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Akamori on Assignment The misadventures of me and my unfortunate squad-mates.

Akamori Yuki
Community Member
The Forest
Lane doubles back and gives us a lock-box.
"Um...here. About 30 years ago I stole this from Roshi's stash, and I'm sure it'll help you if he was willing to keep it. So um...here. Also, if you ever want to steal from Roshi, a cardboard cutout works great. I still can't believe that worked."
"Why haven't you opened the box?" I inquire.
"I didn't have a reason to. I was bored, it was a bet; he bet me I couldn't break into his vault."
Curious, I slowly open the box, peering into it. It seems like it's welded shut. uch as I try to prize it open, it won't budge.

At that point, we saw a bunch of regular hollows running around. In response, I put Silver Sheen on my weapon.

Coming from the plateau's rockfaces, Ceros are coming out.
As we move forward through the deforested plain, I take note of a tree that feels different than the others, and is spilling over into the two surrounding it, although if feels more like a swamp. As Le'brian makes his way forward, he stumbles across a green-bound creature, which happens to be a Hollow. It's also a half clay golem.

Turns out that it is immune to all magic, slashing, and piercing damage. Luckily enough, my force arrows can penetrate his defenses.

I feels lots of somethings coming up from under the ground shortly after; these are based off of the ranged hollows. In fact, when they burst out of the ground, they are spectral Hollows, which should be impossible.

We come across a floating, flaming head, who asks where he is. Midnight, as per his typical smartassery, is the first to answer.
"Okay, so does anyone besides this idiot want to tell me where I am?"
"Yes, of course, can I first ask your identity?"
"My name is Fred.."
"And you are from...?"
"I don't remember"
"Well, we are in dead forest in Hueco Mundo; the home of destructive atrocities against the balance of life." I respond.
"The balance of..."
Seirra asks what Fred is doing. "Oh, you know, just floating around!" She then invite him to come with us. "Where you going?" Sierra has no idea, and Fred is confused. Meanwhile, I am buring my forehead in my palm, while Midnight is asked to facepalm for the critter. I snicker as Midnight gets burned.
Sierra talks Fred into helping us, asking us how he feels of bad things. Fred then asks what we define as bad. "It comes from the higher-ups."
With a sigh, I inform Fred that, "We're on a mission to eliminate aforementioned destructive force..."
"Judging from your weapons and the feeling I'm getting off of you, your pretty destructive yourself."
"I'm on the right side." I shrug.
"Who determines the right side?"
"The balance of life demands it."
Midnight chooses to contest me by asking, "Yeah, but who's life?" further incriminating himself. I ignore him quite promptly.
Sierra prompts him again on if Fred wants to join us. "It's an adventure. You'll have fun." He agrees to come along, "By the way. If you see any other parts of me...let me know."
Trying to get Amai's mod-soul, poking her, and I begin jumping around as to disturb her and get her attention. The guys all notice that, and we note that Fred is recording it via a flame camera. Sierra asks who the recoding feed goes to, and he plays dumb. It opens its eyes, looks around groggily, and falls back asleep.

Moving on, I feel and see a humanoid standing behind a tree. It almost looks like he's hiding, but not really. "You there, name yourself." I state in a commanding tone, once I flash step close enough into ear-shot. Midnight mumbles to himself, wondering why everyone is flash-stepping all the time. She doesn't respond, but we are ready for battle. She does, however, turn around.

Waiting for a response, she transforms, revealing herself as an Arrancar. While my brain fails me, Sierra informs me that it is a Spirit Naga, continuing to ignore my remark. Battle ensues!

At one point, another golem appears amongst the trees, and I decide to rampage on it with my bow - one of the only things that can hurt it. It charges through a tree- shattering and splintering it, to get to me. It is at this point that Yrie stands by me, slightly in front. With a smirk, "thank you, my knight in shining armor." playfully, as he is a knight, and his armor is quite shiny. He smiles - he has never smiled before that we've noticed.
Even though I am focusing my attention on the Golem, Yrie suggests that I shoot the Naga, as Sierra is having some trouble with it. I oblige, for the sake of my team.

Midnight pops out and obliterates the golem, and right after we take note of Fred behind the Naga. All at once, the Naga is gone, and there is a big crater where she was standing. Fred went crazy with disintegrate, and caused a crater. It was so powerful that it went through the Naga, and hit the ground, imploding everything.

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