[ Description: Third-person p.o.v in which Zacharie engages you, The Player, in morbid conversation. ]

You, or you should say, the Batter rounded a corner and opened a door to a mall. Unsurprisingly, Zacharie stood behind a counter, taunting you with a masked grin.

"Dear Player, have you come for me so soon?" He cooed softly before making his way around the counter, approaching the puppet Batter.

"Zacharie, we-"

The masked man waved a hand in the air, prompting the Batter to become tight lipped again.

"I've heard more than enough from your fellow feline, The Judge, you see. You've been doing quite the spectre slaying as rumors are told. You aren't doing too bad yourself, Dearest Player." Zacharie bowed his head in respects to you.

"Don't worry, I know you cannot respond to my gratitude, as you surely are speechless..?", Zacharie chuckled wildly, "Sometimes we all say the things we really mean behind a mask."

"Just what are you getting at, merchant?" The batter seemed to voice your thoughts aloud. He was observing Zacharie's actions intently, as he was making wild gestures and pacing the room in a frenzy while addressing you.

The item merchant stopped in his trail, now interrupted by the Batter once again. "Alas", he shook his head, mask dipping in his stead, "You haven't realized your purpose to serve the puppeteer, Mr. Batter. I'll see the both of you in the next zone, after all, this is all scripted anyhow."

Zacharie retreated back to his post, replacing his mask with the toad one. His sprite grew still as he reverted back to being what he called "a simple item merchant".

"I'll be awaiting your arrival soon, Joueur précieux~."