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Akamori on Assignment The misadventures of me and my unfortunate squad-mates.

Akamori Yuki
Community Member
Back and Out
After looting the facility and returning to the Soul Society, I realize that I have not yet introduced myself to my captain. After gathering some information, I find that he is dead. The acting captain is Lance. Feeling quite ashamed of myself, I visit him in the hospital. He'd had his arm torn off, although it has been reattached. "Captain, it comes to my attention that I have not yet introduced myself. Please pardon my rudeness, " Bowing deeply, "I am Akamori Yuki, the newest lieutenant of squad 12 - " however, he cuts me off.
"Can we do this another time...?"
"Of course, Captain!" with a bow and offering him tea, I take my leave to do some of the paperwork for the squad, and meet all of them.

It turns out that Midnight has been arrested; he is a former soul reaper from this Soul Society. The head captain has let him know that he will most likely be executed unless he rejoins. Lance has requested to see him and lets him know that if he does rejoin, he will tell Midnight everything about his past. Not that he had much of a choice, he rejoins as Lt. of squad 2.

For the most part, they like me. Some of them actually mention that they have heard of a place that makes items for cheap.

Le'Brian decides to do some research on Ukitake's illness, since I had been talking a lot about it, finding out that there are further cases. He finds out that there was a destruction of the Brazilian Soul Society, the head captain of which, Sarah Doremon, also had the disease, then disappeared.
He also finds out about his non-death, and finds information that suggests souls can be put into items.
Additionally, he finds that Midnight's previous Soul Society (based in the US) has been destroyed: it was more like a village than an enclave. Midnight's power fluctuates, as well. It feels "odd" compared to normal Soul Reapers.

"So, how'd surgery go? Your arm attached? Can you move your fingers yet?"
"Oh well that wasn't really the surgery. My internal organs were....mis-organized. Let me just put it this way: They're not good."
He is feeling a little bit better, but still incredibly tired. Le'Brian professes his gratitude to Lance, who has apparently made Drymak armless. Lance also sent Le'Brian an apology letter consisting of three pages.

Le'Brian asks about Sarah Doremon, and Lance freezes with an incredibly serious face, asking where he heard that name. He reveals that he came across this while researching Ukitake's illness. Going on to say that he found the book with the wrong cover, Lance had been the last to use the book. Lance growls, "You will put that book exactly how you found it, wrong cover and everything, exactly where it goes. Is that understood?" When Le'Brian confirms and leaves, Lance replies, "I did have my reasons, and I'm sure you'll know them one day. But that day is not here yet."

I get there shortly after, and Lance looks furious. Asking if it is a bad time, he tells me to speak. I ask him about this item shop, and pledge to tell none other than my team. I do, for the sake of the team, regardless that I don't like Taydra and Midnight. We all go shopping, Taydra opens the door (Foolhardy.), and gets electrocuted. Upon opening the door, we arrive on the plane of shadows. There is a city around us. The map Lance showed me the location on and gave us suddenly makes a lot more sense.
Upon approaching the wall, there is a female who is in a blue uniform, with a skirt over the top. Le'Brian questions the matter, and apparently, it's part of the uniform (Full Metal Alchemist style). I stumble across the Quincy weapons, the rest discover jewelry. We are lead by Midnight to a castle in this strange city, a place we will need to be careful in, since we aren't supposed to be there. Neither of the shopkeepers like me, however they do like Taydra and Midnight. The whole city is a Quincy city.

As we are leaving the castle/shop, we are confronted by Riza Hawkeye. We manage to get out of being thrown in jail, however as we are walking away, Taydra makes a remark and ends up in jail for three days. Upon my return to my room, a giant poster of Ukitake is hanging in my room. Mortified further than I have been, I'm pretty sure Alice has put it there.
As we are heading back to the Soul Society, I mention that I'd like to go home. Which is Japan. Where I can look after people. Le'Brian immediately scolds me that I am not going back without a cure. He immediately gets maul-hugged by me, though he doesn't hug back as I catch him off guard.

However, upon going to care for the Koi fish, I notice that Midnight's ravens are following me. As I try to talk to one of them, he is very mistrusting of me. I try to get him to talk, though he has nothing to say. In the middle of talking to him, the alarm I set on my room goes off. Nyla is cleaning my room, initial come to drop off some paperwork. As she had fortified it, I can't be that upset by the invasion of my personal privacy. However, as she is leaving, she compliments me on the poster, saying that it is very nice. Blushing, I blanch, and just stammer for a while, bidding her adieu.

Anyway, we have our next mission: we could raid a base with ranged, rators, or sneaks. We go with the sneaks, sending the other team after the rators.
Our main objective is to destroy all current samples. Or other, secondary objective, is to destroy all of their data. Optional missions are to recover the data, and kill the person running the facility.

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