[ Description: First-person p.o.v in Akutagawa's habitual lifestyle 5 days after a mission from the mafia ]

"I have your tea, Akutagawa." Higuchi's voice pierces my ears.

I sit more stiffly in my seat, given she didn't knock first. The foolish woman is spared by the wrath of (the) Rashomon ability once I reach out and accept the tea. I give my commentary on the fact that she looks worse than per-usual with the unkempt bags under her eyes, in which she smiles and says nothing afterward. Leaving on her own accords, I grab the small sugar packets I've kept hidden for some time, and dumped them all in the tea.

I complain some sorts far and few in between that she never sweetens it enough, earning the backlash of "it's bad for your health". As if the things I've been doing as of recent weren't life-threatening, ironically so. The sickening yellow peeling from the walls starts to match my equally "ill" appearance once I take one glance around my quarters. I see that my...subordinate came in and rearranged some things from earlier. How meddlesome.

There's no point, seeing as how I'm nothing more than the mafia's dog. Even though it's troubling enough to keep that strapping woman around, I don't mind death as a whole. It's not an invitation, but I wouldn't need as much protection then.

After a long finish of the tea and series of coughs I stand up, tossing miscellany and other sorts in corners of the room. Mutters of sorts fall from my lips in the silence of dusting debris from my black coat and hair alike. That woman had the audacity to joke to me that I should smile once.

My door opens and I instinctively activate Rashomon in response. Higuchi strolls on in, being used to the whole ordeal.

"You should open some windows in here, Sir. It looks like a funeral going on." She stifles a laugh.

"Care to add to it, don't you?" I reply in a more raspy voice.

Ambling over to my empty tea tray of sorts, she picks it up and raises an eyebrow at me.

"What is it, now?" I draw up a huff of impatience.

"It's nothing," she looks down for a moment, "Smile more."

I say something equally cheeky to her before she reaches the door, tray in tow. Mind it she wouldn't be able to enter again if she didn't knock next time, let alone forget to close the doorway.

"Akutagawa, join me for tea next time." I hardly heard her once she turned the corner.