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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Epilogue Part Two
Epilogue (part two)

About a week before the wedding, Maya and Audrey flew down to New York, like they’ve done in the past to try on their bridesmaids dresses. When Audrey saw Maya’s six month pregnant belly, she gasped, “Maya! You look great.”

“Figures Jade would only wait one month to set a date,” Maya grumbled, “I mean, I didn’t set a date for a couple months after I got engaged. She’s in such a hurry!”

“Maya, calm down. You’re a little cranky,” Audrey chuckled, “You’re still gonna be gorgeous in a bridesmaids dress.”

Jade met Audrey and Maya at the bridal shop and she hugged Maya as soon as she saw her, “You’re looking great Maya! How are you feeling?”

“Well my back hurts and I occasionally cry for no reason but other than that I’m fine,” Maya started laughing as Jade led them inside. Maya and Audrey were given their dresses to put on and they went into their dressing rooms. It was a dark red dress with a thick black band around it and a sweetheart necklace with off the shoulder sleeves. Maya was surprised to find that the dress fit her perfectly despite her stomach, “Well s**t. It fits.”

Audrey and Maya came out at the same time and Audrey put her hands on her hips, “Didn’t I tell you that you’d look amazing?”

As Audrey said that, Jade came out in her own dress. It was the same idea with the thick band around it but she had a ball gown with black lace trim and halter tap straps, “I’m glad we all fit because I want to get this out of the way.”

“First it’s traveling you don’t like and now it’s the dress fittings?” Maya said.

“Well, when you’ve already done it twice before it’s less fun,” Jade said with a smirk as she turned back into her dressing room, “And by the way, you look gorgeous with that dress on Maya.”

A week later, Maya was with Jade zipping up her dress, “Jade are you ok? You’ve been jumpy all morning.”

Jade pressed down on her stomach and squeezed her eyes shut, “Nothing I’m just really nauseous right now. It’ll pass. You know me, I can’t get through the day without being nauseous.”

“If you say so,” Maya said. She sat down with her and rubbed her lower back. Jade rested her head on her hand and closed her eyes, “Man, I don’t think I’ve been getting enough sleep lately. This whole wedding planning thing is really, really ******** with me. Tomorrow I’ll get to finally relax.”

“Wedding planning is stressful,” Maya and Jade both nodded in agreement and then Audrey stepped in, “It’s time to go.”

The ceremony and reception were held in the Galapagos Art Space. Out of all the reception areas Jade had looked at, this place was her favorite. It had red booths which matched her colors. Halfway through the reception, Jade had to sit down for a minute and after a few minutes, Maya sat down with her, “Hey. You still feeling crappy?”

“Yeah. I’ve got a headache to add onto everything else,” Jade held her face in her hands, “My energy is just drained.”

“Why don’t you go see a doctor?” Maya suggested. Jade put her arms around her friend and rested her head on her shoulder, “Will you stay here for a little while longer? Our honeymoon is only going to be a week and we’re only going back to California. Just stay for a little while. You guys can stay in our apartment!”

“What about Audrey?”

“I haven’t asked yet,” Jade smiled and wrapped her arms around Maya’s arm, “Please, please stay here for awhile. I hate that we only see each other for one day and then we all disappear for years after. There won’t be anymore weddings after this ya know!”

“Yeah, yeah I’ll stay a little while,” she said, “As long as you go see a doctor while you’re in California.”

“Done!” Jade hugged Maya.

As Jade had promised, she had gone to a doctor while in California and when she returned home, Audrey and Maya were waiting with question after question, mostly about what happened at the doctor. Jade held out her hands to shut them up and looked over her shoulder, “Quiet down. I never actually told Norman I had gone to see a doctor.”

“Why not?” Audrey wrinkled her eyebrows and exchanged confused looks with Maya, “If something’s wrong, your husband of all people should know.”

“Because I didn’t wanna cut our vacation short because I know he’s gonna worry about me,” Jade said in a whisper, “And besides that, nothing’s wrong.”

“Well then what did the doctor say?!” Maya exclaimed, “Jesus just tell us!”

Jade sat down on the couch in between them, “The doctor told me that I’m pregnant.”

Audrey and Maya leaned forward to swap confused looks again and then Audrey replied, “Isn’t this supposed to be a good thing? Why aren’t you more excited? You’re the one who’s always wanted to have kids.”

“This wasn’t part of our plan,” Jade said, “We agreed we’d wait a year before we even tried having kids. I got pregnant before I even got married.”

“Norman’s not gonna care,” Maya said. Audrey looked at the open front door, “I assume this is why you’re avoiding him?”

“I’m not avoiding him,” Jade scoffed. Norman came into the apartment with his suitcases. As soon as he came in, Jade stood up and grabbed onto Maya and Audrey’s arms, “Let’s go into the bedroom for a second. I wanna show you something.”

“Yeah I can tell you’re not avoiding him,” Audrey said, rolling her eyes while Maya giggled.

“Well ya know what, there’s something growing inside my body that is a year too early!” Jade snapped, “You’ve been married almost five years and you’re sticking to your plan of waiting those five years. And you didn’t get pregnant for an entire year. I feel irresponsible over here.”

“Jade relax!” Maya retorted, “You’re not sixteen. You’re twenty-nine years old and you’re married to a good man and you both have good jobs. You didn’t ******** up. And Norman isn’t going to be mad at you.”

“Now, we’ve got packing to do since we’re both leaving tomorrow,” Audrey added, “And while we do that, you’re gonna tell him.”

Jade looked over her shoulder into the living room, “I don’t wanna!”

“I didn’t wanna tell Richard either but I did!” Maya countered.

“Yeah but you gave him a pregnancy as an anniversary gift!” Jade argued as Audrey and Maya started shoving her out the door, “Don’t make me do it!”

They finally gave her one last shove that sent her into the living room and they shut the door before she could run back into the bedroom. Norman was closing the front door and he picked up his suitcase, “Are you ok?”

“Yeah,” Jade said, taking a step forward, “Listen, I uh…I um, well I gotta talk to you about something.”

“I gotta talk to you too,” Norman said, “The first two days of our time in California was great. And then you leave for an hour, come back and you’re acting really weird. Did I do something wrong?”

Jade rubbed the back of her neck, “Not really. I guess it depends on how you looked at it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I had gone to visit a doctor while we were in California,” Norman’s eyes widened and he frowned, “Why what happened?”

“Nothing too serious,” Jade said, “For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling really crappy. And I thought it was stress because you know, planning a wedding is a huge pain in the a**.”

Norman shook his head and waved his hand impatiently, “Jade get to the point.”

“Well, he told me that it wasn’t stress at all,” Jade held up her arms and shrugged, “I’m just pregnant.”

Norman paused with his eyebrows raised and his jaw dropped and then he started slowly nodding, “Oh. I see.”

“I know we agreed to not even try for kids for another year but-”

Norman held up his hand and stopped her. He walked up to her and sat her down on the couch, “I know it isn’t exactly what we planned but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited about becoming a dad.”


“Yeah,” he put his hand on her stomach, “Of course. I’m kind of glad that I don’t have to wait a year.”

This epilogue is coming together quite nicely I think! razz

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