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Tall Tales Just some tales and stories I work on in spare time, depending on my boredom level.

a labyrinth fae
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"Oath to do no harm? Who has been spewing such blasphemy in your ears? I just simply don't know many spells that do harm," she grumbled in response, before listening to Spinda. She had been worried about the both of them, despite the fact that "they had been against more". Wasn't it only natural for a friend to worry? But Mimzy's stomach fluttered at the thought, as if there were much more to it. It was when he mentioned her cheek that Mimzy's aches, bumps, and bruises became suddenly more apparent. She wouldn't have all been mad if her brother slung her over his shoulder and carried her all the way back to the village. However, she was a bit surprised when he picked up the moss, chewed it, and began smearing it on her face. Oh my Acerus that so- she was absolutely repulsed, but when she glanced up, she realized he was only trying to help. Shakily, she forced a smile as he apologized. "Good, you better be sorry," she piped. Togekiss was preening her feathers, trying to remove blood as Spinda mentioned her.

Freyr watched this all in amusement. He didn't know how long knight and wizard had been companions, but he didn't need to know. It was when the knight knelt and introduced himself that Freyr burst out into cataclysmic laughter. He arched a brow at his sister and grinned like a vulpix. "You like the charming types, huh, sister?" he teased, before leaning over, patting Clyde on the shoulder, before hoisting him back to his feet as Mimzy fumed by his side, her face turning as red as her hair.. "Do not worry about it. Consider it a favor for my sister. And anyways, you are a superb warrior. Fate has brought us together for a reason... Though I do wonder what a Vinlander and my sister, a witch-" "Sorcerer!" "-are doing in these parts."

Mimzy didn't see any harm in sharing their quest with her brother. All the Black Mightyenas were trustworthy men. "We are searching for The Wizard, bad things have happened in Vinland. Ho-oh is missing and a darkness-" "Grows in the east," Freyr finished grimly. "The Wizard was around these parts none too long ago. He passed through Jarl Yavaver's and our village before making his way to the High King. He warned us to keep our eyes open. I didn't know that Ho-oh was missing." "What about rayquaza?" "Fine, fine, but still... these are not the circumstances I wanted to meet you under. Why don't we walk and talk. I will send some of my men to the High King for an escort to the capitol. He might know more about The Wizard's whereabouts."

Mimzy nodded, her younger brother had grown up so much, whereas she felt little changed. "You two can stay for the day, I have a feeling that the Arcanine Riders shall be here swiftly after receiving word... especially since you have one of your own," Freyr said, glancing at Archy. He didn't pry as to how Clyde had gotten him. It was none of his business, but a suspicion dug at him. His men scouted ahead as they walked, leaving just Freyr, Mimzy, Clyde, and their pokemon as they traveled across the grassy plains. The mist had cleared and rolling hills lolled in the distance, encompassed by the tall mountains that flanked the valley. The sky was possibly the most beautiful thing about the landscape. So vast and open. The clouds were disappearing the golden red crest of the sunrise was conspicuously growing from behind some of the mountains. "So, sister, you didn't answer me before. Do you have a family? Children?"

Mimzy glanced at her brother, uncomfortable with the topic, especially in company of Clyde. In her culture, talking of such things was easy. They spoke just as easily of lovemaking, as if there really needed to be no privacy. "No," she said breezily. "I'm still... well... me." "Really?" Freyr said, making a face at her. "Your childbearing hips are going to dry up and give you dust if you don't get started soon," he chastened as if he were the older one. "Your red hair is a bit more bearable because you've got a pretty face and frame... But what am I saying? Clearly the two of you have something going on. It's not time for me to play matchmaker." 'Oooh, what are you going to say to that?' Murkrow taunted Mimzy as he landed on her shoulder. She was so stunned by her brother's forwardness that her jaw simply moved up and down without noise coming out. She should have called him rude and inconsiderate, but then remembered that this was normal, especially between family members. "I like you Clyde. If you want my sister, you can have her. You held you own well and you do not strike me as a man who rough houses his women. Being a knight and all and being... 'chivalrous' is it? But if you ever did lay an unjust hand upon Mimzy, I'd kill you," he whistled cheerfully as the village came into view in the distance, the great all of Jarl Yvaver looming over it all.

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