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Akamori on Assignment The misadventures of me and my unfortunate squad-mates.

Akamori Yuki
Community Member
Battles Heat up
Further down the path, Amai squawks in her sleep as we come upon a treasure box. This has come to be known as a signal of traps. The battle heats up, however, as along the path we run into various hollows, some able to go ethereal, and some invisible. In the middle of a charge, I find myself unconscious and understand that any more damage will certainly kill me. However, I wake up after the briefest of moments, gaining the benefit of Diehard and healing a minor amount every round. I keep fighting for a spell, realizing that Amai was now awake and concentrating on me for my benefit of doing this.

Further along, after some healing, we run into another creature like Amai - this one male. He's in the same situation, so Le'Brian and I heal and calm him as well, were he begins nuzzling my foot. I pick the little one up, and he immediately bites me - taking a toll on my constitution. Immediately, Le'Brian fixes that for me, while the creature fires a full-strength cero that belies his size; Arrancar strength.

The good and evil pressure that we felt battling earlier, it is clear at this point, were Amai and this one. In my fury, my strength, dexterity, and constitution increases mildly, and in just short of one round, the creature evaporates before me. No one hurts those things that I care about!

Continuing on into another room - for the sake of pure exploration - the battles continue to rage on. Once again, I drop unconscious briefly after getting hit with seven ceros at one time. Instead of standing, I find myself around the corner next to Le'Brian: Amai had flashstepped with me - in a curved line. I'm beginning to love this little hollow. I know I have a duty to report her to the Soul Society, regardless that she is good-aligned. She is a hollow we have never seen before with immense power, and needs to be watched. But, my eyes are watchful enough...

It is during this battle that it is revealed Midnight's zanpaktou absorbs the hollow that it strikes. Another red flag; I'm going to mistrust him quite a bit, making a mental note to speak with Lance about this at a later date.

Sooner or later we run into Alice once more, with more tea. I ask her about Amai, my civil duties outweighing my emotions once more. She seems not to care either way, but feels as though Amai is strange for a typical hollow.

Further down the path, we discover five doors outside of our resting room. This appears to be a breeding area that Lance had dealt with, described as "an annoyance". Similarly, we feel in the rock an area of rooms that spell out "HELP!" With a pot in each. Soon as Midnight, the only one capable of going ethereal, comes back to us, the pots burst with a "thank you" note inside of them.

As we continue, Amai squawks as a result of a trap on the ceiling while we make our way to the treasury. Alice's voice reaches us from the other side as we are battling, urging us to get inside, shortly after I punch the wall (which might not have been the best decision). A line of chain swords pup out of the ground, destroying the wall as we filter inside. The movement is treacherous, for so much treasure.

We suddenly get swarmed by masses of Hollows, doing fairly well for the majority of the battle. Eventually, however, we are asked to step back while Alice does an attack on every single enemy with her zanpaktou - a high level ability she learned just before bankai.

As we move forward, Amai begins to feel feverish. I stay behind with Alice and some tea to soothe her.

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