Day One~ Casting off from Gambino shores

For those who may read this journal~
Aye, I am Sandy Gruelgrimm, the dark elf chief of my elven peoples on Gaia. It is rather unusual for me to set my sights on sailing the waters near the Gambino Islands, but it is an interest of adventure that has set me as Captain for this unique sailing opportunity.

Aye, now. I dip my feather-topped ink pen nib into the India Ink to record the proceedings of this good vessel The Fae. I have, at the time of this writing, but a small crew of 10, and young Timmy is one of my mates -- I was thinking that his agile feet could climb the high masts with sure footing, and the training as a sailor would help him control his emotional urgings. Timmy has gone on explorations with me before -- on land -- near the holdings of the Lost Tavern, owned by financier Miss DeeDee Gambino, great grand-niece of the late Johnny K Gambino. Miss Gambino has made plans to destroy the enchanted forest around the Tavern, in the name of "progress," to build a Gambino Casino and Resort, and expand her small tavern to something more luxurious for rich patrons of Gaia. I am hoping that with this voyage, I may land on an uncharted island that is untouched by commercialism -- fresh with enchanted energies, and the opportunity of new experiences to be had by myself and my crew.

My crew~ How unusual! Aye, now. Many of my dark-elf community wanted to sign up for this voyage, to accompany me for this excursion, and so, I required to hand-pick the best for this trip. I have both male and female dark elves for my crew, of superb physical form, known for their archery skills, and expert handling of sharp-edged knives -- so, it is thus that The Fae is a ship of dark-elves, with the addition of a human boy -- young Timmy, to fill the roster.

Our first day was filled with the usual duties: loading our schooner with supplies, double-checking that our vessel was in ship-shape, giving out orders to cover all shifts, and setting proper course for sailing. The weather was a little rough, perhaps a tad windier than perfectly desirable -- but it was my intent to make our trip a timely one, and I did naught want to wait another day to begin our journey.