Ok, so, it turns out the alarm I tripped at Sub-Zeros temple caused enough chaos for his cryomancer prisoner Frost to escape. I wonder if it was just bad luck or my nature affecting an already disastrous situation?

Regardless it was my fault and I knew I had to make things right. When I saw Frost going into the temple to unleash her vengeance on Sub-Zero I didn’t hesitate to chase after her. I managed to evade the Lin Kuei but two cyborgs-former members of the Lin Kuei and members again I guess?-stood in my way. I pleaded my case, telling them what had happened was an accident and I was only curious about the temple. Amazingly they believed me! Ninja sure can be trusting, or maybe they could tell I was telling the truth.

Once inside I saw Frost and Sub-Zero fighting. It was clear Sub-Zero was more powerful but Frost was skilled enough they he might have to kill her to stop her. It would probably be easier to kill her, but Sub-Zero was once her teacher before Frost betrayed him. I can’t imagine how he feels. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t helped with my fire magic, but I’m glad I was able to help him subdue her safely.