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CYS part 37
Chris secretly kept visiting Yashiro and arrive at the same time with any excuses, then Shermie knew and made sure he tried to hide something he doesn't want to let Shermie knew, and she tried to think all of the possible reasons, and found out the reason. Shermie waited for Chris to come back from the hospital, and made a wicked smiled to him.
Shermie: You were at the hospital, weren't you?
Chris: Huh?! Uhh, no! I wasn't!
Shermie walked closer to Chris, then he walked backwards to have a distance between him and Shermie.
Shermie: I know already, Chris! You don't have to hide this anymore.
Chris slowly sat on the ground and bent his legs and covered himself with his hands and his eyes closed, Shermie got confused at Chris, then he opened his eyes.
Shermie: Like I would hit you or something...?
Chris: You won't?
Shermie: Of course not~!
Chris sighed in relief, then Shermie asked what happened, Chris told her the whole story from the beginning and understood, then Chris led her the way to the hospital and stayed outside of the room, while Shermie was waiting for a nurse to open the door. The nurse came and opened the door, Shermie was about to enter but forced Chris to enter first by pushing him. Yashiro looked at Chris curiously, and Chris mumbled while trying to explain.
Chris: Sh-Shermie already knew what happened...
Yashiro: What?!
Chris: Sh-she knew it by herself.
Yashiro: Why you!? I'm not able to do anything right now, but maybe later.
Suddenly, Shermie appeared behind Chris.
Shermie: You told him to hide what happened, huh?
Yashiro: Because I know what you will do after that. I don't think you're worried right now, since I'm fine.
Shermie: Then what's wrong with that? You know me.
Yashiro: That's because... never mind.
Shermie: Ooh, right. If you're going to get out from the hospital, what are you gonna do with Chris?
Yashiro: Hrm... Nothing. Maybe next time.
Chris: (Phew! I'm saved!)
Few days later, Yashiro has been discharged from the hospital, and can barely lean, since he got a serious wound on his back. Chris only annoyed Yashiro by looking at his back.
Chris: Wow, you do anything with a straight back.
Yashiro: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.
Chris: Can you lean of something drops in front of you?
Yashiro: No.
Chris: What about... Umm...
Yashiro: Stop asking me.
Chris: Eheh, Okay. Oh right!
Yashiro: Whaat?
Chris: I once saw an amber inside your drawer, what's that?
Yashiro: A personal treasure.
Chris: Which means?
Yashiro: That means I won't let anyone have it.
Chris: Even your best best friends?
Yashiro: Yeah.
Chris got interested about that, but Yashiro didn't allow him to know more about it. In the hotel, Shermie thought of massaging Yashiro, and he was pleased, until he felt extra pain from her, but tried to bear it.
Shermie: How's that?
Yashiro: Oww... make it lighter....
Shermie giggled, and stated that it's a pay back for not informing what happened.

To be continued

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