[ Description: First-person with protag Shinjurou from UN-GO having some internal dialogue about his detective work ]

"Inga...please put that down." I sigh, finishing what I think is my third cup of coffee.

The newspaper is scattered with random documents on the table. My vision is sliding in and out of focus. Sleep....I need sleep above everything at this moment. I can't afford it however; especially not with Inga running rapid.

My palm unconsciously slides across my lips to moisten them. It's hot right now, I realize. I'm still in my work clothes once my eyes settle on the empty coffee cup.

"When will you stop overworking yourself? What are you searching for?"

I hear the angry cries of Rinroku's daughter in my head.

That's right.

What am I searching for?

The truth... is what I conclude to. That's always been my answer.

The evil and the good in people. To reveal their angered truth that's been hidden away for so long. The truth that people don't want others to see in them.

Am I looking for my own truth?

My name is Yuuki Shinjurou. That's the only truth I've ever known.

I'll never know my own truth because of the demon Inga.

... She's always clouding my thoughts.

"I won't let you decide! I'll decide my own fate, not you. That is my truth!"

Something funny happens in my chest suddenly. It feels like I'm being choked and suffocated. I wonder if that's how she felt in her last moments. To say I'm bothered by this...would be something of an overstatement.

"Shinjurou! Shinjurou! I hear a shrill voice calling my name.

My eyes slide open to the childlike Inga shaking me. His constant jingling snaps me to attention.

"W-What is it?" I mumble in irritation.

His head tilts to one side as his violet eyes grow larger.

"You fell asleep, silly detective!" He cackles.

My eyes loom over to my coffee cup once again. I find that it is full instead of empty like before. The newspaper and everything is still in its place.

Had I been dreaming this whole time? The thought races through me as Inga dashes off to the kitchen.