Actually I'm pretty sure Superjail is it's own dimension. This incarceration facility is the biggest I've ever seen, and this isn't the first I've seen that had it's own universe. It's bizarre, this place seems to have some sort of sentience, or at least it reacts differently depending on what others think of it. This prison is heavy with chaos, but when looked at it in a positive light, can actually be quite magical.

From what I've been able to learn from superjails very poor records, it used to be a relatively normal, if completely disturbing jail, run by a relatively normal, if completly disturbingly insane man that made his own young son kill a puppy. Things took a turn for the strange when the warden died in a tragic lego-related accident, leaving the jail to his son. Traumatized by his upbringing and the responsibility, he seems to have tried to turn the jail into something between a jail and a theme park. I think he means well, actually seeming to care somewhat about the criminals under his car, but he doesn't mind what it costs to obtain his insane goals.

The staff of Superjail isn't much better. There's only three of them; a guard who is confusing what I know of human genders, a former prisoner turned accountant, and a robot the warden created. Together they somehow manage to keep things from falling into total chaos...most of the time.

I'm very curious about how Superjail seems to defy the laws of physics on a weekly basis so I'll be infiltrating it. Unfortunately, it's a male only prison. Fortunately I'm a not technically a person, I'm chaos in the shape of a feminine person. It's simple enough to shapeshift away my more feminine features. Then it's the boring but necessary task of forging papers and putting my data into the Superjail computer system.

The hard part is staying alive...