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CYS part 39
Yashiro explained the plan to Chris, and he understood, then Yashiro went to Shermie and thought of something that will grab her attention.
Yashiro: So, since we're here, why don't we go to a cafe and have a warm drink?
Shermie: Hmm sure! Only the two of us?
Yashiro: Of course, why not?
Shermie was pleased, didn't say anything after that, quickly wore her coat and walked with Yashiro, then they stayed at the nearest cafe and have a drink. Chris secretly followed them and observed what was happening, and everything went well, then listened carefully to their conversation.
Shermie: Wow! I didn't expect you to offer something like that to me!
Yashiro: Well, just a small gift.
Shermie: Oh... I thought there will be something special...
Yashiro: Ah, no no no! Not yet.
Shermie: Ooh~! What's it?
Yashiro laughed nervously and answered
Yashiro: A surprise.
Shermie: Really?!
Yashiro: Yeah..
Shermie expected to be something exciting, and her hands became cold when she first saw a small red box coming out of Yashiro's pocket, then he handed it to her, and her heart started pounding.
Yashiro: That's for you.
Shermie slowly took the box and opened it, expecting it to be a ring, until she found a piece of paper written on it "April fools!" in Yashiro's handwriting. Her bright smile faded away and she frowned, then gave a chiller look to Yashiro, and asked in a low voice.
Shermie: What was that?
Yashiro: What do you mean?
Shermie: Was that the surprise you were talking about?
Yashiro: It is!
Shermie could not believe the way Yashiro answered proudly, and stood up with a furious look in her face and started hitting Yashiro with all her might.
Shermie: How dare you answer me like that?! You stupid half arrogant type of person who gets so strict in a sudden when it's about the band!! You should never treat me that way again and you're dead! What a day!
Shermie sighed heavily, left the cafe and headed back to the hotel, then Yashiro stood up and dusted himself, and Chris came inside the cafe.
Chris: Man.... I didn't expect that to happen.
Yashiro: Ow! That was harder than I thought!
Chris: I think you should apologize her?
Yashiro: Don't worry, she'll come back to herself when we go back.
Chris: I'm not sure about that...
Yashiro: Why?
Chris: That look on her face. Didn't seem to be like she's only sad about that.
Yashiro: Hah, do you think I should really?
Chris: Of course! Just go ahead! I'm not involved!
Yashiro and Chris went back to the hotel, Chris stayed in the living room while Yashiro was trying to apologize to Shermie, but did not work. At the end, Shermie opened the door.
Yashiro: Oh now what?
Shermie: Well... come in.
Yashiro wondered what will Shermie do, and looked at her curiously.
Shermie: Now, come a little closer.
Yashiro: And?
Shermie: Take this!!!
Shermie kicked Yashiro between his legs, that hit his critical area, then he knelt.
Yashiro: Owww!!
Shermie: Oh yeah! That's worth how I felt about being fooled by such an idea from you!
Yashiro could not say a word from the pain, and Shermie smiled in relief and walked out from the room. Chris turned to his back and found Shermie exactly behind him, and waved nervously, making an innocent look.
Chris: S-so uh... Did you forgive him?
Shermie: Yes, why you look kind of... pale? Are you with him or what?
Chris: N-no! Not at all! I didn't help him or something like that!
Shermie: Oh, good.
Chris silently looked at her while she was going to the other room, then he went to the bedroom and was surprised at what Shermie did to Yashiro, then blinked twice with his mouth open, and Yashiro sat on the bed.
Yashiro: Stop staring at me like that.
Chris: Uhh, what happened?
Yashiro: You already know!
Chris looked at Yashiro's condition, and could not bear at how funny he looked like, then laughed until he lost his balance.
Yashiro: (This is so dumb!)

To be continued

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