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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Epilogue Part Three
Epilogue (part three)

Audrey and Maya went back to England to be with their husbands but they didn’t go an entire year without visiting as they had in the past. Jade and Norman came to England three months later in the fall so they could be there for the birth of Maya and Richard’s child. Maya had decided to wait until the baby was born to learn the sex. She thought it would be a nice surprise. Since Audrey only had to drive for two hours, she got there first.

“Are you guys getting excited?” Audrey asked.

“I just want this kid out,” Maya mumbled, putting her hand on her large round belly, “I mean, I’ve had fun being pregnant and everything but I’m kind of over it and I just want the kid to be here already. I mean, once the crib got set up I was ready.”

“It won’t be too long now,” Audrey said, “You’re only like a day away from your due date.”

Jade came down a day after Maya’s due date. When Jade saw her, she smiled and raised her eyebrows, “You look like you’re ready to pop Maya!”

“Well we’ll see what you look like when you’re nine months pregnant,” Maya grumbled, “We’ll see in six months what you look like.”

“Actually, you’ll see me in three months,” Jade said, “I’m having one of those gender reveal parties.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Maya sat down in a recliner and took a deep breath. Jade sat next to Audrey on the sofa and crossed one of her legs over the other, “So where is Richard? I’m surprised he’s not at your side every second.”

“He’s at work,” Maya said, “And you’re right. When he’s not at work he’s following me around like a puppy and staring at me like I’m gonna explode any second.”

“I knew it,” Jade giggled. Maya stood back up and headed for the bathroom, shaking her head and mumbled, “You just keep on laughing my friend.”

The bathroom door closed and Audrey turned her body to face Jade, “So how has Norman been with all of this?”

“He’s really excited about it,” she said, “I’m kind of glad this didn’t go with our plans. I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out.”

Audrey opened her mouth to respond when Maya started shouting for the two of them to come into the bathroom. Jade and Audrey burst into the bathroom and Maya had her back against the wall, “I was washing my hands and then I felt like a pop and this gush of water just came out of me. What do I do Richard isn’t here!”

“Audrey, you get her to the doctor and I will get a hold of Richard,” Jade said, “That way he could meet you there.”

Audrey nodded and led Maya out to head for the hospital, walking past Norman and Tom as they left. Audrey grabbed onto Tom’s collar as they walked by and she dragged him along too.

“Do you have Richard’s number on your phone?” Jade asked, snatching Norman’s phone to look through his contacts.

“Yeah why?”

“Why do you think? Because Maya’s in labor you dope!” Jade snapped, smacking him on the forehead with her palm. She then stopped herself and patted his shoulder while he rubbed his forehead, “I’m sorry. I’m just in a hurry and you’re distracting me.”

“Yeah…” Norman grumbled as he led Jade towards their car while Jade told Richard over the phone that he needed to get to the hospital right now because Maya’s water had broken and he needed to meet her there. Richard, Jade, and Norman had shown up at the same time and ran in together. Tom was waiting outside and without saying anything to them, he led them to Maya’s room. The three of them came into Maya’s room where Maya was lying in her bed, already in a hospital gown. Richard came to her side and grabbed onto her hand.

“Are you feeling alright?” he asked.

“It’s only slight discomfort right now,” Maya mumbled, “I’m trying to remind myself that it’s gonna get worse from here. But I’m fine right now.”

Over the next few hours, the contractions did become worse. Maya had been prepared for them to get worse but she didn’t expect them to be as bad as they were. Pretty soon, Maya was demanding an epidural every time her doctor came in to check on her. For hours he kept telling her she couldn’t have it until she was four centimeters dilated. It seemed like days had gone by before she was finally given her epidural. Once she got it, she felt her body go numb from the waist down. Maya could finally relax in her bed, “How long has it been?”

“What time was it when we left?” Audrey asked.

“It was about one o’clock I think,” Jade replied.

“Three hours,” Audrey finally said and Maya’s head fell back onto her pillow and groaned loudly, “Are you serious? All that pain for only three hours? This s**t sucks!”

“It’ll all be over soon,” Richard said, squeezing her hand, “At least you’re not in pain anymore so let’s just be thankful for that.”

After another seven hours, Maya was finally dilated fully to ten centimeters. Everyone except for Richard was sent outside to wait for the baby to be born. The four of them waited outside Maya’s room for almost an hour. After forty-five minutes of constant pushing, Maya suddenly felt the release of pressure and then heard the sounds of a baby crying, “Are you two ready to be parents?”

The doctor held up the baby and they started wiping the blood and tissue off its little body before placing it on Maya’s chest, “Congratulations on your little boy.”

Maya looked up at the doctor in shock, “A boy? We had a boy?”

The doctor nodded and took the baby boy away to be cleaned up and wrapped into his bundle. Maya wiped the tears out of her eyes and grabbed onto Richard’s arms, “We have a baby boy Richard.”

Richard kissed Maya’s cheek as their baby was brought back to them in a tight bundle. After a few minutes of being alone with the baby, everyone came back inside to meet him. Jade and Audrey gasped and surrounded Maya and the baby while Norman and Tom shook Richard’s hand. Maya handed the baby to Audrey, who held him for a minute and then handed him off to Jade.

“What are you gonna name this little guy?” Jade asked, handing the bundle to Richard, who looked like he was on the edge of tears looking at this child. He glanced at Maya, waiting for her to tell them.

“His name is Keaton,” Maya said, “Keaton Gray.”

“He’s just beautiful Maya,” Audrey said.

“He really is,” Jade added, “I always knew you would make cute babies.”

“I have already made the decision that I am not doing this again,” Maya said, “I am already in love with this little boy but he almost killed me. That was nothing I ever expected.”

Richard spent the night with Maya and Keaton in the hospital room and the three of them were allowed to leave the hospital the next afternoon. Maya sat in the backseat with Keaton in his car seat, sleeping soundly even during the bumpy ride back home. Richard’s family as well as Jade, Audrey, Norman, and Tom were in the house waiting for them to arrive home to see the newborn. By the end of it all, Maya was completely worn out.

“I hate to leave the little guy so soon,” Jade whispered, looking down at Keaton sleeping in his bassinet, “I would say I’m gonna take him home with me but I’ve already got my own on the way. I can wait a little while. I’m already gonna miss him though.”

“You’ll see him in a few months when I bring him to your little gender reveal party,” Maya said, “And then of course you’ll be having your own too so…”

“Yeah but it’s a long wait,” Jade replied, pouting.

Yayyyy part threeeeeee biggrin how fun! Little Keaton has arrived in the world! Yay for Maya! Yay for Richard!

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