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CYS part 40
Days later, the same man who talked about the concert called Yashiro again, and convinced him that it'll be a great success, then Yashiro accepted it, and ended the call.
Yashiro: Okay guys! We've got a concert!
Shermie: When?
Yashiro: Tomorrow night, at a live house. Chris, it's your turn.
Chris: Again? Solo?
Yashiro: Yeah.
Chris: Okay...
Yashiro: Let's rehearse now.
Shermie: Like always~
They carried their instruments and went to the live house to train, it worked fine until Yashiro had an idea but made it a secret that will happen during the concert, and silently observed Chris' movements. The next day, at night, they arrived at the live house in time, the place was crowded, Chris could not believe he'll be singing alone in front of thousands of fans, and got a little nervous. Shermie patted Chris and whispered.
Shermie: Don't worry, we'll be behind you.
Chris calmed down taking a deep breath, walked to the stage and his friends followed him with their instruments. He felt excited and started singing without being nervous. In the middle of the song, the music played, giving Chris a little bit of rest, then Yashiro slowly sneaked behind Chris, he rubbed his hands to get warmed up and swiftly lifted Chris' shirt and took it. Chris was surprised and ran after Yashiro on the stage, but it was late then Yashiro threw Chris' shirt to the fans, then Shermie covered her mouth, trying not to laugh, and it was time to continue singing, then Chris hurried to sing and didn't miss a beat, he continued the song buck-naked, with a funny look on his blushed face. Then the song has ended, and Chris ran to hide backstage. Yashiro took the microphone and tried to hold his laughter.
Yashiro: That'll all what we got for today! I hope you enjoyed what happened!
Shermie couldn't bear it anymore and laughed while going backstage, and Yashiro followed. They found Chris with a red face and still didn't get a shirt of anything to cover himself, then Yashiro laughed hysterically at Chris.
Yashiro: You could've seen your face during that time!
Chris: I had no idea what you've done there.....
Shermie: Heheheh, I guess you should look for someone with an extra shirt.
Chris blushed again and talked in a weak voice.
Chris: But everyone will look at me and will take a picture of me and-... Mff.
Yashiro threw a white shirt and Chris.
Yashiro: Here, wear it.
Chris wore it and looked at himself in the mirror and was surprised at the look of the shirt.
Chris: A heart shape in the middle?! Are you serious?!
Yashiro: Hahahahah! That's the only shirt available here.
Chris frowned and tried to ignore the shirt, in their way to the hotel, even though they're inside the car, everyone in the streets took a picture of Chris until they arrived home, and still with a red face. Chris hurried to the bedroom and changed his clothes, then felt comfortable and walked out of the room, and sighed.
Chris: This is the worst night ever!!
Shermie: I think it is. Hehe, to you only.
Chris: I'll never forgive Yashiro for getting my shirt and throw it!
Shermie chuckled, knowing that soon Chris will forgive Yashiro, and didn't say anything afterwards. Then Yashiro came to the living room.
Yashiro: Tomorrow afternoon will be a sign day.
Chris looked away without saying anything,
Yashiro: Hey, you had no idea why I did that, huh?
Chris: Why?
Yashiro: That's because you turned on the hot water!
Chris: ...! Ahaaa, hahahahahahahaha!
Shermie: Is that really what happened before?
Yashiro: Y-yes...
Shermie had no idea what happened before, then laughed when she understood Chris' prank, then they had a small conversation about what happened and went to sleep.

To be continued

Miu Kurosaki
Community Member
Miu Kurosaki
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