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The Elven Tales of Gruelgrimm
This is my story.
Waterlogged Captain's Log VII
Entry Seven~ Homeward Bound!
Aye, now. This is the seventh entry in the Captain's log of Elven Chief Sandy Gruelgrimm.

It would be a day I would n'er forget. The Tall Ship Elenore came to anchor near the Fae's Island on a breezy August afternoon. I am certain each one of us was ready to embrace the concept of civilization, after our shipwrecked month on the Fae's Island.

Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal began singing a new ballad, around the campfire on the beach, in celebration of this joyous occasion.

Elenore, Oh Elenore
You are my one and only love, that I adore
Your flying jib, flies jibberly,
Your fore staysail, can justly, thusly, tell a tale
of my love for
Elenore, Lovely Elenore, such a ship so bountiful!

Elonore, Lady Elenore
You are the wish ship, darling, that I adore
Your bowsprit is my spirit,
Your dolphin striker strikes me so
As does my love for
Elenore, Lovely Elenore, such a ship so bountiful!

Elenore, Oh Elenore
How could I have ever breathed before?
Your mainmast has held my heart fast
Your keel dost make me feel
such love for
Elenore, Lovely Elenore -- a splendorous ship so bountiful!

Young Timmy joined in, singing loudly and freely, while the Fae danced on her quick little legs in the air. In his spare time, Big Eöl Calafalas had created a rough recorder-like flute out of cattails, and was playing his home-made wind instrument along with Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal, while Helyanwë Waytres created a drum from a hollow log, and beat out the rhythm, with a satisfied smile on his elven face.

Leac-Neko and Lessien Palantir linked arms and danced a jig together, with Lessien's father, Lieutenant Gwindor Palantir, looking on, pleased as punch. I too, caught this jovial spirit, and sang a couple of stanza's of Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal's better-known melodies, without too much disapproval from my crew~ for it is true that Captain Sandy Gruelgrimm cannot carry a tune, decently.

Indeed, when it was finally time for us to leave the Fae's Island, we were a little saddened, for we had made this uncharted island our home for over a month. I met with Admiral Lindsey once aboard the Elenore in his personal quarters, and we traded naval stories, after the brandy and whiskey was bought out. He gave me a clap on the back for discovering this island, but I shook my head, nay -- the honour must go to the Fae, for she could see the far-outreaching isle long before it came into view to elf or human.

And so, I am now back in my little hidden community with my dark elven tribe, and the trip of sailing and the business of being shipwrecked while aboard the Fae are now but a series of waterlogged memories. Aye, my desire for another adventure, such as this, upon the sea, is quenched for a very, very long time.


Waterlogged Captain's Log VI
Day Six~ Shipwrecked!
Aye, now. This is the sixth entry in the Captain's log of Elven Chief Sandy Gruelgrimm.

It was amazing that all of my crew made it safely to the lifeboats, and with the knowledge that a known island was to the east, as discovered by the Fae, it would make us easier to endure the grueling hardships ahead. The Fae flew from lifeboat to lifeboat, making sure that every boat had potable water aboard, for we did not want our stalwart seamen to die from dehydration. There were emergency supplies within each of the lifeboats, and it was ordered that each of the crew adorn floatation devices, despite the heat from the noonday sun, because the high waves of the salty sea easily tossed the small lifeboats around, dangerously.

Days passed slowly. And, aye, although I titled this entry as Day Six~ in reality, it took weeks before we made it to the Fae's island. We survived on emergency supplies; tinned food, freshly caught fish and mollusks, and potted water. We wore light materials over our heads, to shield our heads and eyes, and sponged seawater over our bodies, to keep our temperatures down from the scorching sun.We rowed -- how we rowed! Every seaman took turns with this arduous task, but I also stressed pacing one's time for relaxation shifts, as well -- the rolling waves, the hot, hot sun -- this extreme environment was a design for nausea and ill health -- and I prayed to my elven gods for every one of my crew to be able to take another breath -- feel a steady heartbeat within their bodies -- at least until we could safely see land ho! on the horizon.

When we finally reached the Fae's island, as we called it, some of the seamen kissed the beach sand, while others hugged each other with glorious exhilaration, feeling the brotherhood and sisterhood of elven spirit. To have made it to shore alive -- to have actually lived another day, aye -- this was like a miracle to each of us.

I allowed my elven crew to adjust themselves to their new environment -- to rest -- before giving them a mission to construct shelters and campsite for living on this island.

Cook Finwë Arcamenel was anxious to begin cooking immediately. He had a recipe for cooking freshly caught mixed shellfish: razor clams, mussels, clams, limpets, winkles and shrimp utilizing an ancient elven method that used a large flat-topped stone that was heated on an open fire. Arcamenel allowed the stone to heat-up for at least an hour. Then he removed the stone from the fire and lay it on the beach with its flat-side facing uppermost. With this done, he laid the shellfish on the stone (he made certain that shellfish like limpets had their open side down) then he laid long grass dampened with sea water on top. He allowed the mixed shellfish to steam for about 5 to 8 minutes, until the mussels opened their shells. We were encouraged to eat this gourmet feast immediately. With this assortment of fresh seafood, he found wild radish (also called jointed charlock), herbs, wild berries, edible mushrooms and wild lettuces growing on the island. A fresh water stream was later discovered further inland on this island by young Timmy, and we hooted and yelled with delight, for as ye well know, access to fresh water is a key element for survival on any island. (Aye, we were extremely low on our rationed supply of potable water.)

Finwë Arcamenel was also excited to discover the location of a grouping of cattails, near a small inland river which branched off from the fresh water stream within the island. As he expounded the wondrous properties of this plant, he said, excitedly that cattails grow where it is wet: near rivers, ponds, ditches, lakes, close to shore or farther out.

About the method of preparation, he said, quickly and with enthusiasm~ "There are numerous ways to prepare these plants: boiled immature and mature flowers, pollen in bread, stalks as a trail nibble, root starch for sustenance, root stems shoots as vegetables. The roots can be boiled and the starch stripped or sucked off the fibers. They can be dried, the starch grated off the fibers and the starch used as flour. You can crush the roots in water, let the starch settle, pour off the water, then use the starch. Or you can put the roots on embers and roast until black, then peel the black layer off and chew or suck the starch off the fibers. Also the core of the roots can be roasted until dry and used as a coffee substitute"

"Cattails have vitamins A, B, and C, plus potassium and phosphorus."

Again, I must mention that I was most fortunate to have Master Elven Chef Finwë Arcamenel with our party. Not only would he be able to feed our crew with the flora and fauna within our distinct region with finesse, but he knew of the restorative qualities that these wild foodstuffs held. During our days -- nay, weeks -- on the Fae's Island, the Fae, herself, went foraging for greens and herbs and edible berries with Finwë Arcamene, and often brought along young Timmy for these excursions, teaching him the old elven and faery ways of food gathering for subsistence.

= = = = = = =

This night I am in my Captain's hut, comfortable in my knotted hemp-rope hammock; the island breezes feeling like heaven against my skin. I am close to dreaming~ thinking about how far we have come from our early seafaring days on my vessel, The Fae, and how long it will take for a rescue ship to come and bring us back home to Gambino Isle. The Fae, of course, sent out a message to mainland Gaia for a ship to come and collect us. Aye, she was rather vague about how quickly the response would take -- saying something about Faery time was different than our concept of time, as elves and humans, but that we would be rescued within the month -- or so she believed.

Waterlogged Captain's Log V
Day Five~ Monster, Monster of the Deep!
Aye, now. This is the fifth entry in the Captain's log of Elven Chief Sandy Gruelgrimm.

When the Fae returned and reported her observations to me, the sun was beginning to set, and the crew took turns having their evening meal. I was glad to hear that there was a sighting of land far off to the east. It would not have been noticeable to the human or elven eye.

Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal, seemed to be inspired with the Fae aboard ship, and sang a new ballad as he strummed on his lute~

The Fae, The Fae
The BatChic Fae
Like a sparkle in the air, and soft bells in the wind
The Fae, The Fae
The BatChic Fae
So where shall we set sail today?

Young Timmy was sitting close, by the Minstrel's side, humming along happily, until his tired eyes got heavy, and Lessien Palantir helped him up, to guide him back to his bunk. Timmy had been working hard during the day, performing like a proper seaman, and it was sweet exhaustion that took him over in the end. I gave a nod and a smile at the scene~ it was obvious that Leading seaman Lessien had been teaching Timmy well, and they were creating a close bond together from this teamwork.

Then, it happened: the Fae flew close to me, with a look of distraught on her fair heart-shaped face. She seemed agitated, as she blinked from bright green to a shadowy grey. "Captain Gruelgrimm," she cried. "I am sensing a very large creature close to our ship. And this underwater creature is ANGRY!~"

And then~ there was a crash to the side nearest the bulwarks, and seawater overflowed the sides, knocking down elven seaman like dominoes as they tried to steady themselves. Large tentacles, the length of three or four men lying head-to-toe, slithered over side, pulling the Kracken up to stare at the scene before it. The giant one-eyed squid sent its arms out to gather up The Fae's crew, but the seamen fought bravely, utilizing their well-honed archery skills and use of hand-to-hand combat with the additional aid of a flashing knife, in hand, to cut down the Kracken. Meanwhile, this cyclopian Kracken was creating holes in the hold, bringing in water at an alarming pace. While I sent able-bodied elven seaman to correct this conflict the best they could, I continued to battle the monster, with the Fae by my side. I used my firearms, pointing my pistol directly at the thing's giant single eye, and rapidly fired ~ while the Fae dazzled him with bright light-frequencies, until he backed off.

The wounded monster emitted a loud ship-shaking scream as it departed, sending a rolling wave over the forecastle deck, drenching the seamen placed there.

= = = = = = = = = =

I received the alarming report of the condition of The Fae from the confines of my quarters. The hold had taken in so much water, that it would be only moments left before the crew could safely jump ship and find safety within the lifeboats. The Fae helped the seaman with her faery magics, calming them, and helping them reach the lifeboats without undue stress. Lessien Palantir was getting into No.5 lifeboat with Timmy and Leac-Neko, while Lessien's father, First-Lieutenant Palantír, was helping Cook Finwë Arcamenel bring some essential food supplies into the No. 7 lifeboat. Some of these foodstuffs of importance were vitamin C-abundant citrus fruits: tangerines and lemons -- to help guard off the effects of scurvy. Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal boarded No.9 lifeboat, with the help of Big Eöl Calafalas. I, being Captain of The Fae, waited until all my crew were safely off my vessel, before I took No.1 lifeboat, with the Fae flying close by. She was an enormous help to me, and as I sadly watched my ship, The Fae go down, I was glad I had her namesake by my side.

Waterlogged Captain's Log IV
Day Four~ Unexpected Guests!
Aye, now. This is the fourth entry in the Captain's log of Elven Chief Sandy Gruelgrimm.

The morning light cascaded gold into my cabin, making me blink, and I yawned and stretched, ready for another day of seaward adventure on The Fae.

Young Timmy knocked on my door, and with my acknowledgement for him to enter, he did so, with a breakfast tray on his arm. "Captain Gruelgrimm, sir, Cook Finwë Arcamenel bids you Good Morn," Timmy said with a broad smile. Indeed he had! On the tray were delectable foodstuffs~ flapjacks with maple syrup, toast with jam and butter, salted pork, tiny sardines, freshly squeezed tangerine juice, a pot of freshly brewed hot coffee, and my personal favourite: rutabaga mash with minced sauteed apple and freshly grated cinnamon.

"Won't you join me, Timmy?" I asked with a chuckle, noticing Timmy's eyes round with delight.
"Oh, yes, please, sir," Timmy answered, excitedly.
"Aye, then, lad. Help yerself."

So we had a nice breakfast together, just the lad and meself. "Have another helping of rutabaga mash, Timmy. It'll put hair on yer chest!"

Timmy was used to me saying this, and was well aware of my love of rutabagas, so he replied, "Yes, Captain! I'd love some more hair in my bowl," giggling.
He said this in between bites of buttered toast with jam, while I sipped on my second cup of coffee.

Just as I wiped away some lingering crumbs of my hearty breakfast from my dressing jacket, I got word from Leading seaman Camthalion Strongbow that First-Lieutenant Palantír requested my assistance on deck. I gave Seaman Strongbow a nod, and readied myself for whatever was to be expected of me, next.

Timmy busied himself with tidying up my cabin, and carried the noticeably less-laden tray back to the ship's galley.

Once on deck, I joined Lieutenant Gwindor Palantir, and was surprised to see the BatChic Faery on board, with her friend Leac-Neko. Lieutenant Gwindor Palantir leaned close to me and whispered, "I realize that the Fae is a friend of yours, and the given name of our ship, but Sir -- " Palantir touched my arm with obvious concern, "She just appeared out of nowhere with this tawny neko-cat as a companion. Is this allowed, sir?" Palantir raised an eyebrow as accent to his last question.

"Aye, indeed, I replied. "Permission to come aboard, Fae. And your neko friend as well." The Fae was in her glamor disguise, dressed as a sailor, while the neko, was almost naked, wearing a serviceable blue overcoat, and nothing else.

"I am surprised that you wanted to join us, without sending a message of this intent, beforehand," I whispered.

The Fae replied, with a smile, "I tried to contact you, Captain, during Dreamtime, but you were fast asleep, without the Dreaming, so my messages went unheard. Tell me, Sandy, did you have some whiskey before retiring again?"

I nodded, and blushed. The Fae caught me again! "This might be true, Fae, but since you are now on this vessel, I would like for you to help out with the rest of the crew. See if you can conjure up some suitable clothing for Leac-Neko, could ye, dear -- she shan't be doing proper sailing in just a blue overcoat. Are you ready to become one of my crew on The Fae, Seaman Neko?

Leac-Neko saluted, and replied "Yes, Sir!" with a slight purr, for she was pleased to be newly enlisted on The Fae under Captain Gruelgrimm's able command.

"Fae, after we have provided proper attire for Seaman Neko, I would like to have a talk with you in my chambers."

"Aye, Captain," the Fae said with a smile.

= = = = = = = = = =

The Fae was floating, instead of sitting in a chair opposite Dark Elf Captain Sandy Gruelgrimm. They had been friends for what seemed liked eons -- long before Sandy had become a dark elf, and was, instead, an old cobbler, making shoes and handbags in leather, in human form. The Fae was his assistant, in those times, long, long ago, and stayed up from dusk to dawn, helping him create tiny magical shoes out of leather.

She remembered, with tears welling up in her bright eyes, that she owed her life to him, for he once rescued her from a group of powerful dark magicians dressed in black cloaks. To the human eye they appeared somewhat like vampire bats, but these creatures wanted to enslave her faery energy for their own means.

If you would ask Sandy about this story, he would probably mumble and change the subject, saying instead, "Aye, the Fae is a great friend. We have been through a lot together."

= = = = = = = = = =
Captain Sandy Gruelgrimm~

I looked over at the Fae, floating across from me, as I sat at my desk.

"Fae, would you be able to fly high above our vessel to survey the surrounding seas around us? We have been taken off-course and are in uncharted waters -- it would be comforting to know more about the course we have taken on now," I said, with my chin cupped in my hands.

The Fae, flittered about excitedly. "Why of course, Sandy," The Fae replied, with a voice somewhat like the tinkling of little bells. "I ought to do so, now, while we still have light," she said thoughtfully.

= = = = = = =

Waterlogged Captain's Log III
Day Three~ Set Off-Course!
Aye, now. This is the third entry in the Captain's log of Elven Chief Sandy Gruelgrimm.

After last night's grueling ordeal of living through the Hellish Sea-storm, (brought on by what I think were vengeful water-demons), we set our gaze on the beautiful morning's sunrise. The restful waters sparkling, and plentiful fish, silver scales catching the dawn's light-glitter, jumping.

Lessien Palantir was teaching eager young Timmy how to fish, while Big Eöl Calafalas was close by with a net. Within minutes, the pail was filled with freshly caught trout, of goodly size.

Meanwhile, Lessien's father, First-Lieutenant Palantír, confided in me of his concern that the tempest last night brought our ship off-course, and that we were heading into uncharted waters. Yes, we would have a fine dinner this evening, but where we were sailing, remained, for now, a mystery. "But, remember, tonight we shall have stars and compass to help direct us," Lieutenant Gwindor Palantir said solemly. I nodded in agreement with Palantír's advice, and gave the order to hold course, until we knew more about our position.

That evening we feasted on all sorts of wonderful foods -- pan fried trout, freshly-baked flaky biscuits with butter, wholesome mashed rutabaga and carrot, elven salad (a special recipe passed down by generations, known by our cook) and faery cakes of all sorts for dessert. I must write, here, that we were very fortunate to have Finwë Arcamenel agree to come to join the crew as cook of The Fae -- for his talents as Master Elven Chef are well-known across Gaia and beyond.

That evening, as the sun was setting, Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal, got out his lute, and began to sing a ballad worthy of The Fae's Adventurous Excursion

The winds they blew
The winds they howled
But the Tempest dour
Could naught do
Evil to The Fae's mighty elven crew

So let us rejoice with
This morning's catch
of shining trout
To fill our sailors' bellies ho!
Shining trout
Let's sing and shout!
What luck for Captain Gruelgrimm's crew
It's what excellent elven folk can do!

Our course has changed
To uncharted seas
But Adventure is the breath we breathe!
Sailing out and about!
Let's sing and shout!
What luck for Captain Gruelgrimm's crew
It's what excellent elven folk can do!

Young Timmy joined in with the singing, and being a good boy, did naught even think to mention how, as Evil Timmy, he likes cool jazz much better than elven folk tunes. He clapped his hands with the rhythm, and encouraged Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal to play several more of his ballads, well into the evening.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Gwindor Palantir joined me in my Captain's cabin, as we surveyed our maps and checked our bearings with the night sky. "Captain," he said quietly, "We are sailing north-east, and well beyond our original course, as was planned. We could encounter unforeseen dangers, here, sir."

"Aye," I replied."But this is part of the Adventure we were seeking," giving my First-Lieutenant a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "We have a strong, resourceful crew, as you know. I have full confidence that we will continue with our journey, without fail."

Then, I asked my Lieutenant to join me with a wee nip o' whiskey, as we had clear sailing, and as a small reward for a job well done during last night's devilish storm-trial. He agreed, with a curt nod, and we continued our conversation in quiet tones, reliving remembered adventures of older times together, with an easy smile and a chuckle.

Waterlogged Captain's Log II
Day Two~ Rough Seas!

Aye, now. This is the second entry in the Captain's log of Elven Chief Sandy Gruelgrimm.

Everything seemed to be progressing well after we cast off from the Gambino mainland, as the crew became used to their duties, and with young Timmy at my side, intrigued with everything that was to be needed to be attended to on The Fae.

After I answered his inquisitive questions, while at the wheel, (and the lad had many!) I set him to swabbing the decks, and he took to this task quickly, with enthusiasm. I looked up at the late afternoon skies, and noticed dark clouds overhead, and reported my concern with my second in command, First-Lieutenant Palantír, who suggested we trim the sails, and batten down the hatches, to be on the safe side.

Lieutenant Gwindor Palantir was my trusted assistant, as he had several years naval experience on his side -- a definite asset to command of The Fae. His teenaged daughter, Lessien, was also on board our vessel, and her sea-faring talents were beyond compare.

"Like father, like daughter," as the saying goes. Aye, and when the weather got rough, both were essential hands to keep The Fae from capsizing.

The waves rolled high, splashing o'r the decks, and I ordered many of my crew below, while a few -- First-Lieutenant Palantír, his daughter, Lessien, Agilefoot Spence, Corrinter, Helyanwë Waytres, and Big Eöl Calafalas stayed on deck with me, through the wayward torrential winds of this blasted tempest -- from late evening, and all through the night. Deadly this weather-at-sea it was-- hell-waters raging -- but we kept The Fae afloat, and were blessed to able to see the quiet dawn rise in rose-gold glory, the next morn.

Waterlogged Captain's Log I
Day One~ Casting off from Gambino shores

For those who may read this journal~
Aye, I am Sandy Gruelgrimm, the dark elf chief of my elven peoples on Gaia. It is rather unusual for me to set my sights on sailing the waters near the Gambino Islands, but it is an interest of adventure that has set me as Captain for this unique sailing opportunity.

Aye, now. I dip my feather-topped ink pen nib into the India Ink to record the proceedings of this good vessel The Fae. I have, at the time of this writing, but a small crew of 10, and young Timmy is one of my mates -- I was thinking that his agile feet could climb the high masts with sure footing, and the training as a sailor would help him control his emotional urgings. Timmy has gone on explorations with me before -- on land -- near the holdings of the Lost Tavern, owned by financier Miss DeeDee Gambino, great grand-niece of the late Johnny K Gambino. Miss Gambino has made plans to destroy the enchanted forest around the Tavern, in the name of "progress," to build a Gambino Casino and Resort, and expand her small tavern to something more luxurious for rich patrons of Gaia. I am hoping that with this voyage, I may land on an uncharted island that is untouched by commercialism -- fresh with enchanted energies, and the opportunity of new experiences to be had by myself and my crew.

My crew~ How unusual! Aye, now. Many of my dark-elf community wanted to sign up for this voyage, to accompany me for this excursion, and so, I required to hand-pick the best for this trip. I have both male and female dark elves for my crew, of superb physical form, known for their archery skills, and expert handling of sharp-edged knives -- so, it is thus that The Fae is a ship of dark-elves, with the addition of a human boy -- young Timmy, to fill the roster.

Our first day was filled with the usual duties: loading our schooner with supplies, double-checking that our vessel was in ship-shape, giving out orders to cover all shifts, and setting proper course for sailing. The weather was a little rough, perhaps a tad windier than perfectly desirable -- but it was my intent to make our trip a timely one, and I did naught want to wait another day to begin our journey.

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