[Description: First-person p.o.v in the late-night thoughts of Ichimatsu]

What time is it? I wonder aloud. Though, it doesn't really matter. Time doesn't wait on anyone, certainly not for trash like me. My hoodie sticks to me : an aftermath of me waking up in a cold sweat, and yet the first thing I wonder about is what time it is.

That's right..

I fell asleep before everyone, but wasn't it the afternoon or something? I can't really remember. The last thing I remember was playing with a stray of course.

Quiet snores tell me that I'm in the futon along with my other five brothers. I stand up, becoming slightly irritated with the peace inside the room. I catch Jyushimatsu's wide snores once I exit the room in the corner of my eye.

Must be nice to be happy even in your sleep.

I walk to the bathroom, throwing cold water all over myself, ignoring that I was also getting my hoodie wet. A part of me is glad no one else woke up to see me like this. A piece of trash like me doesn't need attention. It would be pretty funny had I disappeared that night, but no one would notice. Only Jyushimatsu as always.

It seemed I was notorious for having everyone wondering where I am. Seriously, where could I go being a NEET and all?

I slip back into the room, pulling the covers over myself inside the futon. It was drafty all of a sudden, probably due to Osomatsu leaving the window open like the airhead he was. It wasn't until I nearly drifted off to sleep when I heard:

Please sleep well, Ichimatsu-niisan. I thought nothing of it until the next morning when Jyushimatsu's hoodie was on top of me.

I smiled just a tiny bit.

Maybe there was hope for trash like me after all.