about it to ask for forgiveness in front of witnesses but in the end I won. I dont care much about the winning part mostly as long as the point is thrown across correctly.

I do not like lying for the fact that you'd be wasting my fkn time. If your gonna do that, do that on your time with out me involved. I dont care. You only get lost in a lie if you lie with in a lie in a lie in a lie. I've seen that whole enchiladas when mom messed mafia like type stories and it wasnt funny when my life was traded. I dont do that s**t DONT BRING THAT SHT ov'hure, kay. D:<

Just dont fk with me. People always want something, I want nothing from you.
I trust my self and my life enough to betchur a** that you don't wanna fk with me or my aura.

I prolly had a day.

Dont fk with my peace.
Im already a proud mama, I dont need more.

Im a prayer type chick, so just pray for your health, safety, and lifestyle.

Recently died so I am not the same mindset.
Jealous people, walk off my profile, I know proper magic.




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cat4u Report | 09/11/2023 7:14 pm
Thanks girl! I'm hanging on. Hope you've been alright, I know you've been going through some things. Be strong queen <3
BeIvidere Report | 08/20/2023 3:54 pm
I'm still so tickled you like my teddy bear so much!
Liz, your opinions mean a lot on my avatars because i pour all my soul into them all my pain <3
I hope to see you on gaia more often we barely ever get to talk! R u okay?
BeIvidere Report | 08/20/2023 9:51 am
thank you! Its been so long since we last talked Liz!
how are you doing?!!

just WAIT until you ee ym new red devil avi i made in remembrance of a close friend on gaia, youll like it too! ^u^
ive really made some awesome ones over the years havent i? lol
Vosquetas Report | 07/16/2023 8:33 am
no problem bewty! biggrin hope your doing well! I'm dating marshmillows on gaia! check her out and send her a pm! She's really really nice~! biggrin
cat4u Report | 07/13/2023 10:38 pm
Teehee, thanks boo heart I hope you've been alright!
BeIvidere Report | 07/10/2023 6:57 am
Lmfao Bewty look at this! I found my new favorite obsession show~
cat4u Report | 07/09/2023 10:07 pm
Vosquetas Report | 05/10/2023 9:00 am
it happens. soo what u up to these days? biggrin doing well still? im just living life. :3
u w u Yumiko Chan Report | 04/08/2023 8:57 pm
u w u Yumiko Chan
Vosquetas Report | 03/02/2023 6:40 am
hey bewty!!! whats up? u good these days?




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