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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Epilogue Part Four
Epilogue (Part Four)

Tom didn’t say much the first hour of driving back home. He seemed to kind of be lost in thought so Audrey wasn’t going to break him out of it. She was just going to leave him be. As long as he didn’t crash the car she was fine with letting him stay in his head. His silence continued until they got home, “I’ve been thinking…”

“I can tell,” Audrey said, going into their bedroom to unpack her suitcase, “You haven’t said a word since we left Maya’s house. What have you been thinking about?”

“I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s time we talk about ya know, having kids too,” Tom said, “It was wonderful getting to share that moment with our friends. I think we’re ready to become parents. We’ve waited almost five years.”

“You wanna have a baby?” Audrey said, “It sounded chaotic in that room. After hearing all of that, I’m not even sure I wanna have a baby at this point…although, it was kind of amusing seeing the look of complete terror on Jade’s face. But it’s not funny when you know you’re gonna be next in the coming months!”

“Yeah but didn’t you see the look on Maya and Richard’s faces when they held their son?” Tom countered, “I think that made it all worth it.”

Audrey sighed and wrapped her arms around Tom’s neck, “Alright, you’ve talked me into it.”

When November rolled around, Maya, Audrey, and Jade’s entire family had to fly out to New York for the gender reveal party, which Jade had wanted instead of a regular baby shower since it would be an exciting way to tell everyone what she was having. Because there was no way in hell she was gonna wait until the birth to find out the baby’s sex. She wasn’t as patient as Maya was. There were blue and pink everything all over Jade and Norman’s apartment and on the kitchen counter was a big cupcake stand. Some of the cupcakes had pink bows on them and others had mustaches on them.

“Dude I want the one with the mustache on it,” Maya commented when she saw them. She nudged Audrey so she would look at them too, “That’s pretty cool.”

Audrey chuckled, “This whole thing is pretty cute huh? If there are any mustache decorations lying around, maybe Jade will let you take one home!”

“She better,” Maya mumbled, adjusting three month old Keaton in her arms, “I didn’t dress Keaton up in an adorable little suit for nothing.”

Jade finally came out of the bedroom and was ready to greet everyone at the party. She finally got to Maya and Audrey and hugged both of them and then turned her attention to Keaton. Maya handed him off to her and she gasped, holding him up, “Look at how big you’re getting! Look at his little suit! He’s so adorable,” Jade gave him a big kiss on the cheek before handing him back to Maya, “You really know how to dress him.”

“I love putting him in suits,” Maya said, adjusting Keaton’s collar, “So you have no idea what the baby is either? I always thought you’d love to be the first to know.”

“Nope!” Jade replied proudly, “I just wanna bite into those cupcakes already to find out what I’m having.”

“What are you hoping for?” Audrey asked.

“I really want a girl,” Jade said, “And Norman says he doesn’t care one way or the other but I know he secretly wants a boy. But if I have to carry this kid for another three months and then go through the pain of birthing it, it better be a goddamn girl.”

The party went on for about an hour before Jade moved the cupcake stand from the kitchen counter to the kitchen table. As she did, everyone sat down at the table and took one. Jade and Norman stood at the end of the table. Norman was relatively calm while Jade couldn’t stop fidgeting with her cupcake in her hand, “Ok, we’re gonna take a bite at the same time.”

Jade counted to three and everyone took a huge bite to reveal the bright pink frosting inside. Jade screamed, though she couldn’t open her mouth to scream out loud because of cupcake in her mouth but she started waving her hands around and hugging Norman, “Yes! I got my wish!”

“Now that you know you’re having a girl, do you know what you’re gonna name her?” Maya asked. Jade finished eating her third cupcake and was reaching for a fourth, “Now that is staying a secret until she’s born.”

“Well we’re gonna be back here in three months anyway,” Audrey said, “I swear, we might as well all move back to California again since we keep flying all over the place.”

“It’s too late to do that,” Maya said, “We’re already happy with where we’re living.”

As soon as Audrey and Maya had gone back home, they made preparations to go back to New York in February when Jade and Norman had their daughter. It was something they had become used to, flying back and forth. Jade’s due date was around the week after Valentine’s Day, which meant everyone could have their day with their husbands before anyone had to worry about getting on planes and visiting each other with babies now being along for the ride. As they had done with Maya, they came a few days before. They’d stay for a good week and a half so they could be there for the birth and spend time with the new baby.

Maya and Audrey arrived around nine o’clock in the morning but they didn’t go into Jade and Norman’s apartment building right away. They hugged and then Audrey took baby Keaton from Richard to give him a hug too, “You’re getting so big! Already six months old!”

They entered the building with Richard and Tom. Luckily, they didn’t have to take the elevator since Jade was on the first floor. But when Audrey knocked on the door, no one answered. So she knocked again and again no one answered, “I don’t think they’re home.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Maya scoffed, handing Keaton off to Richard while she dug around her purse for her phone, “We told them what time we were coming. Jesus Christ.”

Maya dialed Jade’s number and waited. She was almost taken to Jade’s voicemail by the time she got an answer, “Where are you? Because we’re all here and you’re not.”

“Oh ********. I totally forgot,” Maya was surprised to hear Norman instead of Jade on the phone, “Jade went into labor early. Just come here to the hospital. I’m so sorry you guys.”

“Oh! Yeah! We’ll be there,” Maya quickly hung up the phone and took Keaton, “They’re at the hospital. Jade went into labor so we gotta go.”

Jade had already been given her epidural by the time the four of them showed up at the hospital and she had a big smile on her face when they came in. Audrey chuckled when she saw Jade’s smile, “You’re happy for someone who’s in labor.”

“They just gave me my epidural and I can’t feel a ********’ thing,” Jade said, nodding her head, “It’s a beautiful thing.”

“Isn’t it?” Maya agreed and she started laughing, “How long has it been?”

Jade leaned her head back and sighed as she tried to remember, “Almost four hours. I don’t even think I can describe the pain I have experienced in that time. I thought I was dying.”

Maya cringed as she remembered being in Jade’s position, “Yeah. That brings back horrible, horrible flashbacks.”

It was another three hours before Jade was ready to have her baby. While Maya, Audrey, Richard, and Tom were all waiting, Tom and Audrey offered to get all of them coffee and something to eat since they never had a chance to eat breakfast.

“Are you ok?” Tom asked as he grabbed the paper cups, “You’ve been quiet for the past few hours.”

“I know we’ve already seen Maya in labor,” Audrey said, “But I’ve never heard her describe it. Her and Jade are talking about how terrible it is. Didn’t that make you nervous?”

“Audrey, it’ll be perfectly fine,” Tom said, “It’s not like you’d have to go without an epidural. We’re not even pregnant yet. We’ll worry about it when we get to it.”

“That’s what you think!” Audrey blurted out and then she covered her mouth. Tom’s jaw dropped and he set the coffee filled cups down on the counter. Audrey leaned against the counter and avoided Tom’s wide eyes.

“You’re pregnant?” Tom mumbled slowly, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well I didn’t wanna steal Jade’s thunder,” Audrey said, crossing her arms, “I was gonna tell Maya and Jade next month. But not now. So just keep quiet about it. Ok?”

Tom nodded, “Yeah, yeah. I get it Audrey. But I can be excited for a moment can’t I?”

Before Audrey could respond, Tom wrapped Audrey up in a hug and kissed her cheek. Audrey hadn’t seen Tom get so excited since she’d won that contest back in college. It was nice to see that goofy grin again. It made her feel a lot better about the whole thing.

Heyyyy I'm back! It's been awhile hasn't it? I started feeling kinda bad that I haven't updated in awhile. Especially since we're almost done with this whole thing and I can move on to the other story I started that has barely even begun. So there's that. But anyway, here it is! biggrin yayyyy!

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