[ Description: Third-person P.O.V in a banter between Saiko Yonebayashi and Kuki Urie ]

"Urie-san! You ate them all?" The teeny bluenette screeched.

She tore the empty box of Oreo cookies from the cabinet and thrust its container at him. He remained still, not fazed at all by her ranting. He hadn't even put in an earbud before befalling witness to this unfortunate atrocity. Saiko was not at all pleased either; especially with being ignored by the blank-faced male.

"Honestly, I told you before that this was the last box!" She stomped to discard it.

Having a moment to himself, Urie placed in his earbuds. "L" and "R" were arranged in his ears out of spite habit. Saiko raced over and snatched one out. As if expecting so, Urie sighed and reached for the fallen earbud. Enraged, Saiko continued to press his hand to the counter top he was sitting at. As her grip tightened, Urie gave her a look that could have cut steel. She faltered for just a moment before looking away in embarrassment. The least she wanted was an apology.

"So, that's all you're angry about?" Urie spoke suddenly.

Saiko's hand twitched, loosening her grip on him finally. She wasn't expecting him to speak to her, if at all. As far as she was concerned, he could have killed her where she stood. His hand seemed to relax, though he hadn't bothered to move for his earbud this time.

"Y-You're such a jerk sometimes." Her face turned a deep scarlet.

He blinked, watching her intently.

The silence between them grew uncomfortably, since Saiko's tyranny was over.

"I'll buy more if you leave me alone." He decided.

Saiko's face brightened instantly, making Urie regret this decision instantly.

"T-Thanks. I'm sorry about before, okay?" She regained the courage to look at him.

He said nothing, reaching for his earphone once again. To say he was tired altogether was something short of an understatement.

"Also, your name sounds like 'Cookie', ya know?" Saiko scoffed.

"If you call me that again, you can forget those Oreos." He snapped.

Saiko skipped out of the kitchenette, feeling better than she ever had.