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Tall Tales Just some tales and stories I work on in spare time, depending on my boredom level.

a labyrinth fae
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Freyr managed to stifle his amusement while his mother was around. It was Mimzy who tried to hide her own embarrassment by keeping her lips sealed, but it was Freyr who kept his eyes on her. It was what Clyde suggested that made her frown. She, unlike many of her own people, didn't like talking about such personal things. Even though nothing had really happened, Freyr would assume they had done something more and she didn't want him bothering her about it later. Not that it would have mattered. He would have found something to tease her about and Clyde had just stoked that fire. Even his houndoom, who Mimzy hadn't met since that day, lifted his head off the ground and looked at her with a questioning expression before setting it back down.

"Grimmforest..." Astrid repeated, it rang some bell, but she couldn't remember clearly. It was as if that part of her memory was hazy, which was odd. Astrid had a very good memory. But she shrugged it off, delighted to have such a handsome knight at her home and hand in hand with her daughter. Despite the fact that Astrid had always been occupied with her other children, because they had been babies and toddlers when Mimzy was kid, Astrid had always fretted over her daughter's future. While her husband had been trying to find a proper match for Mimzy, Astrid had been the one sticking her nose up, deeming many of the possible matches as unworthy. It had frustrated her man beyond belief, but Astrid wasn't about to let her oldest child be married into a family that was not worthy of her. When he thanked her, Astrid smiled. "Oh, there is no need to thank me, you are family if you are with Mimzy. I bet the Jarl will want the two of you in his hall later tonight for drinks," she directed her grin at Mimzy, who had never liked the taste of mead and instead would only drink refined wines. She wasn't as gritty as her mother, who had a history of being on the road as a shield sister, fighting for a guild.

When Clyde handed the situation over to her, she tried to sum up the most spiteful comment she could. "Well?" her mother prompted hopefully. The tartness suddenly faded and Mimzy was left, exhaling deeply until her shoulders slouched. She knew Freyr would get a kick out of this, but she didn't want to disappoint her mother. "It's still early, but I know what I feel," she said, hooking her arm through Clyde's. "Well, there's no rush," Freyr called sarcastically from the background. "I don't see a wife on your arm," Astrid retorted sweetly to her son. "I'm younger than Mimzy-" "And older than you should be to wed." "I also haven't been surrounded by possible matches for the past seven years. I say you have some catching up to do Freyr or you're going to get left behind."

"Yes, some of your other siblings are already married. You're the only one not trying Freyr," Astrid pointed out. The blonde, frustrated by the teasing, got up and stormed into the house, followed by his houndoom. When Archy and the other pokemon returned, the arcanine with children in tow, Astrid clucked. She had been in the village long enough to know each of them and their parents. She had helped their mothers birth them as one of the few midwifes. She was amused by their excitement and Clyde's kindness toward them, but she had left hot food on the fire. "Alright younglings, time to scurry off home. The knight isn't leaving just yet," she chastened just as their mothers came around the corner to chorale them. When they all departed, she was introduced to the arcanine and Spinda.

Crouching down she shook Spinda's paw. "Between several mightyena and a houndoom along with whatever the kids bring home, your two will be no problem," she then spotted Loki, Togekiss, and Murkrow, slowly heading toward them. "Why don't you all come in, wash up, take off your armor and get comfortable?" Astrid asked as she headed back to retrieve her knife. "And swords at the table. Remember, anything can happen in the north," she said before going back into the house. Mimzy led them in, her mother in the hearth of the house, which was open like a hall. "Oh, Mim, I think some of your sister's clothing might fit you if you want to change out of your travel gear so I can wash it. The same goes for you Clyde, I believe Freyr's clothes would fit you," she said.

Mimzy let go of Clyde's arm and pardoned herself to her sister's room. It seemed her sister was in the process of moving out. If Mimzy recalled correctly, Aurora was sixteen and likely being married. She wasn't around, which led to the impression she was with her betrothed. Aurora had always been a pre-madonna and had adored having the prettiest things that their coin could possibly buy. Her sister, despite being four years younger than her, had jumped on the band wagon and given her a lot of trouble in their youth. Digging through her things, Mimzy only found dresses, which were not quite her style. Mim preferred a tunic and trousers, but it seemed she would have to settle. Eventually, she picked out a navy green dress, cinched by a brown leather belt at the waist. It was a little tight around the chest and it was a little long on Mimzy. No doubt she would be tripping around. She wore pants because of her clumsiness in any type of skirt. As Mimzy was finishing putting on her sister's dress, the door opened and none other than Aurora walked right in.

Her sister froze like a deer caught in headlights, looking Mimzy up and down. Aurora had inherited their mother's height, but was very slim. Even thinner than Mimzy was. She had no chest or behind, but her beauty certainly made up for that. Her hair was their father's wild raven curls, her eyes bright green like Mimzy and Freyr. "I saw..." but Aurora broke off, shaking her head. "You did well, didn't you? I hear foreigners think that your hair color is beautiful, but I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen the knight for myself." Aurora strode over to her speechless sister and grabbed her messy braid. "You should at least try to look prettier," she said as she began unraveling it, letting Mimzy's hair loose. "How have things been?" she finally managed as her sister fixed her hair. "Oh, the way they would be for a woman my age. Suitors, all of which mother doesn't believe are worthy. With father not around to set her straight, it is hard to please her... Although, she's clearly infatuated with your choice. Since she's in such good spirits, maybe I should suggest the man I am in love with over dinner." "Good luck, then?"

"Same as always," Aurora breathed as she finished with her hair. She let most of Mimzy's hair down but had braided half of it to create a crown that circled her head. The rest of her hair splayed out down her back. "Your hair needs a good brushing, but mother wants us down for dinner. Where you will introduce me to the knight," her sister said. It was odd for her to claim that Mimzy had wild hair when she had thick curly hair. The two went back down the stairs to the dinning area where their mother was just finishing the food. Aurora had Mimzy's arm hooked with hers, eagerly.

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