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CYS part 36
One of the nurses saw Chris alone, without anyone beside him, then thought of comforting him, and sat next to him.
Nurse: You seem to be tired. Do you want juice?
Chris: ..No.
Nurse: So, was that your friend?
Chris: Yes.
Nurse: You're only friend or...?
Chris: No.
Nurse: Umm, he'll be okay. Why don't you go back to your parents?
Chris: .....
The nurse did not know why Chris did not answer her last question, and understood the meaning of his silence, and putted her hand on Chris' hair.
Chris: Hey! Stop!
Nurse: Oh, you don't like it. Well, you can go home now. Don't worry about your friend.
Chris stood up without any replies, and walked all the way back to the hotel. Shermie wondered why Chris wasn't doing anything like the usual and only looked at him, wondering why Yashiro isn't with him.
Shermie: Where's Yashiro?
Chris: He's in the-...
Suddenly, Chris remembered what Yashiro said when they were in the ally, and shook his head.
Chris: He wanted to check something outside, and maybe he won't come back for few days...or maybe weeks.
Shermie: That's weird... Are you sure about that?
Chris: Yeah, he said that to me (Or else he'd kill me if I tell her the truth.)
Shermie: Let's sleep now. It's too late.
They went to sleep, until the next day. Chris prepared himself to go to the hospital without informing Shermie, but she knew he'll go out somewhere.
Shermie: Where're you going?
Chris: Uhh, just going to see what's out, I'll be back soon!
Shermie felt that Chris was trying to hide something, but went along with it. Chris arrived at the hospital, and met the same nurse who talked to him the last night, and she told him that Yashiro was still asleep, but can go inside the room. The nurse led him to the room and he walked to the room and stayed there, only looked at the window, and did not do anything...until Yashiro woke up. Chris gasped.
Chris: You're awake!
Yashiro: ...Did you tell Shermie anything about what happened?
Chris: If I told her, she would be right next to me, right?
Yashiro: Good, then don't tell her.
Chris: What if she finds out?
Yashiro: Try to distract her about something, that might help a little.
Chris: I'm not sure about that.
Yashiro: Just-..ugh!
Chris: Are you okay?
Yashiro: Not really, but it's okay.
Chris sighed and looked at the clock, and noticed that he's late to go back to the hotel, and quickly stood up.
Chris: I got to go now, bye!
Yashiro closed his eyes, and tried to relax, while Chris hurried to the hotel. Chris arrived in time but forgot to bring the keys, and knocked the door, then Shermie opened the door with a smile and abruptly dragged him in.
Shermie: I know you're hiding something!
Chris: Of course not!
Shermie: Mhmm?
Chris: I was a little late, that's all!
Shermie: Good! So, Chrissy...
Chris: Yeah?
Shermie: Do you have any idea why Yashiro's things are still here?
Chris: Nope...
Shermie: Now that's something he usually doesn't do it.
Chris: Maybe because he doesn't need anything?
Shermie: Hmm, maybe.
Shermie went to the other room, Chris sat on the chair and sighed in relief, that Shermie did not figure out anything about what happened.
Chris: (Now I get the plan... If I tell what happened to Yashiro... I'd be dead by the two. Not faaaaiir!)

To be continued

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