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Akamori on Assignment The misadventures of me and my unfortunate squad-mates.

Akamori Yuki
Community Member
As we continue through the forest, I make it a point to eliminate all potential threats along the way. Occasionally when we find a Spectre and all gang up on it. After a while of this, Midnight remarks that we may not like what he does, but at least he doesn't go picking fights. With my ire rising, I turn to snap, "I am doing what must be done as a part of my job, to help keep the balance in check. They are an enemy and a threat and need to be destroyed. Fool!" while I try to remain calm, the annoyance shows plainly in my voice. When he continues to persist, I threaten to pick a fight with him, which gets brushed off as we continue marching. I don't pursue it out of the minimal respect I've got for the American Soul society and the supervisory order.

Sierra, worried for her daily abilities, feels like we should take a rest. Le'Brian isn't sure if we've got that option, and I don't think that it would be very professional - this mission is rather urgent.

Every once and a while, Fred has been circling me. It's quite obnoxious. After a while of this, with a glare, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" "Hanging out!" comes the reply.
"You seem rather...intrigued by me. What is it that causes you to cling so?" accusation lacing my voice.
"I'm bored. Your angel friend's...."
"Yeah, anyways!"
"Could you not? Please not."
"Got a coin?"
I pass him a coin. He flips it, and it lands on heads.
"Nope, not able to."
"I said please."
"And your point being..? Oh - Squirrel!" He then goes flying off. From that point I hear explosions in the distance and lots and lots of fire.

We come to the entrance of where we are supposed to be. Sierra opens the door, and when Yrie goes through, he tells us that it doesn't look like there is anything in there. All that we can tell is that the building hurts our senses; like staring at the sun. It become readily apparent that we won't be able to sense spirits or hollows. Spirit pressure is so overpowering that precision is impossible.
Down the hallway we head. I do notice that the Mod Soul is now awake and looking around. I ask her "what is it?" but she gives the impression of uncertainty. She is both interested, and something is wrong. Sierra casts touch sight, up to 100 feet. It fizzles.

Once Midnight and Xue come through the door, it closes behind us. Yrie runs up in front of us. We then hear a voice, "My name is Marcus Venora; you killed my father, prepare to die." He looks almost like he is floating on something somewhat solid. With some brief discussions, we remember hearing of an Arrancar who's sword release was a fairly large blob. We've got a fairly good guess that this Arrancar is using an Elder Black Pudding. I notice that the size of this ooze is larger than normally, even if it hurts a lot to open my senses to it.
"I have no memory of this instance, who's your father?" Sierra asks. His answer is "I'm not talking to you, wretched plaything." While I shoot him full of arrows, the smug fool chuckles, "Hehheh, that tickled." Le'Brian then takes a massive shot at him and he loses significant power. Sierra then uses Death Urge. After giving myself resistance to acid when the...creature advances, Sierra buffs me up. Strangely, this ooze isn't splitting; which is strange for an ooze. It's not expanding because it is squeezing through the hallway already. Besides, splitting of Resurscionn oozes aren't effective, since they can't reform.

Even though the ooze is engulfing Yrie, it is trying to take the shield. Le'Brian then drops firestorm on it. I notice that the ooze tries to push push Yrie out, accompanied with a flash of light.
Fred, for an instant, phased through the wall, but is now underneath Sierra, though only she noticed it. After Midngiht drops the ooze (plucky little bastard), Fred is suddenly hovering between Le'Brian and I, "Yeah, I never did like that guy." I just kinda glare at him a little bit, making it rather obvious, though he keeps nodding. He turns to me and says, "Look into my eeyyyyeess!"
"Fred, I think you're doing enough looking for all of us."
"What, nu uh, I haven't looked in about - " looking down on where his watch would be, "About 12 seconds." After a pause, "W-wait..where's my arm. where's me?"
"Oh, not here!" Midnight erupts.
Le'Brian tells Fred to do whatever he wants to Midnight.
"Then how am I seeing this!?" Sierra informs him that he is a skull. "I'm a skull!? So I don't have skin...do I have eyes?" his voice was laced with despair. When Sierra shows him a mirror, he screams, horrified. When Le'Brian questions Sierra about why she carries a mirror, she responds that they are useful.

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