Alright, well that went a lot better than I thought it would. Sub-Zero isn't totally peeved at me for spying on his temple. In fact, he's been really understanding since I helped him subdue Frost. He says I have honor. It's a little embarrassing. I hate bringing any sort of attention to myself on a mission...well ok, that's a lie. I'm supposed to hate bringing attention to myself, but I can't help if it's so much fun!

Still, I know I'm not supposed to involve myself, so I'll hang out a bit, ask him some questions then head on to my next destination.

Some futures are shiny and white. Some are dark and full of death. And sometimes, they're the same as any other time but with better technology. It's sad proof that despite the advancement of a culture and its technology a world can never truly get better, ascending past the boundaries of pain and suffering.

This is one such future. It's alright as far as universe go, not a place most people would like to visit. But this sorta stuff, planets of night, deadly and cruel mercenaries, mysterious powers, it's exciting to me. By that description the most exciting person in that universe is one Richard B Riddick, the last Furyan in the universe. Unlike most last survivors that attempt to make a new home and keep that one safe (myself included, sorta?), Riddick decided to be a freakin' insane...guy. I don't even know what his deal is. People just hate him. So he kills them. Then people come after him so he kills them. Then he leaves for a new planet. Rinse and repeat.

Maybe Furyans are sort of like chaoslings and just attract chaos. Even when Riddick isn't doing anything people try to kill him. He's just way better at killing his attackers first. I wonder what Riddick would do if he wasn't being hunted all the time? He doesn't seem that interested in much else. Action, adventure, honor, treasure, not even girls interest him. He does enjoy the attention of the opposite sex but he doesn't seek it out, something I can relate to.

But I'm off track! Somehow this anti-hero of all anti-heroes was chosen to save his galaxy from a death-loving race called the Necromongers. Not cause he's noble or even wants to. He's just the only bad enough dude to save the galaxy. I'll examine his past first to see if I can understand this dangerous enigma a little better.