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CYS part 34
Just after the conversation has ended, Chris abruptly sneezed continuously, then he jumped from his seat from the last sneeze, and took a deep breath.
Shermie: Why don't you take only one drink? It'll become worse if you don't.
Chris: Because I don't like the taste. That's why I'm not taking it.
Shermie: Then drink something warm.
Chris stood up and went to the kitchen and checked if there's something to make, but nothing was there. Then he went back to them and shrugged, then they sighed hopelessly.
Yashiro: I guess we can't go out then.
Chris: Huh? You can go without me.
Yashiro: Unless you can watch over yourself. So, no.
Chris: Humph, why not?
Yashiro: Just because.
Chris only whined and kept asking, but Yashiro rejected even if Chris would make a puppy face. After that day Chris' cold gone, then they went out just for a walk and caught the people's eyes, then stayed in their places so the interviewers would take a picture of them, and finished their tour in the late night. Suddenly, Shermie remembered that she missed something and started to panic.
Shermie: I forgot to bring my hamsters!
Yashiro & Chris: What?!
Shermie: In New York...ohh, how am I supposed to take them back again?
Yashiro: (She lost or forgot to bring her hamsters?)
Chris: Why don't you buy new ones?
Shermie: But they were my favorites...
Yashiro and Chris had no idea how to cheer Shermie up, then went back to the hotel without talking about anything and took a rest. Yashiro stood up and walked towards the door to have a walk, then Chris distracted him.
Chris: Where are you going?
Yashiro: Just going to have a walk outside....
Chris: Hmm, take me with you!
Yashiro: ...Fine.
Chris wore his jacket and followed Yashiro without saying anything, then got bored, and looked around the silent streets.
Chris: Why are we here?
Yashiro: Didn't I say I'm going to have a walk for no reason?
Chris: But...Maybe you'll do something that may be interesting like...maybe check on a store?
Yashiro: You guessed that right!
Chris: Oh yeah!
Yashiro: Stay here.
Chris: Okay...
Yashiro entered a mini store next to an empty ally to check on a magazine, while Chris was only waiting outside and looked through the glass of the store, and suddenly heard a whispering growl from the ally, but didn't want to have a glance and knew the voice of the man, and couldn't move from his place.
Freeman: Here we meet again..
Chris: !!
Freeman grabbed Chris to the ally, next to the mini-store, then Yashiro got out and knew that something unpleasant happened, and quickly entered the ally and found Chris at the end of the ally, and sighed in relief. But Chris didn't let him walk any closer to him.
Chris: Don't! It's a trap!
Yashiro: Wha- Ah!
Freeman appeared behind Yashiro and tried to hit him, Yashiro easily dodged the attack, then his eyes widened when he first saw Freeman's new weapon. A glove with a blade in every single finger of it, and Yashiro was aware of it's use by Freeman.

To be continued

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