Entry Seven~ Homeward Bound!
Aye, now. This is the seventh entry in the Captain's log of Elven Chief Sandy Gruelgrimm.

It would be a day I would n'er forget. The Tall Ship Elenore came to anchor near the Fae's Island on a breezy August afternoon. I am certain each one of us was ready to embrace the concept of civilization, after our shipwrecked month on the Fae's Island.

Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal began singing a new ballad, around the campfire on the beach, in celebration of this joyous occasion.

Elenore, Oh Elenore
You are my one and only love, that I adore
Your flying jib, flies jibberly,
Your fore staysail, can justly, thusly, tell a tale
of my love for
Elenore, Lovely Elenore, such a ship so bountiful!

Elonore, Lady Elenore
You are the wish ship, darling, that I adore
Your bowsprit is my spirit,
Your dolphin striker strikes me so
As does my love for
Elenore, Lovely Elenore, such a ship so bountiful!

Elenore, Oh Elenore
How could I have ever breathed before?
Your mainmast has held my heart fast
Your keel dost make me feel
such love for
Elenore, Lovely Elenore -- a splendorous ship so bountiful!

Young Timmy joined in, singing loudly and freely, while the Fae danced on her quick little legs in the air. In his spare time, Big Eöl Calafalas had created a rough recorder-like flute out of cattails, and was playing his home-made wind instrument along with Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal, while Helyanwë Waytres created a drum from a hollow log, and beat out the rhythm, with a satisfied smile on his elven face.

Leac-Neko and Lessien Palantir linked arms and danced a jig together, with Lessien's father, Lieutenant Gwindor Palantir, looking on, pleased as punch. I too, caught this jovial spirit, and sang a couple of stanza's of Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal's better-known melodies, without too much disapproval from my crew~ for it is true that Captain Sandy Gruelgrimm cannot carry a tune, decently.

Indeed, when it was finally time for us to leave the Fae's Island, we were a little saddened, for we had made this uncharted island our home for over a month. I met with Admiral Lindsey once aboard the Elenore in his personal quarters, and we traded naval stories, after the brandy and whiskey was bought out. He gave me a clap on the back for discovering this island, but I shook my head, nay -- the honour must go to the Fae, for she could see the far-outreaching isle long before it came into view to elf or human.

And so, I am now back in my little hidden community with my dark elven tribe, and the trip of sailing and the business of being shipwrecked while aboard the Fae are now but a series of waterlogged memories. Aye, my desire for another adventure, such as this, upon the sea, is quenched for a very, very long time.