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Gender: Male

Location: e~town

Birthday: 11/21

~Welcomed stalkers~

NinjaStar-Sam on 04/25/2018
ilegenes on 04/20/2018
senpai_Shawty on 04/13/2018
Shadow12221 on 04/09/2018
Flynn Cocco on 04/07/2018
nero byakuya on 04/07/2018
Fiohnel on 04/06/2018

Sorry! sweatdrop i was trying to figure out what i want you to know about me...
rather it's best for you to come and find out...
only if you want to that is rolleyes

"...Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for..." -Bob Marley stressed

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kuya scorp's keep the #!*% out!

for me to know and hopefully you not to find out ;p