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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Forty-Five

After staying in the hospital for a few days, Jade was allowed to leave. Maya and Audrey sat in the room with her while she got her stuff together. Doing anything physical was still pretty painful but it wasn’t as bad as when she’d first woken up. She could at least walk around without falling over. Maya was sitting in Jade’s bed with her legs crossed, “So when’s David’s trial?”

“I don’t know yet,” Jade replied, “Apparently his bail is around 500,000 dollars. At least I can sleep at night knowing no one will be able to afford that.”

“Are you gonna go to the trial?” Audrey asked, “You’re a pretty important part of all this ya know.”

“I will even though I don’t want to,” Jade replied as she zipped up her bag, “The idea of seeing him again is just killing me. I hope the trial is soon because I just want to get it over with.”

“I can’t imagine it being too long,” Maya said, hopping off the bed to follow Jade out the door.

“Well there’s a preliminary hearing and there’s pre-trial motions and that’s if he hasn’t already made some kind of plea bargain,” Jade said, “And I’m not sure where they’re at right now. And then even if they go to trial, the jury might find him innocent. I don’t know how good his attorney is.”

“Jade the evidence against him is…well, a little hard to ignore,” Audrey said.

“There’s the notes he was sending you and the most damning piece of evidence would be the knife he stabbed you with,” Maya added, “He dropped it before he ran off and it has your blood on the blade and his fingerprints on the handle. His ass is going down. There’s no way he’d be found innocent.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Audrey said, “He’s not gonna get away with any of it.”

The three of them walked outside where Norman was standing waiting for them, “It took you long enough.”

“Hey, it hurts to even breathe at the moment. Packing my sh*t hurts even worse,” Jade snapped with a playful smirk. Norman started laughing and he leaned forward to kiss her and grab her bags, “I’ll bring the car around.”

Jade turned around to look at Maya, “It’s gonna suck to go back home. I liked living with you.”

Maya shrugged, “You can stay with me permanently if you wanted to. My dad said I should get a roommate anyway since he’s not going to be paying for a lot of stuff anymore. And without David breaking my windows, it’ll be much more peaceful. I got new windows and new carpet.”

Jade chuckled, even though the new carpet was because of her bleeding all over it, “I’m gonna stay with my mom for awhile first. She’s still freaking out that I was stabbed and then was in surgery so it’s better if I calm her down first before moving out permanently.”

“You just let me know when you’re ready to move in,” Maya said. She gently hugged Jade and then Jade slid to Maya’s left to hug Audrey, “I’ll see you guys later.”

Norman pulled up and Jade left, heading for his car. Maya and Audrey watched Jade go and Maya took a deep breath, checking the time on her phone, “Well, I’ve gotta go. I’m meeting Richard later. I’ll see you later.”

Maya got into her car after hugging Audrey and left for Richard’s house. He wanted to ask her a question and for some reason that made her nervous, not knowing what he was going to ask her. But she had to convince herself not to let her mind go there. She was only eighteen and they had only been back together for a week. There was no way, though a little part of her wanted it to be that question.

Maya parked in front of Richard’s house and as she got out of her car, she saw him walking out the front door. She laughed as she locked up her car and walked towards him, “Were you waiting for me by the door or something?”

“Of course not,” Richard got quiet and Maya raised her eyebrow and he cleared his throat, avoiding her eyes, “Not for very long anyway.”

Maya lightheartedly smacked him and he threw his arms around her, dragging her into his house, “I couldn’t help it Maya I was anxious. I really wanted to ask you something. It’s sort of important.”

“Really?” Maya mumbled, biting her bottom lip. Richard sat her down and then sat down real close to her. He didn’t say anything for a minute and then he started waving his hands, “Oh no, no it’s, it’s not what you think! You’re not even finished with your first year of college. This wouldn’t be the time for us to get married. It’s something different but I hope you’ll like it anyway.”

“I know I will. You’re really good at surprising me,” Maya replied.

“Good. Well, I was thinking about how we could spend our summer together,” Richard said, “I know it isn’t for a few months but I thought I’d ask you anyway. I was thinking about how your friend Audrey is going to London for the summer. And then I suddenly got the idea.”

Maya’s lips curled slowly into a big smile and she started fidgeting. She definitely liked where this was going, “Richard don’t pause! Tell me!”

“I thought I could take you to my hometown for the summer,” he said, “My parents still live there and I thought it’d be nice if you met them too. But I thought I’d swing it by you and ask you if you wanted to.”

“Of course I do!” Maya shouted, tackling him, “Why don’t we just go now?”

“Don’t be silly,” Richard said with a chuckle, “You still have classes to finish. We’ll go in June. I promise. I’m really glad you said yes. And I’m relieved you actually want to meet my family.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I was afraid you’d think it was too soon,” Richard said.

“Richard, you said yourself you see a future with me,” Maya replied, “And I chose you over Charlie because when I was asked who I see a future with, I said I saw a future with you. You’re stuck with me Richard.”

About four months went by, give or take and it was finally time for Audrey to leave for London. As soon as her last class let out, she headed home and packed. The night before she was supposed to leave, Jade and Maya came to the house and spent the night with her and then drove her to the airport the next morning. Audrey stopped before she got on her plane and she turned, taking a few deep breaths, “Wow, is it weird that I’m a little nervous? I mean, if everything goes well this summer, I might not be back for awhile. And even if I end up back here in August, it’s not gonna be the same without you guys.”

“You’re gonna be having too much fun to notice,” Maya said, “Don’t even worry about us. We’ll all try to keep ourselves busy. I’ll be with Richard and his family.”

“And what about you?” Audrey looked towards Jade, who wouldn’t even be in the same country as either one of them.

“Oh, don’t worry about me,” Jade said, “Norman thought it’d be a good idea to get me away from California for awhile to get my mind off of everything going on so he’s taking me to New York for the summer. I’ll be busy. But we’ll still make time. Even with time differences. We have phones.”

“Yeah, yeah I know,” Audrey said, “I guess I’m just trying to come up with reasons why I shouldn’t get on that plane. And then there’s Tom. You all get to be with your boyfriends. I won’t.”

Jade and Maya exchanged looks and Maya shrugged, “You’ll be able to work it out. Now stop coming up with excuses not to leave and get on that goddamn plane!”

Audrey slowly walked away from them, stopping one last time to wave good-bye. And then just like that, her plane was taking off for London. It was a ten hour flight and she arrived around four o’clock in the afternoon. She got off the plane and got her bags, trying to find where she was supposed to go. But everyone was going in every direction and it was difficult to get her head straight. She saw someone standing with a sign in their hands. As she walked closer to the man holding the sign, she saw her name was on the sign. And as she got even closer, she suddenly recognized the man.

“Tom!” She started running, barely avoiding hitting people with her suitcases. As soon as she reached him, she dropped her bags and jumped onto his arms, giving him dozens of kisses, “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to surprise you!” he said, “We’re gonna spend the whole summer together!”

“Tom I can’t believe you!” she started kissing him again and then she stopped suddenly, “But…what if I end up staying here? Are you gonna go back?”

“If you stayed here, I’d move here just to be with you,” he explained, “I’m going wherever you are Audrey. And I’m glad I get to be here to watch you blow everyone away with your talent.”

“I’m just glad you’re here period,” Audrey said, thinking back to Jade and Maya exchanging knowing looks. They knew the whole time Audrey wouldn’t be alone in London. She was too excited to create new memories with Tom. He was giving her even more reasons to love him. She couldn’t love him anymore if she tried.

Ahhhhhh we're getting closer to the end. I don't know what to do with this next (and last) chapter exactly. I know what I wanna do with the epilogue more or less but the last chapter has got me stumped haha! It has been a fun little adventure full of...well...stupid b*tches...and...crazy stalkers...and fillers...lots of those....haha! We will miss this story....if I could, I'd make a sequel hahahaha!

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