[ Description: First person p.o.v in the mind of G, who's tired after a long day. ]

The half-empty bottle of tequila shoots a taunting glare at me once I open up my eyes enough to be considered sober. A lingering smell of cigarette smoke trails along my ash tray as I sit up straight. My eye socket blinks to my seemingly untouched room, though it never looked any cleaner. I sighed, snatching my jacket from an already tilting stool. The impact of it hitting the floor wakes the kid up beside me. They're startled by the noise, twisting frantically to grab me within reach.

"Now calm yourself, kiddo. 'Jus the stool acting up again. Go back to sleep." I said curtly as I moved their hand away.

They rustled around some more, an obvious sigh they weren't going back to sleep anytime soon. I sighed once more, collecting my things to exit the room.

"Kid, don't cling onto me so tightly. A man's got to move on his own two feet, ya hear?" I barked as I felt their small hands close around my ribcage.

"G", they called out softly, "can I have something to eat?"

I scoffed at the ground in retort.

"Now where's Paps when I need 'em to do something-", I threw up my hands in frustration, "Oh, alright, alright. I'll make you a meal."

I heard them scurry around me toward the kitchen as I flung my jacket off to the leather couch. I pulled out another cig as I got busy. The kid started complaints about the smoke in which I happily invited them to starve them to death and see if I gave a care.

That shut their yapper up quick.

"Ah, butterscotch pie is almost a ready." I gave a toothy grin as I admired my work. Wasn't too bad from a couple burnt-up recipe scraps I found in the lower shelves.

I cut a piece for the young'un as I retreated back to the safe halo, which was my torn up excuse for a bedroom. My eye drifted back to the still half-empty shot of tequila, that I downed quickly, feeling my head swim faster than a school of piranhas. I slurred a string of words together telling the kid "good night" once I fell into the repeat of timelines once again.