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Tall Tales Just some tales and stories I work on in spare time, depending on my boredom level.

a labyrinth fae
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Embarrassment flooded her at first while her cousin way around. She wanted to clear the discomfort from her throat, but she also did not want to give off the impression that something was bothering her. So she stood there, listening, until she was finally relieved to hear that he had a wife. The moment she heard that she almost audibly sighed. "That would be... nice," she told him awkwardly, although she had been planning on going for a walk at night to enjoy the sky's openness and the stars. Maybe she would even show Clyde. If she had any gall left after her brother was done chipping away at it all day. Speaking of which, after Yimir had made his report, he disappeared momentarily. Loki stayed, sitting warily by her side like a guard. It was a bit hard to believe that Yimir wasn't the only one who missed her, but she decided on not being shrewd toward her cousin. She waved goodbye as her departed, although Murkrow was uncomfortably shifting his feathers as Togekiss cocked a non-existent brow at him. 'Youth...' he chuckled, averting his crimson eyes in another direction.

Freyr returned, but this time with a piece of parchment and a sheathed sword in his hands. However, beside him was another pokemon. A houndoom. The houndoom leered at Loki and it was easier to see that he was much younger than Loki. Was it jealousy that he was showing? "So, father left each of us many things in his will, but he left you probably his most important ones. Here, look-" Freyr shoved the paper into her hands, making her read it over herself. Dear children... blah, blah, blah, Freyr gets.... Blah, blah- To my daughter Mimzy, wherever you may be, I know you will make me proud one of these days. Even though magic is scorned in our lands, in others it is seen as a beautiful gift. One that I believe Jirachi gave you himself. I leave to you my best sword that had been passed down the family to the eldest child. It should go to Freyr because he is the oldest male, but I saw fit for it to go to you. I also leave Loki, my partner, in your capable hands. He shall obey any order you give and believe it or not, the two of you share the same birth date. The day that I got Loki from the village breeder was the same one you were borne. Remember these words: 'Be neither a shoemaker nor a shaftmaker for anyone but yourself.' Good luck Mimzy in your future endeavors. Say the words of the basic healing charm and all shall be revealed.

Mimzy was warmed by the words her father left, but didn't know why he asked for a spell or that he knew the term for one. But she did as was requested, muttering the words. As she did, ink spread across the back of the paper in the script that all mages learned in order to read their spells. She read this section in disbelief. I am sorry that I was never the true father that you needed, but I had done too much, tried too hard to cover up everything I was. At a time, I was a Cleric myself, a friend of the Wizard's. But I became obsessed with the idea of a family and a place to call home that I threw it all out the window and became something I was not. I never shared any of this with you, because I was fearful you would tell and ruin everything I had worked hard to create. And instead, I alienated you like any other normal parent might have. It was my mistake, because I could have raised and taught you everything there was to being a great healer. But instead, He came and took you from me for my insolence. I am sorry Mimzy, but know that I never hated you, and that I have always loved you, because you reminded me of myself. Your mother and siblings know nothing of any of this, but if you wish, tell them.

Mimzy couldn't help herself when she read that. She rolled up the will, but was unable to keep dry eyes. Her father had always seemed so cold and distant. The idea that he had had magic was utterly astounding. In a way, it made sense. Mimzy had inherited it from him. But it also made her sad, because he was right. If he had shed his pride away he could have helped her control her powers that spiraled out of control when she turned 13. Things happen for a reason, she reminded herself as she wiped her eyes and sniffled, trying to regain her composure. Freyr reached over and handed her her father's sword. She inspected the hilt and handle and the tiny designs that had always caught her eye. But it were the runes that caught them this time. It wasn't an inscription... it was... a spell! "Uh, brother. We shall catch up with you in a moment. We will meet you at the house..." she drawled, not bothering to tear her eyes from the words.

Freyr nodded, believing that maybe the two needed some time alone. But as he disappeared, Mimzy turned to Clyde. "My father... He was a cleric. A healer, just like me!" excitement dripped from her voice as she glanced up at the knight. "But you cannot tell anyone. It would destroy his reputation," the bliss faded to be replaced with sorrow. "All those years, I believed he hated me. But when I read his will... he did it all to protect the family, to protect himself. And he thinks he deserves the dishonor. But he doesn't realize that if I did exploit him that I would also hurt Freyr, mother, and my other siblings. I am already used to the 'shame' and I've come to realize that maybe this just isn't the country for me. But my father's secret dies with him. I only share it with you, because I trust you, Clyde."

She then began reading the ruins off the sword. As she continued, the weapon vibrated and grew warmer. It wasn't until she finished that the spell was complete and the sword revealed itself to not even be a sword, but a staff. A staff made specifically for healers. From the gem stone set into it, to the antlers that made up the headpiece, everything about it seemed to used... too old about it to just have been her fathers. He said his family passed it down every generation... "My father's side of the family were all mages," Mimzy breathed as she clutched the staff tighter. "We should..." but she didn't finish, her found her mind overloaded with possibilities and what she had discovered. "For a walk... I need to walk this off.

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