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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Thirty-Two
Chapter Thirty-Two

Jade finished her morning classes and started for her car to get to work. Her last class had run a little late and now she was trying to hurry so she wouldn’t be late for work. She could get in trouble for being even a minute late and of course the day she had to hurry, her keys were at the very bottom of her bag and the lanyard they were attached to was stuck underneath her books and she had to move those around. It was just not a good morning. When she finally managed to unlock her car and throw her bag into the backseat, she saw a familiar truck pull up next to her and David, the ******** light of her life jumped out.

“Jade I’m glad I caught you!” he exclaimed, grabbing her arms before she could get into her car.

“David please, I don’t have time right now,” she said, trying her hardest to wiggle out of his grip. But the more she fought to get away from him, the harder his grip became, “Please! I’m gonna be late for work. I have to go!”

“I have to talk to you!” he said, “Just for a minute.”

“David I don’t have a minute,” Jade replied. She tried digging her fingernails into his arms to get him to let go but that wasn’t working. But it didn’t stop her from digging her nails in deeper.

“Jade!” he raised his voice and practically screamed in her face and that got her to stop and wait impatiently for what he had to say. She so did not have time for this, “I just wanna ask you one thing and then you can go.”

“Are you sure this can’t wait until I get off work?” Jade asked quietly, “I could get into some serious trouble if I’m late and it took me the entire summer to find this job. I don’t want to spend this whole summer looking for another one.”

“If you would quit interrupting me you could be driving to work by now,” David snapped. Jade finally stopped and rolled her eyes, finally calming down, “I was thinking since I know you still live with your parents and everything, why don’t you just move in with me?”

Jade froze and her jaw dropped. Ah hell, she was not expecting that kind of question. In the back of her head, she was kind of hoping he was driving all the way to her school to ask to break up but she knew he’d never give up this control he now had. But damn it’s nice to dream. David’s smile slowly began to drop the longer Jade hesitated with her answer. Finally, Jade came up with a way to stall, “Can I think about it?”

David paused, definitely not expecting her to respond with that. He jammed his hands into his pockets and kicked a paper cup someone had carelessly tossed onto the ground, “Sure, sure. You take all the time you need to think it over.”

“It’s just a big step ya know and I just need to think,” Jade said, “I need to look at this from all different kinds of angles. Especially since I’m not really working full time, I need to look at this at a financial angle.”

Jade stared at David, wondering if that even made sense. She was confusing herself with that statement. But he seemed to understand and he smiled a little, “Of course. You’re right. We’ll look it over when you come over tonight, yeah?”

Jade blinked a few times and raised her eyebrows, “I’m coming over tonight?”

“Well yeah you didn’t come over all weekend,” David said, “I need to see my girlfriend eventually right?”

“David, I-” Jade could see David was starting to lose his sense of humor so she stopped herself. She had a lot of studying to do and she was working later this semester which made her have to push her schedule back which meant she’d be coming home even later than usual. But David obviously didn’t give a s**t about her time. He had he mind of a psychopathic thirteen year old, “Yeah you’re right. I’ll come over.”

“Great!” David kissed her quickly on the lips before jumping back into his truck, “I’ll see you tonight!”

When David backed up and drove off, Jade caught sight of Norman walking to his car. He had opened his door but he’d noticed her and David together and had stopped to watch. He shook his head and looked at her like he was absolutely disgusted with her. And Jade honestly couldn’t blame him no matter how much she wanted to. She wanted to run over there and beg for his help. But she wasn’t going to do that. It was a dumbass move but she didn’t want to drag him farther into this.

Maya was sitting with Frank after her last morning class. They both had about an hour to kill before they had their next class. Maya wasn’t getting many chances to talk to Frank lately. It was nice to have a guy friend to talk to. She loved Jade and Audrey, but time with a guy friend once in awhile was nice too. They were in the middle of a conversation when Maya saw Charlie wandering around her campus, totally confused.

“Charlie?” Maya called. Charlie started going in a circle trying to find where Maya’s voice had come from. Maya let him do it for a minute just because his confused face was kind of adorable. But then she felt bad so she called his name again, this time waving her arm over her head so Charlie wouldn’t make himself dizzy. When he saw her, his eyes lit up and he smiled, waving back at her.

“Maya! Are you surprised?” he said, giving her a hug and kissing her cheek.

“Yeah! I can’t believe you came to visit me at school!” Maya said. Charlie started looking around again, “Richard came with me too! He said he started seeing this girl who goes to school here too.”

Maya smiled but was digging her fingernails into her palms to contain the anger making her blood boil, “Oh I know who she is. I heard her talking earlier this morning. She’s a real pretty girl. Professor Gray picked well.”

“Really? Well before Richard brings me back, who’s this?” Charlie gestured to Frank, who was sitting there waiting for Maya to introduce them. Maya smacked herself on the forehead and pointed to him, “Oh duh! Charlie, this is my friend Frank.”

“Hi Frank,” Charlie reached out and shook Frank’s hand. Frank gladly took Charlie’s hand with a smile, “So you’re seeing someone new Maya?”

Charlie wrapped an arm around Maya’s waist and hugged her a little. Maya nodded proudly, “I met Charlie at my work. He’s a Biology professor. We work pretty close by. The school he works at isn’t too far from the coffee shop.”

“Oh! That school was my second choice,” Frank said, “You’re dating a professor now, huh? Didn’t know that was your thing.”

Maya blushed, “I didn’t either!”

“Well, I’ll leave you guys alone then,” Frank grabbed his bag and gave Charlie a friendly pat on the shoulder, “I’ll see you guys later.”

By the time Frank was gone, Richard had arrived with “Olivia” wrapped up all over him, like she was making sure everyone knew he was hers. Maya was ready to punch her right in the face. But she just kept calm, hugging Charlie a little tighter.

“This was the girl I was telling you about Charlie,” Richard was directing that at Charlie but was looking at Maya the entire time, “This is Olivia. She was a previous student of mine.”

“I think you were in my class too Maya!” Olivia said, “You were so quiet!”

“Because I was too busy listening and working,” Maya said, shutting Olivia down completely. Richard glared at Maya but Charlie laughed, thinking this was all in good fun.

“Charlie, this school has the best coffee,” Maya said, “Do you want me to get you some?”

“Sure!” Charlie said.

“They really do have amazing coffee,” Olivia added, brushing off Maya’s harsh comment. She looked up at Richard, who was pretty much an entire foot taller than her, “Babe, can you get me some?”

“Of course,” Richard practically bent over just to kiss her on the cheek, which made Maya snicker as she walked away. She was of course much shorter than Richard but he only had to bend down a little bit to kiss her. And at least she met him halfway. Olivia just stood there to be kissed.

“Are you ******** kidding me?” Maya finally said when they got enough distance, “Olivia? Really? Her? You told me the first day of class that I was the only one who even listened to a word you said. You know damn ******** well she doesn’t listen to anything you say.”

“I told you a could play this game Maya,” Richard said without even giving her eye contact, “And I told you I could play it better.”

“Oh real mature,” Maya snapped.

“Who was the one who even started this?” Richard said, “I believe it was you. Don’t get all high and mighty with me when you’re doing the same thing.”

“Hey I actually like Charlie!” Maya said, “******** with you was just a bonus.”

“No it’s not,” Richard laughed and shook his head, “You may have feelings for Charlie but they’re not 100% genuine. It’s close. You’re 99% genuinely interested in him. But there’s still that 1% Maya. That 1% is using him to piss me off. It’s enough to ruin everything. Because you know you’re still 100% in love with me.”

Maya made a sharp turn to get coffee at another place on campus just to get away from him before she flipped out, “You’re an a*****e Richard. A complete 100% a*****e.”

Audrey was still trying to tone down her excitement about going to London. Tom had promised to spend every moment he could with her before she had to leave. She was going to savor every minute with him on the off chance she would be finishing her studies there. When she was alone with Jade and Maya she had to explain to them her relationship with Tom. Maya had already heard this story but Jade had her jaw dropped the entire time. Jade had reassured her that she wasn’t judging her, she was just shocked. And then Jade and Maya exchanged uncomfortable looks, like they were reliving some kind of memory Audrey hadn’t been a part of but she shrugged it off. That part wasn’t important. What was important was that she could finally talk to her two best friends about her relationship. She had no intention of telling her parents unless she got into a school in London. Then technically he’s no longer her teacher and her parents would have no argument right?

Tom had given Audrey some money to get lunch for the two of them. It was sad not being able to eat out in the open together but Audrey would take whatever alone time she could get with Tom. As she walked back to Tom’s classroom, she got a few strange looks. At this point, it was something she was used to. Once it got out that she had a crush on Tom, everyone assumed that whatever good thing happened to her happened because Tom had done something to help her and that he had helped because she had done something for him. Things she would never do. They were harmless rumors. Tom had already told the dean they were just rumors and there was nothing to worry about. The dean was just paranoid because there was some teacher dating a student at the time.

“I heard you won that summer trip to London,” one girl said.

“I did,” Audrey replied.

“Did you ‘convince’ Professor Brooks to rig the entire thing?” another girl asked, “I know he knows the people in charge of those competitions.”

“I’m not even in Professor Brooks’s class this semester,” Audrey said, “How could he help me? He was helping another guy.”

“Yeah but that guy can’t do the things you did to win,” she said, “At least he lost with some self respect.”

The first girl grabbed a drink from Audrey’s hand and threw it down to the ground. The cup exploded and soda soaked Audrey’s feet. The second girl grabbed the other drink and threw it down to the ground. They then grabbed the food she carried and threw it all at Audrey. Audrey was dodging meat and lettuce and pieces of bread. By the time they’d finished, her shirt was decorated with mayonnaise and mustard, her face and hair decorated with meats, cheeses and lettuce and her feet were sticky. They triumphantly high fived and shoved her as they walked away. Luckily, she only stumbled but she kept her balance. Everyone had gone from disgusted with her to shocked. All Audrey could do was remove the food from her face and hair and run off to her car. It was a horrible idea to ditch Tom and skip the rest of her classes but she was too mortified to spend another minute there.

Hm...I can't say I'm too impressed with how this story has turned out. I mean, I feel like I've kind of ruined Richard's character neutral hopefully I can fix that hahaha. And I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with Jade. What lines do I wanna cross? Hahaha! Ideas are appreciated wink haha! And I'm back! I feel so much better. This whole week I was just feeling horrible emotionally. But luckily, my best friend has the ability to make me happy again. And this is how I repay her, with a shitty a** update xd oh wellllllll. Anyways, I'm out!

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