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Akamori on Assignment The misadventures of me and my unfortunate squad-mates.

Akamori Yuki
Community Member
Fevered & Scattered
As I sit with Amai, Alice offering me tea, the others move on, but not too far. Taydra makes a smartass remark about how Alice is offering him "excuses" for not helping them at the moment. She may have slapped him with her sword, but I will not tolerate disrespect, regardless that the two are the same rank. Getting up, I storm over to the door, my finger on my throat radio the whole time.

"How dare you show that much disrespect to a Lieutenant, any Lieutenant! If we had not been thought capable enough of this mission it would not have been assigned to us in the first place. You should feel damn lucky and grateful that you are receiving help at all!" Realizing that Alice is not a captain, she still understands the duties of a Lieutenant can often bleed over when the captain is unable to do all of them. Lance seems one such guy. "Do you have any idea what a true Lt.'s duties consist of?! Let alone the duties of a captain!?" Her special situation as Ukitake's Lt. let her feel the fully bearing of a captain's duties. "You have no right to talk, you disrespectful, imprudent, insolent and incompetent fool! If you weren't so busy drinking you would know the true duties that your undeserved rank requir- " suddenly, she caught Amai in the corner of her eye, as though she was about to sneeze, and let go of the button for speech, "Awwh, it's so cuu-" just as she was about to finish her thought, the little hollow sneezed and spewed a cero strong enough to blast a hole through the wall. Eye twitching and with a nervous giggle, I rush to her side, stroking her some more.

I can hear them on the radio, and apparently, Taydra revealed his shikai, which was a mimic of Le'Brian's, who seems understandably upset about the situation.

As I care for her, ignoring the radio, my thoughts drift to Ukitake and his constantly fluctuating health. Seemingly in a daydream, I lets out a sigh of concern, mumbling "Oh, Ukitake..." as a Freudian slip. No reaction from the team, although I'm certain that some of them had heard me. Either way, after the sneeze, she looks a little better. We've got a mission to attend to, and much as I wouldn't like to push her, my mission takes priority. So, placing her back into my pocket, we press onward.

As we continue down the path, we can no longer feel Alice tracking us. After another battle, we go down a narrow corridor, riddled with traps, which Amai points out with a fit of squawking. Midnight is the adept at disabling traps, and gets the acid wall and trap door down. We send the meat puppet - Taydra, in first as Amai continues to squeak. He is stunned for six rounds. By throwing all of our weight against him, we manage to push him through to a path where we are prompted with Lance over our radios, explaining four paths set before us. The one on the far right Midnight goes through -rather uneventful. The second door is the second-toughest. The third features a flying ranged Arrancar, and then the weakest. Being that I can fly, I volunteer for the flying ranged, however, Taydra seems to think that he'd be a better fit, requesting to borrow my boots of fly. Lance goes on to say that he recommends splitting up. Before he can tell us what the final door pertains, he screams at someone to stop throwing raisins at him and we hear an explosion. Based on the spiritual pressure, we discover that Drymak, the 6th order of the Arrancar, is fighting Lance. We find a box in the corner with a note on top.

With his Glaive, Le'Brian flips the box, pulls a kettle of tea towards us, and reads the note. From Alice, this note recommends splitting up, cconcluding with "This note will blow up when you are finish rea-" "Oh god!" We leap out of the way as the note explodes.

Having some of our tea to prepare, I offer Amai some in her own glass. She eats the cup, to which my response is to prize her mouth open and make sure she isn't bleeding. She's fine and smiles at me, to which I scold, "You should be more careful!" Shortly after, we move in.

Midnight's battle is rather uneventful, however, Le'Brian's was so important it got videotaped. All was normal, if not a little boring, until he decided to purr menacingly at his foe, although it was intended to be a growl. Without really expecting it to work, the Arrancar screams out for help, teleporting out and back in with his boss.

Drymak comes immediately, and scowls.
"You summoned me for this!?"
"But he's super super scary! He was scaring me!"
"You are a useless, complete dumbass!" Drymak snarls, smashing the Arrancar with his tail. "So, I'm here now. What interesting things should I do to you?"
"you could make me read you books or organize a library for you and - " Le'Brian cuts off with a whimper, Drymak laughing.
"You know what little...thing? You amuse me greatly. So your death will be quick."
"Oh good. There is nothing I've disliked more than the thought of taking forever to die." He goes on by reciting his last will and testament to us.
Alice, Grom, and Lance burst out of the ground with. "Hey! Put that minion down! Your fight is with me, god damn it!" Lance booms. "If you kill this minion, I will shove these raisins so far up your ass your next will vorpal!"

(( Metagame: "Stop eating the green dragon!!" ))

The threats continue back and forth like this for a while, until Drymak swallows Le'Brian whole, who then detaches the his two remaining fireball beads as he slips into his stomach, which go off inside of his throat. Not that they do anything, as the dragon has fire immunity. Instead, Le'Brian's grows in size to the point where he no longer fits in the dragon's mouth upon swallowing, thanks to Lance's enraged yell. Subsequently, this causes Le'Brian to be bitten quite forcefully. He gets spit out thanks to Lance's bull rush against Drymak. "Fine, if you want to protect him so badly: good luck!" Drymak howls, breathing acid on Le'Brian.
While some attacks get blocked, Le'Brian ends up dying due to Drymak's onslaught.

Strangely, he later wakes up: Alice and Grom freaking out. The whole area is gone and on fire.

"Whhaa? I thought I died for real. Again. But I remember it this time. Okay, someone fill me in here? All I remember was a whole bunch of claws. There for a second, everything was sharp."

"Oh my god you're here! I can still see bits of you there...and there! And there...And there..-"

"Alice. I really don't want to see bits of me anywhere. I'm just happy I'm here, and alive...and I'm gonna read all about it when I get home."

"Yeah, what happened? You faded away and everything! We're not suer what happened but yeah, you're...alive. How're you feeling?"

"Are you alright? Are you alright? Would you like some tea!?" They stammer.
It is later discovered that he can flash-step twice as far as usual.

"Well...On the bright side kid, Lance got pissed and made the little bastard run like a little girl." Grom points out.

"I never want to see the insides of anything like that ever again." Le'Brian is then picked up by Grom, who is taken to the exit. Although, no one is sure how Le'Brian is alive, who then requests that the research department not be informed. A blanket is draped over his shoulder as he sits with his tea.


My fight consists of an Arrancar that shoots lasers from its tail. I barely came out alive - realizing that DR sucks and I miss my healer, regardless that I have the ability to heal.

Taydra is up against a Pseudodragon, charging in blindly as per his drunken, foolish norm. The whole fight turned out to be an illusion; nothing actually happened.
The Arrancar ends up leaving after he reveals himself: This arrancar is number 15. He turns and says "That was fun: I have no real desire to fight you. Because he's the one that sent you, I'm not here to fight you and will let you pass. You'll find that the base is empty."
"One day, we'll have a rematch." Taydra responds.
"And when that happens, I hope neither of us are on the same side." he responds before teleporting away.

We meet up outside of our battle rooms after the mountain begins to shake due to Lance's rage.

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