Day Five~ Monster, Monster of the Deep!
Aye, now. This is the fifth entry in the Captain's log of Elven Chief Sandy Gruelgrimm.

When the Fae returned and reported her observations to me, the sun was beginning to set, and the crew took turns having their evening meal. I was glad to hear that there was a sighting of land far off to the east. It would not have been noticeable to the human or elven eye.

Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal, seemed to be inspired with the Fae aboard ship, and sang a new ballad as he strummed on his lute~

The Fae, The Fae
The BatChic Fae
Like a sparkle in the air, and soft bells in the wind
The Fae, The Fae
The BatChic Fae
So where shall we set sail today?

Young Timmy was sitting close, by the Minstrel's side, humming along happily, until his tired eyes got heavy, and Lessien Palantir helped him up, to guide him back to his bunk. Timmy had been working hard during the day, performing like a proper seaman, and it was sweet exhaustion that took him over in the end. I gave a nod and a smile at the scene~ it was obvious that Leading seaman Lessien had been teaching Timmy well, and they were creating a close bond together from this teamwork.

Then, it happened: the Fae flew close to me, with a look of distraught on her fair heart-shaped face. She seemed agitated, as she blinked from bright green to a shadowy grey. "Captain Gruelgrimm," she cried. "I am sensing a very large creature close to our ship. And this underwater creature is ANGRY!~"

And then~ there was a crash to the side nearest the bulwarks, and seawater overflowed the sides, knocking down elven seaman like dominoes as they tried to steady themselves. Large tentacles, the length of three or four men lying head-to-toe, slithered over side, pulling the Kracken up to stare at the scene before it. The giant one-eyed squid sent its arms out to gather up The Fae's crew, but the seamen fought bravely, utilizing their well-honed archery skills and use of hand-to-hand combat with the additional aid of a flashing knife, in hand, to cut down the Kracken. Meanwhile, this cyclopian Kracken was creating holes in the hold, bringing in water at an alarming pace. While I sent able-bodied elven seaman to correct this conflict the best they could, I continued to battle the monster, with the Fae by my side. I used my firearms, pointing my pistol directly at the thing's giant single eye, and rapidly fired ~ while the Fae dazzled him with bright light-frequencies, until he backed off.

The wounded monster emitted a loud ship-shaking scream as it departed, sending a rolling wave over the forecastle deck, drenching the seamen placed there.

= = = = = = = = = =

I received the alarming report of the condition of The Fae from the confines of my quarters. The hold had taken in so much water, that it would be only moments left before the crew could safely jump ship and find safety within the lifeboats. The Fae helped the seaman with her faery magics, calming them, and helping them reach the lifeboats without undue stress. Lessien Palantir was getting into No.5 lifeboat with Timmy and Leac-Neko, while Lessien's father, First-Lieutenant Palantír, was helping Cook Finwë Arcamenel bring some essential food supplies into the No. 7 lifeboat. Some of these foodstuffs of importance were vitamin C-abundant citrus fruits: tangerines and lemons -- to help guard off the effects of scurvy. Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal boarded No.9 lifeboat, with the help of Big Eöl Calafalas. I, being Captain of The Fae, waited until all my crew were safely off my vessel, before I took No.1 lifeboat, with the Fae flying close by. She was an enormous help to me, and as I sadly watched my ship, The Fae go down, I was glad I had her namesake by my side.