Day Three~ Set Off-Course!
Aye, now. This is the third entry in the Captain's log of Elven Chief Sandy Gruelgrimm.

After last night's grueling ordeal of living through the Hellish Sea-storm, (brought on by what I think were vengeful water-demons), we set our gaze on the beautiful morning's sunrise. The restful waters sparkling, and plentiful fish, silver scales catching the dawn's light-glitter, jumping.

Lessien Palantir was teaching eager young Timmy how to fish, while Big Eöl Calafalas was close by with a net. Within minutes, the pail was filled with freshly caught trout, of goodly size.

Meanwhile, Lessien's father, First-Lieutenant Palantír, confided in me of his concern that the tempest last night brought our ship off-course, and that we were heading into uncharted waters. Yes, we would have a fine dinner this evening, but where we were sailing, remained, for now, a mystery. "But, remember, tonight we shall have stars and compass to help direct us," Lieutenant Gwindor Palantir said solemly. I nodded in agreement with Palantír's advice, and gave the order to hold course, until we knew more about our position.

That evening we feasted on all sorts of wonderful foods -- pan fried trout, freshly-baked flaky biscuits with butter, wholesome mashed rutabaga and carrot, elven salad (a special recipe passed down by generations, known by our cook) and faery cakes of all sorts for dessert. I must write, here, that we were very fortunate to have Finwë Arcamenel agree to come to join the crew as cook of The Fae -- for his talents as Master Elven Chef are well-known across Gaia and beyond.

That evening, as the sun was setting, Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal, got out his lute, and began to sing a ballad worthy of The Fae's Adventurous Excursion

The winds they blew
The winds they howled
But the Tempest dour
Could naught do
Evil to The Fae's mighty elven crew

So let us rejoice with
This morning's catch
of shining trout
To fill our sailors' bellies ho!
Shining trout
Let's sing and shout!
What luck for Captain Gruelgrimm's crew
It's what excellent elven folk can do!

Our course has changed
To uncharted seas
But Adventure is the breath we breathe!
Sailing out and about!
Let's sing and shout!
What luck for Captain Gruelgrimm's crew
It's what excellent elven folk can do!

Young Timmy joined in with the singing, and being a good boy, did naught even think to mention how, as Evil Timmy, he likes cool jazz much better than elven folk tunes. He clapped his hands with the rhythm, and encouraged Minstrel Maglor Celebrindal to play several more of his ballads, well into the evening.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Gwindor Palantir joined me in my Captain's cabin, as we surveyed our maps and checked our bearings with the night sky. "Captain," he said quietly, "We are sailing north-east, and well beyond our original course, as was planned. We could encounter unforeseen dangers, here, sir."

"Aye," I replied."But this is part of the Adventure we were seeking," giving my First-Lieutenant a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "We have a strong, resourceful crew, as you know. I have full confidence that we will continue with our journey, without fail."

Then, I asked my Lieutenant to join me with a wee n** o' whiskey, as we had clear sailing, and as a small reward for a job well done during last night's devilish storm-trial. He agreed, with a curt nod, and we continued our conversation in quiet tones, reliving remembered adventures of older times together, with an easy smile and a chuckle.