As I track Riddick-which is wicked hard and dangerous by the way-I know I'm not the only one. Bounty hunters and law enforcement are constantly chasing him as well, but no more than the bounty hunter Johns. They've been through two prisons together and so many tough times they actually sort of respect each other. I almost thought they would go their separate ways after escaping from the slave ship the Dark Athena, but I shouldn't have been surprised at what really happened.

No, in another show of how Furyans might be the Chaoslings of this universe, the ship transporting Riddick and Johns is struck by mini-comets and forced to crash land on a hostile alien world. Oh, and it just so happens to be during an eclipse that comes once every 22 years and awakens ferocious, carnivorous fauna. Seriously, if Riddick and I ever hung out I'm pretty sure the surrounding area would explode. Just because.