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Tall Tales Just some tales and stories I work on in spare time, depending on my boredom level.

a labyrinth fae
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Infatuated? The words rang inside of her head, but did not strike a chord for a few moments. It was almost as if she were in shock that anyone, especially Clyde of all people, would be infatuated with an air head who wished for the impossible. And then a blush crept up her neck, covering her face with a light pink, rather than the deep crimson from earlier. His confession, somehow, wasn't as surprising as it should have been. The holding hands, the kindness he showed toward her, and the way he became worried when she was in harm's way. She was hoping... But hopes didn't always turn into reality. Yet, instead of interrupting, she listened to him tentatively. It had been such a short time and aside from the Wizard and her cousin, who she felt she barely knew anymore, Clyde had become, by far, one of the closest people to her in a matter of days. When he finished, Mimzy in took a deep breath and felt inclined to shed as much light as he had just done, even though it wasn't like her to be so... interpersonal. Complimenting people also wasn't one of her strong points either.

"You're making it seem as if I'm some kind of messiah, when I'm not. When people think of heroes, they think of knights like you Clyde. Admirable, handsome, loyal, headstrong, and prideful. I might be able to wiggle my fingers and heal people, but you're the one with the sword and as much as I hate to admit it, the one who has the better sword wins and I have none. Reason is a fickle thing and most people aren't literate or want to listen to rationalizing when they're scared. They want someone who can protect them, then and there. I can't do that. But you can and the world needs more people like you," her then chuckled, her spirits lifting slightly. She began braiding her long hair as she spoke. "Sure, I'm rash, a bit hot headed at times, and have an idealistic mindset, but I'm just the support character in this story, Clyde. You're the one that will remain immortal in time. Yeah, I might be there, but only at your side..."

She sought for analogy that would put everything into perspective. She was going to go with something like key and lock, but found that they didn't match up for the example she had. "Opening minds is tricky, it's hearts you want to win. Fear is a dangerous thing, whereas ignorance is bliss... But I think, that if we worked together, there could be a way to win people over not only by opening their eyes and ears, but by also singing to their hearts," she found a great distaste in her poetic phrasing, but it was too late to take them back. She then thought back to his last few words. "The world is a big place," she smirked as she tied the end of her braid and glanced down at him. She then mustered the courage to bend over and peck his cheek. "You're awfully terrible at courting, by the way. You're just too honest!" but there was no disdain in her tone and only playful teasing.

Mimzy stood, not bothering to pick up her staff as she overlooked the poppies. "And now, I think I'm going to pretend I'm 10 again. So don't mind me," she said before running down the hill in the field like a 5 year old. She ran into the middle the field before plopping down, face first, into the flowers. She then rolled over and stared at the blue sky, surrounded by flower petals that were just as red as her hair.

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