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Tall Tales Just some tales and stories I work on in spare time, depending on my boredom level.

a labyrinth fae
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Freyr nodded his head, stroking his beard as Clyde spoke. He was certainly impressed by his reasoning. He noticed his sister's discomfort on the topic, she had grown too much like a Vinlander, thinking that such matters should not be discussed openly. But he did well to torture her. After all, it seemed like ages since he was able to pull at her hair and tease. It was what a brother did, but he always had an eye out for her. Their family had a good name for commoners, the Jarl trusted the Hoarfrosts. It was because of Freyr and his father had a betrothal had ever been setup for her when she was about to become a woman. A good friend of Freyr's, who no longer lived in the village, was to marry her. He was a bit older than Mimzy and a splendid warrior. The fact that she had gotten the match was completely bewildering and many girls who would have made more suitable wives were furious. But that was what happened when you had better connections. Yet, he was long gone somewhere else and Mimzy was no longer inclined to marry him wherever he went.

"Ah, she is my sister. I only wish the best for her... Speaking of which, father left some things for you when he passed away," he mentioned before elbowing her after Clyde mentioned that he would marry her in a heartbeat. "What a charming gentleman," the word 'gentleman' sounded peculiar on his tongue, since it was almost never used in the north, but Freyr wanted to sound as fancy as the knight seemed ( to him, at least ). "And in truth, red hair is not that bad. The more I see it on Mim, the more I realize it suits her... but I cannot change what has been ingrained in our people's minds from who knows when."
Mimzy was more than flattered by his words, in fact she was stunned into silence. Her last betrothed had been tart and bitter about being put with her. The topic of dying her hair had even been put on the table. However, as Clyde spoke, she wanted to sucked herself into her shell like a squirtle. It was a terrible time to think of marriage, with everything going on. It was all just so much bigger than them and even the idea of stealing time for the mission for something as simple as affection and maybe even love seemed utterly selfish to her. She knew it was too much to ask, but she had waited long enough, hadn't she?

'Don't jump into it because Freyr believes you are getting old,' it was Loki, her father's Mightyena who spoke to her. His hellish eyes glanced up at her mildly, but she noticed no hate. Had he ever truly hated her or had she just been afraid of what he could do when she was young? 'I see something between the two of you. Just remember you have all the time in the world.' She was comforted by Loki's words. The mightyena padded over to her and thrust his head under her hand. At that point, Mimzy somehow had the courage to glance up and look at Clyde, a smile, a bit different from the wild grins and polite smirks she had displayed before. She was about to say something when someone else came over, interrupting her train of thought. She immediately recognized the pokemon's aura, although it had been much younger and had yet to evolve into its final form.

Yimir, her cousin revealed himself. She remembered him vividly from her youth, because he had been the only one who accepted her for what she was. He had been sickly and easily pushed around by the bigger, stronger kids. Her absurd babbling about pokemon and the plants and herbs had never been queer to her cousin's ears. But as Mimzy looked back, she wondered if Yimir had thought something more of their relationship. It wasn't strange or odd for cousins to get married, especially in a more secluded village environment. She recalled how upset he had been when he found out that she was betrothed to one of the boys who used to push him around. She hoped he had found happiness when she was gone and that he had a wife and maybe children at home. It would make things easier if that was the case. She was suddenly engulfed in a hug that she found herself awkwardly returning. Loki sat down, pursing his lips mildly as if he knew of the storm that was coming. "Aye, it is me," she croaked out, her voice still taking a hit from the words that Clyde had shared.

"It's so nice to see you again cousin, but I am afraid I have only returned for a day or so. I am on official business and with me, is my friend Sir Clyde Grimmforest, along with Spinda and Archy," she gave a nod to each of them as she introduced them. "Clyde, this is my cousin, Yimir."

|| I like how you named her cousin after the Norse frost giant king wink After I went with Loki for the mightyena and all xD ||

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