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CYS part 38
Shermie still kept massaging, and slowly made it harder, and harder, until Yashiro couldn't stand it anymore.
Yashiro: ....Enough.
Shermie: How's that?
Yashiro barely talked under his breath and only nodded.
Shermie: Umm, you're a little pale.
Yashiro: No, I'm fine.
Shermie: (Heheheh, now that's better!)
Yashiro stood up and stretched himself, until the pain is gone, then took a deep breath, and went to the bedroom and have a rest. After few days, the wounds are cured, and Yashiro can now move freely, without any problems. One month have passed, and they only stayed in England, and April has arrived, holding pranks and tricks every time. The band thought of making a prank to each other, and Chris was the first to have a plan that is set already. While Yashiro was preparing to take a shower, Chris patiently waited for him to go inside the bathroom and take a shower, the he sneakingly entered the bathroom and flushed the toilet chair, and hot water came out from the shower. At first, Yashiro didn't notice the hot water, and suddenly felt the hot water coming through him and shouted in pain, then closed the tap. Chris held his laughter and went out from the bathroom and burst out in laughter, then Shermie had no idea why Chris was laughing, he tried to explain but ends up laughing every time he thinks of it. Minutes later, Yashiro came out from the bathroom and wore his clothes, then looked around the hotel, knowing that Chris was the one who set up the plan, he didn't find him anywhere inside the hotel, and found him at the entrance.
Yashiro: Gotcha!
Chris turned and away from Yashiro, and went between the crowd to slow him down, then he found an empty place and hid there.
Chris: Phew, he almost catch me...
Yashiro: Oh really?
Chris opened his eyes and swallowed his throat and went deeper in side the place, and chuckled.
Chris: Happy April fools!
Yashiro crossed him arms, looked at Chris, and approached him with a glare.
Yashiro: You've been planning all the time?
Chris: Yes?
Yashiro: And why?
Chris: Didn't I say HAPPY April fools?
Yashiro: Hmm, that's some kind of idea than an expert can think of.
Chris: Ooh! That means I'm an expert?
Yashiro: Not sure...
Chris pouted and looked at Yashiro, waiting for the right answer, but he turned his back, heading out.
Yashiro: Come on, let's go back.
Chris: Fine....
On the way back to the hotel, Yashiro smickered and Chris wondered why.
Chris: You seem to be hiding something... a prank?
Yashiro: Yes, but don't tell tell her.
Chris: Shermie?
Yashiro: Yup!
Chris: What if she'll figure it out?
Yashiro: She won't, trust me. She'll believe it.
They arrived and Shermie welcomed them.
Shermie: So, you're back from the 'hit and run'?
Yashiro: Heh, it was nothing at all, right Chris?
Chris: What? Uhh, yeah! Nothing happened.
Shermie: I see... Are you hiding something?
Yashiro: Us? No.
Shermie: But you two seem quiet more than usual.
Chris: It's because we're... tired.
Shermie: Now I understand!
Yashiro and Chris thought she discovered their plan, but she meant that she understood why they were quiet, then they sighed.
Chris: She almost knew it...
Yashiro: But from now on, don't try to make anything suspicious.
Chris: Okay, promise!

To be continued

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