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Akamori on Assignment The misadventures of me and my unfortunate squad-mates.

Akamori Yuki
Community Member
Ranged & Sneaky


Inside the facility is like any other mission, only with a puzzle. On a pedestal in the center of the first large room we come to is a dial. Different doors appear depending on how far we turn the dial. What's more annoying is that the stone doors closed every 6 seconds.

We come to a room with tubes surrounding it, the corridor leading to it being made out of something other than stone. Thinking nothing of it, we realize later that it is a security room. Strangely, this door stays open.

After battling for a while and nearly getting overwhelmed, the door suddenly slams closed, and immediately open once more: All alterations to the room and all enemies are gone. We are under the impression that the room got "cleaned" and bathed with fire. After a while of battling and trying to break the chambers, we are forced to move on to something more productive. Off we head to the ornate door down the hall, when Taydra presents us with lab coats.

Upon trying to explain, I can't make anything out. Frustrated, I slap him, and call him an imbecile. Le'Brian is the only one that knows what he is saying. He relays that, so long as Taydra was wearing the coat, nothing happened, but without it 'they' chased him. So, we put on the coats, coming to find five coats, one...small sized. For Amai! Le'Brian, being who he is, knocks. A lab assistant answers, telling him to next time, open his own damn door. We then proceed into the ornate door.

Inside the room we find three very large pillars with 8 tanks inside of them, one hollow each. Taydra is leaning against the pillar, right underneath one of the tanks, which are 20 ft up. A guy in a fancy labcoat walks over, and starts having a conversation with Taydra. Upon searching the pillars, I find an explosive at the base of each tank.

A lab assistant begins examining Midnight's ravens. Jinsei is uncomfortable with the lab assistant taking notes about her. The lab assistant realizes this, and then examines Shi. She goes and pecks him, though he just covers his face with the notepad and continues taking notes.

Le'Brian takes a notepad out of his coat, doing the same. The lab assistant approaches him, "This is my project. You go find your own; go study your own study; these birds are mine." Meanwhile, Midnight is pinching Shi's mouth shut.

Soon after, Jinsei whispers to me that I am being followed by a sneak, while commenting on my doodle that ends up looking like Ukitake. The sneak following Daniel actually pops out of the ethereal plane. Through a speaker, we hear that "you're right, that bird is pretty annoying", then return to the ethereal plane. The sneak then comes back and says, "Nagnag nag, b***h b***h b***h, nag nag b***h b***h b***h bitchbitch!" to Shi. Most people in the lab drop what they are doing to watch, wondering what the argument is about. Back and forth, they call one another names.

Midnight is interrupted by Taydra, introducing him to 'the boss'. The boss then thanks him for being a maintenance crew member, though goes on that "Your friend is a little drunk, so would you mind checking his work?" with the blasting caps in hand, he attaches them unnoticed. We then take our leave, Taydra waving goodbye to one sneak and the leader, and Taydra shouts, "Goodbye everybody, have a good time exploding!" We hear the boss chuckle, "that's a good one! I still don't know why you keep saying that, but it's amusing."

Shi then cusses Midnight out, Le'Brian then scolds her "Okay, next time you feel like having a swearing competition, could you do it two inches lower on my back!?" Shi then gets her mouth duck taped shut, and when I try to stand up for her, she cusses me out, saying she can take care of herself. I then tell her that I hope the duct tape tears her beak, receiving and returning a death glare.

We come upon another one of the labs. This time, due to the fact that a Raven is on Le'Brian and my shoulder, we've got two sneaks following us. The floor supervisor says, "So, I don't know what your friend is doing but he's done."
"Maintenance....I think. Hopefully, next time, we won't have him."
"Please, please, never again."

Taydra once again bids them farewell, wishing them a good time exploding. The supervisor says "Go ******** yourself, get the hell out of my lab." Meanwhile, Midnight and I kick him out of the door, getting cheers and claps.

Heading to the next door. Taydra tells us that he got yelled at last time. We go in, and are welcomed for being fairly competent, to gather the bag of C4 that Taydra left last time. My rage burns a bit at this, especially when he is referred to as our boss. "Yes there's, got to be wrench therapy for that sort of thing..." Le'Brian remarks. Perking up, I ask the sneak "Why!? Do you have one!?" and he tells me to go right ahead, there was one in the cabinet. Le'Brian and I effectively have a field day, all of the sneaks turning to watch us beat the crap out of Taydra. The assistants look nervous at this.

Midnight, after setting the charges, asks one of the assistants why he was so nervous. Apparently, the sneaks are their link to the database. After breaking a wrench on the floor, thus ruining the fun, Le'Brian takes our leave. An assistant then follows us, telling us that that the boss would like to see us, also giving us information about a Soul Reaper infiltration. We head over there with the map the person gave us. Midnight walks in, pushing Taydra in front.

They are both grabbed by a huge Grey Ooze that surrounds the Arrancar. Le'Brian remembers something about certain Arrancars that can have their swords act independently of them. This is one such case. The Arrancar has ripped the detonator out of Midnight's hand. Then, Taydra is thrown out of the ooze, as it is not realized that Taydra is one of the soul Reapers.

The Arrancar replies, "What are you doing with a detonator in my facility, Soul Reapers?" To which my response is, "What are you doing asking me such a stupid question?"
"That's such a stupid answer I don't even know how to respond."
Feeling quite provocative, my response is "If I wanted my comeback, I would have wiped it off your mother's chin."
"Yeah. I'm hanging on to this."
Le'Brian replies, "I got something you can hang onto."
"I'll pass."

The battle ensues. Le'Brian casts his Spirit Guardian, meanwhile, I can't have my arrows work for me for some reason; I think I'm still needing to adjust to my new spirit skin. Soon after, I get pulled into the ooze. I don't get a hit in, struggling to get out. Between Le'Brian and his Spirit Guardian, Ogar is quickly disposed of.

Le'Brian then finds the data. He would trust Ukitake with it, so we must arrange that with Alice. However, to prevent interception, I offer a personal delivery. Meanwhile, Le'Brian notices Midnight trying to steal the data. He explains that those were his orders, as he didn't trust where they were going. I snap, "We don't bloody well trust you either, so you can't talk!" When I ask by whom the orders were from, he refuses to tell me. Staring him down does nothing for me. His mistrusting little Raven, Shi, is just as bad.

Le'Brian then explains that a very safe place to put it would be to feed it to Amai, a very safe place no one would get to ("Like your pants.", remarks Midnight, who is promptly ignored). Amai doesn't like this idea.

Back at the Soul Society, we confront Lance. Le'Brian and I go separately, however, meet up outside of his hospital room. "Are you here about..?"
"Yep." "Let's go."
We exchange typical pleasantries, then get down to the business Le'Brian gives intel that Midnight had tried to take the data away from him. Lance replies that he told Midnight not to tell him what happened to the Data. I go on to reveal that Midnight would not disclose the individual that gave him the mission to take the data, had he not trusted where it was going. Turns out, this was Lance, for his reasons. Lance apparently doesn't feel that he himself is a safe place for data. Midnight, however, does not reserve the right to take things into his own hands; according to me.

We are given the information that the other team did not have their mission go so smoothly; they are in urgent care and only alive due to the actions taken by Nylia. They blew up the facility, but didn't get the data and the head of the facility got away. They were also overrun by the Moon-Rat guy that Midnight had fought in our first mission together.

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