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Tall Tales Just some tales and stories I work on in spare time, depending on my boredom level.

a labyrinth fae
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Even Clyde was taken aback by the information that her father, had indeed, possessed magic. It explained why hers was so strong. It had been passed down from generation to generation and Mimzy had just happened to be the only child who inherited it. She didn't need to hear his reassurance about keeping it secret, he had proven thus far to be utterly dependable and trustworthy. It was when he referred to the staff that a smile small broke through her shaken up exterior. "Yes... a bit ironic that I happened upon a new staff too... Not that Freyr or anyone will put one and one together," she mused, feeling slightly better already.

It was when Clyde took her hand that Mimzy became a little speechless. This wasn't like two children running off to explore, like it had been when it was her and Yimir. It was different and it spread a warmth from her hand to every appendage of her body. It was a good feeling, but one that was alien.
Murkrow perked up at the sight of them holding hands. He was about to give Clyde a piece of his mind when a maw gently clamped over half his body. Loki, had Murkrow's back end sticking right out of his mouth. Togekiss spoke for him: 'Now, Murkrow, weren't you saying that one of them had to take the first step? I had afraid that breaking them up would probably set them back one,' she told him patiently.

'Get me out of this damn dog's mouth!' Murkrow cried. 'It's for your own good,' Togekiss said before glancing over at Spinda. 'Yes, I do smell something good! Loki, why don't you lead the way? You know the village better than any of us,' she said as the wolf pokemon padded off in the direction of the enticing aroma, leaving behind Clyde and Mimzy.

They went off into the distance, away from the village, and back into familiar territory that Mimzy had grown up in. As they walked, she cast her eyes out, finding things had barely changed at all in the valley. As questions were thrown at her she drew a deep breath. "There is always more than one answer for questions like that. In a way, I am glad he did not tell me, because I most likely would have went around the village causing a ruckus about it. But there is still that sadness that you do not discover something until tragedy strikes. In the end, it was him who was hurt the most about his secret, not me. And that is what makes me sad. That he had to live knowing that he wouldn't ever see me again because of the path he chose," she explained, glancing up to the clear blue sky. "And while we should not dwell on what could have been, I am glad the Wizard came for me. If not, only I would be standing here, most likely married to someone who had a great distaste toward me."

She scanned the area ahead, deciding on the place she wanted to go. This time of year, some of the valleys would be filled with wildflowers of vibrant hues. Leading in the direction she wanted to go in, it was when they crested a hill that the field filled with poppies sprang out against the other hills that were green. "I found Togekiss in a field like this one. She had just hatched as a togepi and couldn't find her parents. I don't know what happened to them, but when I found her, I took her in, much to murkrow's dismay."

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