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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Epilogue
I've been writing this for like 2 or 3 days and it ended up being ten freaking pages long so I decided to split up the epilogue into...well, as many parts as I need LOL

Epilogue (part one)

Audrey had flown her entire family and all her friends to London so they could share this moment with all of them. And of course, Jade and Maya were the first to show up. It had been four years since they left college behind and pursued their careers. And they’d all stayed with the same men for seven years. And on Audrey and Tom’s sixth anniversary a year earlier, he had proposed and she’d spent the next year preparing for the wedding. And now it was just a few days away. Since Jade and Maya had shown up first, Audrey took them to try on their dresses.

“I still can’t believe this is happening in a few days,” Jade said, opening the door of her dressing room to reveal a purple dress with a sweetheart neckline, sheer sleeves and a silver band going around the waist. Jade smoothed down the skirt and stepped in front of a mirror, “It feels like a few days ago you told us you were even engaged. s**t man, this is crazy.”

“It’s almost like we’re grown women huh?” Maya teased, popping up next to her suddenly to look at herself in the mirror, “I’m excited for this though! In a few days you’re gonna be a wife. You’re gonna have a husband.”

“Meanwhile the rest of us are still living in sin,” Jade added, leaning in and whispering so no one else would hear. Maya nudged her and Jade jumped away from her and giggled all the way back to her dressing room.

“I know. It’s crazy,” Audrey sighed and started fidgeting, “Is it normal to be as nervous as I am?”

“Of course,” Maya replied, “But Tom is a good man. You two are pretty much gonna be together forever.”

Audrey and Tom were married at Bulgari Hotel and Residences. The ceremony was beautiful. It would be a hard ceremony to top for anyone. It was difficult to even look at Tom and Audrey while they spoke because seeing the powerful love in their eyes brought involuntary tears to your eyes. You knew just by their eyes that nothing would ever bring them apart. Tom never left Audrey’s side that day. They were already lost in their honeymoon phase and the reception wasn’t even over yet. And when Tom grabbed onto Audrey’s hand to lead her to the dance floor for their first dance, Maya looked over at Jade, who had her head turned away from them, “Are you ok?”

“It’s hard looking at them,” Jade said, laughing at herself, “They’re too goddamn cute to look at.”

“Audrey, today was amazing,” Maya said at the end of the night. Audrey was being overwhelmed by family members hugging her but she still listened to everything Maya said, “I’m so happy for you.”

“Hope to see you again soon,” Jade added, “I don’t want another couple of years to go by without seeing each other!”

“It won’t be a couple of years!” Audrey called over her shoulder as Tom led her away, “I promise!”

Maya and Richard stayed in London for a few more days before returning to Leicestershire. About another year and a half went by. The three of them talked on the phone and talked through Skype but they still hadn’t visited in person in all that time. But in November, Richard had finally proposed to Maya and after another year went by, they married in January.

“I’m glad there’s only three of us in our little group,” Jade said, standing in front of a mirror to look at the one shouldered turquoise dress with a red band around the waist, “This traveling thing is crazy.”

“Well in time we’ll have to travel to you for your wedding,” Maya said.

“Yeah but then I don’t have to,” Jade replied with a playful smile. Maya and Audrey looked at each other and rolled their eyes at the same time, “That doesn’t mean I’m not happy to be here and share this amazing moment with you. But goddamn I hate flying.”

After the three of them finished getting dressed, they got ready to walk down the aisle. Maya and Richard’s ceremony and reception were held at the Scalford Hall Hotel. It was a large space and Maya was thrilled that she’d be spending the entire weekend here after the wedding was over. Maya was sitting with Jade and Audrey and the music began to slow and Richard approached her with his hand out, “Let’s dance.”

Maya took Richard’s hand and they walked out onto the dance floor. Richard held her close, humming quietly along with the song. Even halfway through the song, when all the other couples got to get up and dance together, to them, they were the only ones dancing there. They were in their own little word for a moment and didn’t really leave that world for the rest of the day.

In December of that same year, Jade had told Maya and Audrey over Skype that she and Norman were finally engaged.

“After this, we’re done with weddings right?” Audrey laughed, “I can’t just drive for two hours this time. Dammit. I have to actually fly.”

“How would you feel about a wedding in England?” Maya said, nodding her head and giving a thumbs up.

“No way. I had to fly out for both of you!” Jade exclaimed, smiling after she finished so they’d know this was all in good fun, “You’re gonna fly your asses out here and love it.”

A month after Jade announced her engagement, Maya had an announcement of her own. But she had to tell Richard first. He came home from work on their one year anniversary and greeted her with a kiss and a wrapped up little box, “Happy anniversary Maya.”

Richard handed Maya the little box as he kissed her cheek. Maya pulled the wrapping paper off the box as she said, “I actually have a present for you too. It’s just uh…not here yet.”

“Really? When will it get here?” Richard asked. Maya had forgotten what she was talking about when she opened the box and she saw beautiful pearls inside. She gasped as Richard took the pearls out of the box and put them on her. Maya ran her fingers along the pearls and grinned, “They’re beautiful Richard. Thank you!”

“I was hoping you’d like them,” he said, “So what’s this about your present for me not being here yet?”

“What? Oh!” Maya shook her head and then suddenly thought of something, “Well, it’s not here yet but I have something that’ll hopefully do until it comes.”

“Of course. I love all the presents you give me,” Richard said. Maya sat him down at the dining room table and disappeared into the hallway. Before she came back out, she told him to close his eyes.

“Ok, you can open your eyes,” Maya said, setting it down on the table in front of him. Richard opened his eyes and looked down. His silence suddenly made Maya really nervous. He finally said, “So…you…you’re pregnant?”

Maya nodded and Richard stood up and threw his arms around her, “Maya this is the perfect gift. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. But, I’d tell Jade about this just in case.”

“I will, I will,” Maya said, waving his last comment away, “Let’s just enjoy this.”

Before Maya could call Jade and tell her, Jade had called her first, “Maya! Really quick because I already told Audrey and now I have to tell you!”

“That’s cool because I have something to tell you,” Maya said.

“Ok, you go first.”

“Richard and I are pregnant,” Maya said.

“Maya that’s so amazing! I’m so happy for you!” Jade shouted.

“Thanks! And what was it you wanted to tell me?” Maya asked.

“Oh. Well I was gonna tell you that I set the date for the wedding,” Jade said, “I guess I’m gonna have to get a bigger size made for you. It’s in June.”

Maya looked down at her stomach and groaned loudly into the phone. She was gonna be…a bit bigger by the time June came around, “I was afraid you’d say that.”

Stick around for Epilogue part 2 wink

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