Well, that was exciting! For once I wasn't the pyro that set everything ablaze! A Superjail inmate named Ash was befriended by the Warden and shared his gift of pyrokinesis...they then proceeded to burn down the entire Superjail, leaving the rest of the staff to die or flee. I'll check back later and review my notes, try and make sense of everything that happened and track down where everyone went.

While I do that I'm starting a new mission in Earthrealm. It's been a while since I was last there. It was difficult to get back to, as there was a major change in the timeline of this dimension, affecting everything. Eventually though I've managed to travel back to the original timeline and I'm going over all the important players. My current focus is Kuai Leng, also know as the second Sub Zero, one of the last living cryomancers. He's an incredibly powerful man and I'm curious to learn what he shall do with both his powers and his organization.