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Kaos is a being randomly created from Chaos from another dimension. For a time she lived on a world named Hyrule as a Hylian until it was destroyed by Heartless. Fortuantly she managed to escape with a teleporting gem and ended up at Disney Castle. She is now under the employ of King Mickey, working behind the scenes. It is Kaos' duty to go to travel dimensions and spacetime doing research on heroes, villians, anyone in between, and anything that could cause a multiversal threat. It is not her place to alter what happens on these worlds, and she used to be much more frigid about her rules, becoming a loner. Now however, she has friends and dosen't mind bending the rules to help them out.

Recently Kaos had to go AWOL and do missions for a replica of a mad scientist named Vexen instead. This way she learned about the return of the powerful and evil Xehanort without it being obvious, ensuring that he will not attack the King when he returns.

Unfortunately, Xehanort killed Vexen and took most of Kaos' abilities, but not before Vexen taught her how to use the hidden and derelect armor and keyblade of the keyblade weilder Aqua. Now back in the employ of the king and a sidekick to Deadpool, Kaos feels stronger than ever. With Vexen's heart in hers and her king to defend, Kaos collected allies to help her defeat the powerful Xehanort.

Even with her friends, returned abilties, and keyblade, Kaos was only able to fight Xehanort to the point where he felt he needed to retreat. Xehanort seemed to respect her abilities and rewarded her with a mysterious summonstone and a portal to the Dark Coastline. There, Kaos gave Aqua's keyblade to Ansem the Wise to return to her, and in return he unlocked more of her natural chaos abilties.

Lately Kaos was on a quest to stop her 'father'; Chaos the god of Discord. Chaos wished to add Kaos' power too him, but when she rebelled, he sent out stigmas across the multiverse. Kaos and her allies destroyed them all in time.

However, when Kaos and Chaos tried to destroy each other, her independence making it impossible for her to be absorbed, they wer evenly matched. Chaos' immense power, and Kaos' strong heart and the strength of her friends. When Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony saw that there would be no end, she reset the cycle, pputting Kaos as an amnesiac warrior of Chaos. Without her memories, Kaos had little personality until eventually breaking free and having her memories restored.

After a long search and nearly losing her body to Unicron, a planet-eating robot, Kaos has learned that her boyfriend, a specific Deadpool, no longer exists. Due to her protective nature, this has sent Kaos into a downward spiral, making her fear losing her loved ones to a paranoid degree.

Kaos is versed in many forms of magic from her travels and a little blade work. Her natural abilities, however, are her strongest and stem from her chaotic nature in the control over her changing form and chaotic fire. Recently she learned to manipulate earth as well.
Kaos also knows how to use most guns, having been taught by a priest. Her aim is surprisingly good from his rough training.
Because she is chaos, Kaos is very creative and good at things like art, music, and cooking, while being very bad at math, logical thinking, and focusing.

One of Kaos' most bizzare abilities is her dim awareness of the 4th wall. This comes from her being made from chaos magic, and possibly from hanging out with Deadpool too much.

Though a shapeshifter, Kaos' usual form is that resembling a 18-21 year old girl with long pointy ears. Her red hair reachs the ground in fiery locks. Her body structure is closer to petite than average. Kaos' eyes are a burning orange/red. Normally when in her usual form Kaos has a long scar diagonally across her back. Also ever present is a piece of ruby and silver jewelry Deadpool gave her.

Kaos has many friends from all her travels, but her closest was her former boyfriend Deadpool(merc_wit_a_mouth). Despite the large age difference (Kaos was created as a young teen only 7 years ago) and different backround, sanity, dimension, matury levels, etc, Kaos and Deadpool genuinly cared for each other. Her friends and allies include mutants, jedi, cursed beings, armored Japanese heroes, and robots.


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Mission Log

These are the journals I write as go on my missions for King Mickey Mouse. It's my job to traval to different worlds, meet heroes and villians, and learn everything I can.


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Giovanni Rocket Boss Report | 09/11/2016 2:47 am
Anna Rogue Report | 08/05/2016 12:03 am
emotion_kirakira Howdy! It has been quite sometime since you were on last! Welcome back! emotion_yatta
Giovanni Rocket Boss Report | 10/15/2014 1:38 pm
You gonna say hi sometime?
Mighty Thor Avenger Report | 07/01/2014 6:27 am
[Omg, it was your birthday? Happy belated birthday! Hope yours was an awesome one ^_^.]
An Emerald Knight Report | 03/28/2014 7:57 am
"Pretty much as you expect it to be. Cold, dark.. and of course, full of crazy aliens trying to kill me. Though it's a little easier than what you do, right? Dimension hopping... or whatever?"
Emma_Frost WQ Report | 01/02/2014 3:42 am
"Kaos, you are invited to join The Justice League Dark. Your talents are needed."
Talon_TheNew52 Report | 10/27/2013 10:29 pm
He held his jaw and smirked then threw spit with a little blood to the side."So thats how it is."He said then running towards her direction throwing a hook landing on left cheek then a left and right body shot after kicks her off."Your right hand to hand combat is my what im best in."

[Finally i was waiting for you to start it off lol]
Talon_TheNew52 Report | 10/25/2013 7:34 am
He lift his knife from her neck and smirks putting the knife in front of her face."Then way i don't believe you?What information can you possibly want from the Batman huh?"He said driving the knife a into the wall that was a inch away from her head."Huh!!!"
Talon_TheNew52 Report | 10/24/2013 10:15 am
He smirk looking at her as she smiled."You really think your cute...."He said taking his knife out sticking it slightly up her throat braking her skin till a drop of blood rolled out her throat down his knife."What you playing at.....and who are you real."He said knowing she was not what she claimed.
PH Goonka Report | 10/21/2013 8:52 pm
Once again we meet on opposite sides of battle.
Once again the Easter Bunny shall reign victorious.
Beep. Boop.


'When pirates fight ninjas, we all win," PvP artist at 05 Comic Con


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