Day Four~ Unexpected Guests!
Aye, now. This is the fourth entry in the Captain's log of Elven Chief Sandy Gruelgrimm.

The morning light cascaded gold into my cabin, making me blink, and I yawned and stretched, ready for another day of seaward adventure on The Fae.

Young Timmy knocked on my door, and with my acknowledgement for him to enter, he did so, with a breakfast tray on his arm. "Captain Gruelgrimm, sir, Cook Finwë Arcamenel bids you Good Morn," Timmy said with a broad smile. Indeed he had! On the tray were delectable foodstuffs~ flapjacks with maple syrup, toast with jam and butter, salted pork, tiny sardines, freshly squeezed tangerine juice, a pot of freshly brewed hot coffee, and my personal favourite: rutabaga mash with minced sauteed apple and freshly grated cinnamon.

"Won't you join me, Timmy?" I asked with a chuckle, noticing Timmy's eyes round with delight.
"Oh, yes, please, sir," Timmy answered, excitedly.
"Aye, then, lad. Help yerself."

So we had a nice breakfast together, just the lad and meself. "Have another helping of rutabaga mash, Timmy. It'll put hair on yer chest!"

Timmy was used to me saying this, and was well aware of my love of rutabagas, so he replied, "Yes, Captain! I'd love some more hair in my bowl," giggling.
He said this in between bites of buttered toast with jam, while I sipped on my second cup of coffee.

Just as I wiped away some lingering crumbs of my hearty breakfast from my dressing jacket, I got word from Leading seaman Camthalion Strongbow that First-Lieutenant Palantír requested my assistance on deck. I gave Seaman Strongbow a nod, and readied myself for whatever was to be expected of me, next.

Timmy busied himself with tidying up my cabin, and carried the noticeably less-laden tray back to the ship's galley.

Once on deck, I joined Lieutenant Gwindor Palantir, and was surprised to see the BatChic Faery on board, with her friend Leac-Neko. Lieutenant Gwindor Palantir leaned close to me and whispered, "I realize that the Fae is a friend of yours, and the given name of our ship, but Sir -- " Palantir touched my arm with obvious concern, "She just appeared out of nowhere with this tawny neko-cat as a companion. Is this allowed, sir?" Palantir raised an eyebrow as accent to his last question.

"Aye, indeed, I replied. "Permission to come aboard, Fae. And your neko friend as well." The Fae was in her glamor disguise, dressed as a sailor, while the neko, was almost naked, wearing a serviceable blue overcoat, and nothing else.

"I am surprised that you wanted to join us, without sending a message of this intent, beforehand," I whispered.

The Fae replied, with a smile, "I tried to contact you, Captain, during Dreamtime, but you were fast asleep, without the Dreaming, so my messages went unheard. Tell me, Sandy, did you have some whiskey before retiring again?"

I nodded, and blushed. The Fae caught me again! "This might be true, Fae, but since you are now on this vessel, I would like for you to help out with the rest of the crew. See if you can conjure up some suitable clothing for Leac-Neko, could ye, dear -- she shan't be doing proper sailing in just a blue overcoat. Are you ready to become one of my crew on The Fae, Seaman Neko?

Leac-Neko saluted, and replied "Yes, Sir!" with a slight purr, for she was pleased to be newly enlisted on The Fae under Captain Gruelgrimm's able command.

"Fae, after we have provided proper attire for Seaman Neko, I would like to have a talk with you in my chambers."

"Aye, Captain," the Fae said with a smile.

= = = = = = = = = =

The Fae was floating, instead of sitting in a chair opposite Dark Elf Captain Sandy Gruelgrimm. They had been friends for what seemed liked eons -- long before Sandy had become a dark elf, and was, instead, an old cobbler, making shoes and handbags in leather, in human form. The Fae was his assistant, in those times, long, long ago, and stayed up from dusk to dawn, helping him create tiny magical shoes out of leather.

She remembered, with tears welling up in her bright eyes, that she owed her life to him, for he once rescued her from a group of powerful dark magicians dressed in black cloaks. To the human eye they appeared somewhat like vampire bats, but these creatures wanted to enslave her faery energy for their own means.

If you would ask Sandy about this story, he would probably mumble and change the subject, saying instead, "Aye, the Fae is a great friend. We have been through a lot together."

= = = = = = = = = =
Captain Sandy Gruelgrimm~

I looked over at the Fae, floating across from me, as I sat at my desk.

"Fae, would you be able to fly high above our vessel to survey the surrounding seas around us? We have been taken off-course and are in uncharted waters -- it would be comforting to know more about the course we have taken on now," I said, with my chin cupped in my hands.

The Fae, flittered about excitedly. "Why of course, Sandy," The Fae replied, with a voice somewhat like the tinkling of little bells. "I ought to do so, now, while we still have light," she said thoughtfully.

= = = = = = =