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I write things and you read them. Yay
Beautiful With You Part Forty-Four

After Maya left her last class, she got into her car and headed straight for Richard’s house. She knew he probably wouldn’t come home right away so she sat on the steps of his porch and waited. After half an hour she was getting ready to give up and leave but she saw Richard’s car drive up and pull into the driveway. The headlights blinded her when he did but they turned off soon after he stopped the car. He got out of the car and came around the front and stopped when he saw her. He had a grocery bag in each hand and Maya got onto her feet and walked down the porch steps with her hands in her pockets. Richard dropped both of his grocery bags and ran for her and she ran for him, meeting each other halfway.

“This week went by so slowly it was ridiculous,” Richard whispered when he finally wrapped his arms around her, “I missed you Maya. I really did. I never should’ve let you walk out the door in the first place and I’m sorry Maya.”

Maya squeezed him tighter and shook her head, “No Richard don’t apologize. There’s no need to apologize anymore. I’m just happy to have you back.”

She looked up at Richard and stood up on her toes a little to kiss him. He kissed her back passionately and wrapped his arms even tighter around her waist. They broke apart and he grabbed the groceries he had dropped and they went into the house together. Once they were inside, he went into his kitchen to put his stuff away. Maya hadn’t been in Richard’s house for so long that she felt almost a little awkward standing in his living room, unsure of where to go. Richard came back out of the kitchen and grabbed her arms, pulling her back to him so he could kiss her again. They’d been apart for almost two months but once they were back together again, it was like they had never left each other. Though they did go to bed together that night, Maya was content with just lying in his arms and just being with him. That was all she wanted in that moment. She just wanted to fall asleep knowing he’d still be there when she woke up and this wasn’t some crazy dream.

When Maya woke up, she was alone in Richard’s bed. She got up and put her boots on, stepping out into the living room. She could smell something delicious coming from Richard’s kitchen and she walked inside. He was standing in front of the stove making French toast and he looked damn good doing it to. Richard heard her boots and he pouted a little, “I wanted to surprise you!”

“I am surprised,” Maya giggled, walking towards Richard and hugging him from behind while he flipped the toast onto the other side, “This is really sweet of you Richard.”

Richard smiled while he put some toast on a plate and handed it to her, “The table is already set up for you.”

Maya took it and before she went to sit down she said sadly, “I’m gonna have to leave after I eat. I have to get back home.”


“Well my friend Jade has been staying with me for the past few weeks,” Maya said while she spread a little butter on her toast, “It’s a really long story. She told me she wouldn’t wait up but I should probably go back and make sure she’s ok.”

Richard nodded and leaned down to kiss her, “How about you come back here in the afternoon then?”

Maya cut into her French toast and nodded with a grin, “I’d love that!”

After she ate her breakfast, she kissed Richard good-bye and drove back home. When she pulled up to the driveway, there were police standing around her front yard. She got out of her car and an officer approached her. Maya locked up her car and walked up the driveway, “What’s going on here?”

“You live here?”

“I do. What’s going on here?” Maya repeated herself firmly this time and the officer cleared his throat to begin the explanation.

“A woman was stabbed here by her stalker and he ran off,” he explained, “She had a friend though that tackled him right to the ground.”

“Wait back up,” Maya said, holding her hands up, “A woman was stabbed here? Was the woman Jade? Jade Sullivan?”

“Yes it was,” he said.

“Well…where is she is she ok?!” Maya shouted.

“They took her to the memorial hospital,” he said, “She was stabbed twice in her lower abdomen and he’d stabbed her pretty deep. She lost a lot of blood.”

Maya had heard about half of what the officer had said because she was already in her car heading full speed to the hospital. She couldn’t believe something like this had happened. She hadn’t expected something like this, not from David. All she knew now was that David f*cking lucked out by being caught by Norman. If he hadn’t, Maya would’ve hunted his ass down and killed him with her bare hands.

That morning, Audrey had gone to pick up her scratch free car and she was honestly shocked that Vanessa had shown up. She had expected her to bail on her. She had a check in her hand and a scowl on her face. Audrey knew exactly what would piss her off right about now, “It’s a beautiful morning isn’t it?”

“f*ck off,” Vanessa snapped bitterly, “Take your stupid check so I can get the hell out of here.”

“No you’re gonna hand them the check yourself,” Audrey took a step back and waved the check away, “You’re not getting off that easy.”

“I’ve already been kicked out of university! My parents are pissed at me! What more do you want?!” Vanessa yelled, “I even apologized to you even though I didn’t mean it at all.”

“I didn’t think you had meant it,” Audrey said with a shrug, “But this will do as an apology. I want to show you the same courtesy you’ve shown me. But instead of dumping mud all over you and shoving you the ground and trying to beat you up, I’m gonna watch you squirm while you hand over that two hundred fifty dollar check. That’ll make up for all the torment. And I’ll take that as an apology.”

“I will never apologize for what I did!” Vanessa hissed, “I was trying to make sure the right person won that trip. You didn’t deserve it!”

“That’s really irrelevant now isn’t it?” Audrey said, unfazed by Vanessa’s rage, “No go over there and do what you came here to do.”

Audrey watched Vanessa go in to give them their check and then she came back out. Vanessa knew at this point there was nothing keeping her there and she ran off without saying anything or even looking at Audrey again. Audrey knew after this she would never have to see that girl again. But she didn’t care. She felt like she had just fought a long war and she’d just won. She knew if she could gain the strength to conquer this girl, she could do anything now, even find the strength to possibly leave her whole life behind to stay in London if that opportunity came up in August. It was almost March and that was just one month closer to the best summer she would ever spend. And now she could endure the last few months without worrying about what would happen to her next. She was finally free.

As soon as Audrey got into her car, her phone started ringing and she answered it after seeing Maya’s name on her caller ID, “Hey Maya. What’s up? I got my car fixed! You should’ve seen Vanessa squirm when she handed them that check. Oh god. Two hundred fifty dollars she had to spend on a car that wasn’t even hers can you believe that?”

“Yeah, that’s great Audrey,” Maya said quickly, “Listen I hate to kill your buzz but you know where that memorial hospital is?”

“Yeah I do,” Audrey replied, “Why? Are you ok?”

“I’m fine but Jade isn’t,” Maya said, “Just come down to the hospital and I’ll explain everything to you. You have a lot of catching up to do.”

There was blinding white light and equally bright white walls and it was almost painful to wake up. She couldn’t tell if she was dead or not until her head began to clear and she started hearing the machines in her hospital room going and her eyes adjusted and she could see everything else besides the walls. Jade turned her head and saw Norman sleeping in a chair beside her bed. She groaned as she tried to sit up a little. It felt like she’d just done a million crunches and it was horribly painful to move her body. Norman woke up hearing her struggle and he quickly got onto his feet and stopped her, “Don’t move too much Jade.”

“What happened?” Jade asked.

“When David stabbed you, he grazed your intestinal wall and there was some internal bleeding,” Norman explained, “They had to take you into surgery. I’ve been here all night with you.”

Jade smiled and reached out to grab his hand, “You didn’t have to do that for me Norman.”

“I didn’t know when you were going to wake up and I didn’t want you waking up alone,” he said, “I was terrified when they told me you were taken into surgery. I was really expecting the worst. I ran after David after he stabbed you and I managed to catch him. I wasn’t going to let him get away. I wasn’t going to let him do something like this again.”

Jade squeezed Norman’s hand and she closed her eyes and smiled, “So what’s going to happen to David?”

“Not only is he gonna go down for stalking but he’s going down for attempted murder,” Norman said with a grin, “If he’s found guilty, he’ll be going away for about twenty years or more. Isn’t this great?”

“I suppose,” Jade mumbled, “But in twenty years or more years, he’ll get out and who’s to say I’ll be safe when he does?”

“You’ll be close to your 40’s by the time he gets out,” Norman chuckled, “I think by then he won’t want to try anything.”

“You don’t know,” Jade said, “David’s obsessed with me. You think obsession goes away with age?”

“Well, we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it,” Norman said, “But if he did for whatever reason decide to start up again, I’ll be there to make sure this never happens again.”

Jade smiled and beckoned him closer to her. He leaned over her and she kissed his cheek, “Thank you.”

“You’ll never have to worry about me leaving Jade. Ever,” he continued, “The truth is, I tried to let that night go and I tried staying away from you because I didn’t want to take advantage of your fear and vulnerability. But it’s not worth it anymore Jade, ya know?”

“I do,” Jade said and she finally just dove in and brought their lips together. It surprised Norman at first but he eventually loosened and he kissed her back, hovering his hands over her shoulders in case any kind of touch was painful. They were interrupted by a little knock on the door and Maya and Audrey entered the room. Maya stopped halfway through the door and chuckled, “Should we come back later?”

“No, come in,” Jade said. Norman left the three of them alone for a little while which Jade was incredibly grateful for. She felt like she hadn’t seen her friends in so long. It felt like days had gone by and she missed Maya and Audrey terribly. It was just nice to finally be surrounded by friends.

Ahhhhh we're almost finished with this story aren't you excited?! Haha! I may do an epilogue after the last chapter but what to do with the epilogue...hmmm....decisions decisions

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